• Published 26th Jan 2014
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The Wanderings of My Mind - Fiend from the Darkness

Poems I've written inspired by different fanfics on FIMfic.

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Losing Her Grip [Hard Reset 2(Chapter:Among Monsters(1))]

Losing Her Grip
Hard Reset 2. Chapter: Among Monsters(1)

Losing her equinity to the repeat of days
Like going through the motions and redoing the plays
As she goes on she falls farther away
From her sanity, a price she does pay
For setting things right will not come with ease
Paying dividends of sanity, as her reset fees
Becoming the monster she seeks to destroy
The little things like death only seem to annoy
And with no end in sight, perspective she lacks
Her facade she now wears, slowly starts showing cracks
Among the monsters she now rests her head
And as a monster, she now lays in her bed
As this downward spiral slowly goes on
Is there any way for her to see the beauty, and light, of the dawn?
Losing herself before she knows
Her coldness latches on and slowly grows
Until the day the loops finally end
At which point she'll look back and her heart will rend
At the terrible sight of what she's become
For her whole spirit, now black, has gone fully numb
She will be forced to confront an irreversible sight
She has finally become, darker than night

~Black Sun Eclipse:moustache:

Author's Note:

Made this for Hard Reset 2. This is at the Among Monsters(1) chapter poem, I liked it enough to stick it in my fic, and will have the full Hard Reset 2 poem up once the story reaches completion. Come to think of it, I should probably reread Eakin's Hard Reset. It'll probably inspire it's own poem.