• Published 26th Jan 2014
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The Wanderings of My Mind - Fiend from the Darkness

Poems I've written inspired by different fanfics on FIMfic.

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Graves' Journey (Journey of Graves by GentlemanJ The series, not one single story.)

Graves' Journey
Inspired by GentlemanJ's A Journey of Graves. The Series as a whole.
Roaming free across the land
Dealt by fate, an unfortunate hand
He tried to run, to escape his pain
He ran through sun and snow and rain
Buried beneath as he continues his work
Though in his air, does his past still lurk
Then along came a jewel, to try and break in
Break his mask and see him grin
A Rare break from his work defending
To stay in one place, the town, on him, depending
To stay in one place, and see the magic of friends
But one must remember, actions run in trends
As if to prove to all, too prove that this was true
Graves up and left, went to someplace new
But one must remember, when dealing with her
You don't leave behind, a love that felt so sure
She chased him down, to the country of the Changer
Rarity forced him to see, his heart was in no danger
He still did not believe, and broke his beauty's heart
With words nearly as lethal, as love's unholy dart
But when he finally listened, to his heart's one true desire
It was almost to late, to restart love's great pyre
But tried he did, and managed to make it light
And in the end of it all, it all turned alright
So now they live a life of love, Graves and Rarity
Though Graves still has small problems, with insanity
They work it out, sometimes shout, but still they carry on
For without strife, how in life, can someone say they shone.


Author's Note:

This one took a while to write, as the series was extremely good. I went through several iterations of this, but this was the only one that stood up to the editing all my work goes through to ensure it is up to standard. I, personally, am very happy with the way it turned out. To GentlemanJ I toast, for inspiring this little work.