• Published 8th Dec 2013
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Who I Was, Who I Became, Who I Remain - The Real Darkness

Shadow, the name spoken of a half alien, a savior of Earth, but mostly a monster, maybe him with many others can live a new life in a new world and make new friends.

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Chapter 1:Old Foes

We were all sitting in the throne room, chatting once Cream came to. I had met a blue alicorn with a starry flowing mane on the way to it.

"So, this is Equestria?" Sonic questioned.

I still don't trust these ponies, so I kept my M4 in my hands with the shuriken that Espio gave me in a plane that held chaotic energy. My other presents were on my right on the floor. Speaking of the floor, we were all sitting on cushions.

"Yes, may we know who you creatures are?" Celestia asked.

"I am Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog." Faker said.

"I am Silver the Hedgehog." Pothead stated.

"I am Amy, last name Rose." Amy announced.

"I am Espio."

"Cream and this is Cheese."

"Knuckles the Echidna. The last echidna." Knucklehead informed.

"Blaze the Cat, pleased to meet you."

"Rouge the Bat."

"I am 123-Omega, but just call me Omega."

"Who are you then?" Twilight questioned and looked at me.

"That's Sha-." Sonic began.

"Shut it, Faker! I can speak for myself." I scolded.

"Geez..." Sonic complained.

"I am Shadow, Shadow the Hedgehog. That's all you need to know." I said in a low, cold tone.

The ARK...Maria...why was I reminded now?

"He isn't a talkative one, is he?" Celestia asked.

"That's Shadow for ya, he's probably thinking about Maria again." Rouge said.

"That's none of your business." I stated and stood. I put my presents into Omega's storage department in his chestplate. I kept the M4 on me as well as the Chaos Emeralds.

"Hold on to those." I said to him.

"Understood, items will remain protected." Omega responded.

I reached into my quills and took out my favorite green chaos emerald.

"What is that?" Twilight asked with wonder.

"One of the seven Chaos Emeralds, they are magical artifacts with infinite chaos energy. They are not to be trifled with when together. I have six and Sonic is holding the seventh." I stated.

"Chaos...control." I said in a normal tone and teleported outside. I put the emerald away and walked to the castle wall and leaned on it.

I breathed in and out silently, clearing my mind before I heard a voice.

"YOU! Creature, you are trespassing, surrender and come quietly!" The voice demanded. I looked up and saw three grey ponies pointing spears at me.

"Hmph...you don't know who you are messing with..." I said quietly.

A spear was thrust toward my head, they took what I said as a threat. I quickly jumped over them and skated off back towards the castle throne room doors. I didn't intend to harm anyone here, yet.

I opened the throne room doors and Sonic came up to me.

"Shadow, you wouldn't believe who is here." Sonic said.

"Who?" I asked.

"Eggman, and he's brought an army of his best bots as well as Black Doom!" Sonic said.

"Black Doom!? That's impossible. I killed him, remember?" I sounded shocked out of my mind.

"Are you going to abolish me from this world, too, Shadow, my son?" Doom's Eyes came flying threw the open doors and floated around me.

"Fuck off..." I said in a cold cruel tone.

"What words to say to your father..." He said and chuckled.

I pulled the M4 up from my right hand, took fast aim, placing the grip in my left hand, and fired the whole clip at the ugly thing as it zoomed all over the room above us. I quickly reloaded and then realized it wasn't going to hit.

"Hahahaha..." He laughed and flew over toward the ponies.

"So...these are the dominant creatures in these world. They can easily fall at the hand of me and Dr. Robotnik." He said and chuckled once more.

"I hate that thing..." I said and lowered my M4.

"I know how ya feel, Shadow, old pal o' mine." Sonic said.

"I will not allow Equestria to fall into the hands of you or Eggman!" Celestia protested and tried firing magic at him, he easily floated out of the way.

Doom's Eye floated off.

"Do not dwell here long, Shadow."

"What is that machine?" Celestia questioned quickly before we started to go after him.

"A M4, an automatic firearm, it is highly deadly in the hands of an expert." I said and rushed out the throne room doors and into the streets of Canterlot. I wanted him dead, to have him around and kill more innocent lives...I needed to follow out and fulfill the promise I made to Maria even if I'm in a different world.

