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I am a Lover of Shadows and Dancer in the Night. I am a Keeper of Nightmares and Bringer of Fright. I am a Creature of Darkness, in Pain I Delight

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Finally finished for the week, Nightingale and Velvet decide to have a night of fun at a karaoke bar. They end up meeting some unexpected poines.

Written to take place with the Quill & Blade universe by Anzel and Crystal Wishes. It is not necessary to know there stories to enjoy this fic. This fic is also not canon with any of there works (do I really need to state that?).

Coverart by me.

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Whirlwind decided flight practice seemed like a great way to kill time in a nice little cloud bank over Ponyville. Fate seems to disagree with this. Distraction and frustration ensues.

A little piece of... I don't know, for writing practice, using a prompt from Kilala97 for her contest on dA. While I'm certain I'm not winning any awards, it was fun, and I do hope you enjoy it. Tell me what you like and tell me what you don't, comments are appreciated.

In case it wasn't obvious, all characters, with the exception of three (my own), in here are owned by Kilala.

This is Entry #1 in case I do end up doing more, and the fun fact I used was:
Whirlwind is a very agile flyer, though not the fastest (paraphrased)

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A series of poems inspired by stories on FIMfic that I loved. The titles of the stories that inspired the poem are at the end of the poem with a link. Title of the poem is chapter name if the poem has one, if not, the title is the title of the story.

Feb 12, 2015: Finally got cover art!

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