The Wanderings of My Mind

by Fiend from the Darkness

A Home Found (Foal of the Forest)

A Home Found
Foal of the Forest

In the Everfree, remaining unseen
A little colt tries to avoid the world's mean
But when a life's in danger, the colt must intervene
To protect a life, he lets himself be seen

When she sees the little colt, Shy cannot let go
Everyone deserves a family, she tries to let him know
But only hate he's seen in life, so his answer at first is no
He cannot see any joy, his heart has been laid low

A heart of stone that Shy must crack
When he agrees to stay
Getting the colts life on track
To try and help him on his way

But as all life's challenges
They are not left alone
And Applejack's blind hatred
Brings back Dawn's dark tone

Cult Solar and hatred follow
Where ever the poor colt roams
The pain of hatred's shadow
Prevents him finding a true home

But as with all trials beat
They get back to their hooves
Apologies and honesty meet
And force her guilty move

Apoligies from the Apple
Force the colt to break
His heart of stone starts to crack
And progress Dawn does make

Slowly he does feel, though the journey will be long
He will do right, he'll make mistakes, and try to right his wrongs
But long as his loving family's there, his heart may still find song.