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The Real Darkness

"You're wrong, I have the power of peace if I can unite all under one banner. When we all have the same goal, paradise, the world will be at rest."


I am Shadow, Shadow the Hedgehog. I am the ultimate lifeform, but Equestrians don't seem to think so. No matter, the others are here so I can at least toy with Faker and talk with Rouge. All of the others are freaking out in this new world where magic exists. These ponies keep going on about the magic of friendship like its the best thing since Black Doom's death, there is no magic in friendship. Friendship is optional and not necessary, they think the opposite. Not only that, Sonic and the others are going along with it. The only one that isn't here is Charmy, the annoying bee kid, and Vector, that loud mouth crocodile.

I'm in some weird crap now. My only help is Omega, the Chaos Emeralds, and my "friends".

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I don't see many good ones on this site so I just found this and decided to give it a try! :twilightsheepish:

Edit: I just read it and it is ALOT better than most of the other SonicXMLP stories out there! Hope you continue it! :pinkiehappy:

Added to 'Read it later'. Looking forward to your update on this.

Looking forward to see how this story turns out.

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Glad to see you both like it.

I wrote this within two days and proofread it myself, this contains no editing.

I am surprised you all love this, but I shouldn't say such since it is a story that combined the best of Sonic into Equestria.

I don't think you should be surprised I love this, I search up MLPXsonic stories at least twice a day! :ajsmug:
Sad that not many are decent.:ajbemused:


Glad you think so, the plot I have written out for this one is very interesting and follows to classic theme.

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I await future chapters eagerly, my friend!

Also, Omega was the shit in Shadow the Hedgehog, no doubt about it :pinkiehappy:


Glad to hear good feedback. If you all could, please highlight the good parts in this story.

Always good to see another SonicXMLP Fic

I believe the title should be "Chapter 2:A New Day"

Quite nice. I love the incorporation of GUN and the ARK.

And that there are guns.

Shadow always needs guns.

Great so far! :pinkiesmile:

You don't get the reference...look at the artist for the song, Chosen One, from the game.

This probably should be rated teen for the language.

Just reading the description makes it look dark:twilightoops:

Like I always say...

There is only one real darkness...

to the real darkness

i read story


Although, I do find Shadow's character a little....odd.:rainbowhuh:

I WON'T tolerate such trash talk! -slams hand on table that came out of the vortex of imagination-

Without a proper...explanation. So please explain to me why you find his character odd, unless you forgot to add in the current situations that could affect his personality.

Exaggeration, love it.

The plot is good, and you normally avoid errors, but please just use spellcheck because the few errors that slip through the cracks are driving me mad.

3637494 Also, isn't asking that vain?

Thank you for the feedback that I recieved after gaining internet back. Those errors will be fixed when I go through...a lot of ketchup.

And I also thank you for the hearty laugh from your username.

Sooo, Twilight just up and kidnaps a group of people from a different world?


Black doom is unessessary as the Black arms are extinct ala x parasites SR388 explosion style there his no point in fact just keep eggman and have metal sonic and and a few more metal copies and your Golden.

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