The Wanderings of My Mind

by Fiend from the Darkness

Trials and Tests of Life/Make Life Your Own (Past Sins)

Trials and Tests of Life/Make Life Your Own
Past Sins

When you have no past to call your own
When your looks cause doubt to be sown
A filly taken into another's home
So she may be happy, not forced to roam
A happy life without idea of who she was
A happy foalhood of warmth and fuzz
Three new friends to adventure together
Four little fillies like birds of a feather
But alas, this could not last
For nopony can outrun mistakes of their past
Come to light to cause a scene
The Nightmare causing the tower to lean
Twilight staring, lost in thought
Losing Nyx, forgiveness then sought
In New Nightmare Moon, she sees her daughter so loved
Close to her death, this for this decision she's shoved
But nothing in this world, can beat what Twilight's sown
And away from her death, Twilight is thrown
For her little filly Nyx, finally had enough
Coming down on Nexus, Nyx starts getting tough
The sun will start to rise again, the ponies think they're freed
Only to be crushed again, though Nyx no longer leads
A curse discovered, the Nightmare cult is gone
Twilight's love of little Nyx, come out, shown and shone
No one left for comfort, a house that's not a home
Too guilty to even leave the place, to guilty to try and roam
Little Nyx has lost it all, friends and family too
She lost it all, to her fall, when her magic was forced anew
Now she has a castle, but money makes not the mare
She only seems happy, when ponies come back to share
So share she does, glad to do her part
Though when the monsters attack at last, she fights with a heavy heart
Guilt for being the cause, the cause of this attack
But though she may be guilty, courage she does not lack
Stop the monsters, fight for those who must escape this town
Even if, in the flood of monsters, she will surely drown
But against all odds she finally beats them back
And must hope to all above, they don't come back to sack
What's left of the ponies homes, little though they have
At least not one was lost, down to the smallest calves
Now Nyx must face her judgement, for upon release
Princesses will be livid, demanding the Nightmare cease
A beautiful finale, with Nyx's final fate
She got to stay with Twilight, not victim to others' hate
A well deserved fillyhood, for the lovely little foal
Though rocky it may be, love will fill the hole
No memory left of Nightmare Moon to taunt her little Nyx
Though her guilt as the Nightmare Queen has no easy fix
And down the road in hope they start, towards a better life
One that will not be, without a little strife
But hope they do, each day improved, upon the one before
On with each step, continue to move, finding each new door
Without a doubt life is a test, to try our very core
All we can do is our best, continuing to soar