• Published 26th Jan 2014
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The Wanderings of My Mind - Fiend from the Darkness

Poems I've written inspired by different fanfics on FIMfic.

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Untitled (The Road Not Taken)

Bottled up rage, ignites in a flash
Taking it out, Twilight does lash
But in her remorse, tries to fix what she broke
A timeline change, she tries to evoke

Back to the past, twenty years before
The first time Defender was met at her door
It takes near death for the Princess to see
How much Defender does set her heart free

But is it too late, when they can't get home?
Is it too late, if the past they do roam?
Taking new names, new colours, new marks
They move through the ocean to take out the sharks

Demons from past, the hardest to end
To their past pony selves, help they do lend
But as they bite off, more than they chew
Past ponies do see, illusions pierced through

Once found at last, they must fix what is broke
Past and future selves meet, as equals they spoke

A lesson learned in this trip to the past,
A lesson learned as the end nears at last
But nothing goes perfect with time or space
For in the future, Twi's foal has no trace

So she cannot go back to her own time again
She cannot go back, until a time when
Years go by and hope is all lost,
Nothing they do, will pay the cost
Until Magic doth finally intervene,
Uniting lost loves and thier foal of between

Two timelines met, new friends they made
Lessons learned in full, high prices paid
Don't lose sight of your friends, for where ever they are
If they're in your heart, they'll never stray far

~Black Sun Eclipse:moustache:

Author's Note:

[A/N]: This one took a while simply because I didn't realize the story was complete for the longest time. An impressively done time displacement story that I enjoyed enough to give it it's own poem. Not much else to say. Meh... ON TO MORE READING!