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It has been more then a month since the destruction of Mephiles the dark and harmony was once again restored in Equestria, so Celestia sends Sonic, Shadow, and their friends to the Crystal Empire to introduce them to Twilight's brother Shining Armor and her sister in law Princess Cadence. But the new Nightmare Moon decides to cause trouble and decides to make a new evil hedgehog named the Chaos Phantom out of the Chaos Emeralds to get rid of Sonic and Shadow once and for all. As Chaos Phantom arrives at the Crystal Empire during the night, the New Nightmare Moon tells him to take the Crystal Heart and then he disappears in a mirror before Sonic, Shadow, and the others could stop him. Can Sonic, Shadow, and two of their friends go into the mirror and stop Chaos Phantom or will he carry out the new Nightmare Moon's wishes and finish them once and for all?

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ok and what about your two stories that you are not complete are you going to make more chapters for them plus this one

I've been having writers block on them but I'm trying

5575762 ok and please don't put your two stories that are incomplete On Hiatus or Cancelled

Don't worry I am not going to do any of that I promise

This is really good bro. If you want to I can help you a little bit with your story if you wish. Above all, Looking forward to the next chapter.:twilightsmile:

Also, I vote for the third intro for the fourth sequel, It's so cute and amazing music :pinkiehappy:

Either 1 or 4. They're both fitting.

5587898 cool that's fine with me

This is great bro :twilightsmile:. Nice job.

5695516 hey thanks I try you know

отличная глава... неожидал. Но жаль что главы редко выходят. P.S. ShadicBro Brony а ты будешь свою книгу дописывать?

great Chapter... suddenly. But sorry that the chapters rarely go. PS ShadicBro Brony and you will be my book to write?

5768205 I can try my best to help you with your story, but I'll need background of it though. I can give you some good ideas for it as well.

Am I the first one to read it ? Chapter awesome. Unexpected turn when Equestria girls also had a falling out . But one question - where romance ( you have it in the tags ) ?
P.s. if you read it through Google ( because I'm Russian ) can write to me in Russian?
P.s. ShadicBro Brony, I did not mean you'll help me to write the story , I had in mind when you write YOUR story ? ( Fucking Google )

Sweet job. This is getting interesting.:twilightsmile:

5811373 thanks man and if you want to know about the intro of Sonic and Shadow in Equestria 4 The Rise of Nightmare Amy all four videos are tied with two votes each.

Ok, like Sonic said, those Sirens are getting on my nerves. >:(

Well, tails and took all the burned

Those Dazzlings are starting to piss me off!!! :flutterrage:

Very well done. I have a request for you bro. I have a fanfiction account, and a lot of people would Die to see these stories you wrote. With permission, can I publish your stories on my fanfiction page. I'll give you full credit for them.

5848828 you have my full permission man

Yes you both how brothers:twilightsheepish:

YES! YES! Dazzling's defeated! Now, there is 1 more enemy to deal with.

They may have defeated the Dazzlings but its not over yet.

Let the final battle...begin! :yay:

5935675 sit tite for the final battle is coming up soon and the final chapter will be out days after mothers day

Heck yes. This has been good and I have the perfect theme.

This is it.

You Biber what-i? That`s my idea with shadic. More precisely, with its appearance. Only try to change their superforms in next part!!!!

Can Caliburn play a part to your next chapter. Of sonic and shadow equestria 4. Greninja singed out and peace and Thank you for the best chapter I ever read

Well, White Lance can't be in there because he loves Sunset.

i am proud to say i cried durring this whole chapter i rarely cri do i give you my aplause:twilightsmile:

When I heard the "Sonic Heroes" song I cried... Sonic Heroes was the first game I played from the Sonic franchise and I hadn't heard it in such a long time... Thank you so much...:pinkiesad2:

Anyone else feel like punching the dazzlings into a rivver and letting them drown? That's how much I hate the dazzlings in this story.

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