I need to give them all a reason to be happier.

"Shadow! Wait up!" Sonic shouted from behind me. I ignored him until his was up next to me.

"We should wait and think of a plan! You know we need to have a plan!" Sonic shouted at me and we both halted in the middle of the street, the ponies staring at us.

"We need to strike fast, Sonic, they won't be expecting it since it isn't like anything we've done." I argued.

"But you have most of the chaos emeralds on you, you give black doom that and he will be very close to getting The Black Comet to Equestria, you could kill many people. Maria wouldn't want that, would she?" Sonic said.

"You have a point Sonic even though I hate to admit it." I admitted. I chaos controlled us back to the castle and the others saw the green chaos emerald in my right hand before I put it away. I hung the M4 on my back, using the red strap.

"We need a plan." Sliver announced.

"Well, where would we start?" Twilight asked, she was first of the ponies to get over us and Doom's Eye.

"The chaos emeralds...we could easily defeat them using our super forms." Silver said.

"But at the same time we risk the comet being put on Equestria." Blaze argued with Silver, a rare sight.

Blaze and the others who weren't around for the Black Alien Invasion were filled in on what I did and what unfolded.

"The Black Comet was destroyed way back then by the Eclipse Cannon, remember?" Tails questioned.

"If so, then the return of Black Doom must mean that the comet has returned as well." Espio said with a finger to his nose.

"I say we just charge in and kick Eggman's butt first then whoop Black Doom!" Knuckles bellowed.

"Knucklehead, if we do that we leave ourselves open, we need to keep thinking of a plan." Rouge argued.

"Or....a plan to the bigger plan."

Cream and Cheese had been chatting with the other five ponies, talking about our adventures and our world. Celestia and Twilight were really the only two paying attention.

"Shadow looks like he has said plan." Omega said and everyone stared at me.

I saw the blue alicorn walk down the stairs and join next to Celestia. They nodded to each other.

"Before we do anything that could get up in deep water...we should scout the area they chose to fortify, but before that, we need to find them." I said.

"Great idea, Shadow! So, who's going to stay here?" Sonic asked.

"No need for any of you to stay, we have guards to protect us." The blue alicorn spoke.

"Who are you?" Rouge questioned.

"I am Princess Luna, Ruler of the Night." She said and looked towards Amy, who was about to speak.

"But what about the other small villages here, they will be unguarded and left open.for attacks." my said, sounding concerned for these ponies.

"We can send guards out to protect them." Celestia said.

"So...any idea on where to start looking?" Sonic asked, ready to find and whoop some enemies.

"Yes, actually. We would of heard news of their arrival if they got here near a major city." Celestia said.

"Then they would be out in the badlands, the Everfree Forest, or the Frozen North." Twilight inferred.

"We have no idea where those places are though." Knuckles observed.

A map and compass appeared from a golden puff of mist. The items floated over to Sonic.

"That is no problem anymore." Celestia said.

I snatched the map from Sonic and held it up to Omega's eyes.

"Scan." I commanded.

A red line of light came from the screen of his eyes and it went over the map. He then projected a bigger version.

"Scanning complete, map of Equestria is downloaded." Omega reported before the projection dispersed.

"No need for a map now or a compass." I said and sonic handed back both objects.

"What about Cream?" Amy asked, looking to Sonic.

"She'll have to hang here, its too dangerous for her to come with us." Sonic said and Amy nodded.

"Don't worry we'll take good care of her." Luna assured.

We were all about to leave when Twilight stopped us.

"Can I come with you guys?" She asked.

"Why not? Come on." Sonic said with a wave.

"I hope you can run fast, we waste no time." Silver said as we walked outside.

I pulled my favorite green chaos emerald out of my quills and Twilight stared at it.

"Chaos...control!" I shouted and we all disappeared and reappeared at the north wall of Canterlot.

"What'd ya do that for!?" Knuckles shouted at me, waving a fist.

I put the chaos emerald back in my quills.

"So we wouldn't attract attention." I went up to Omega.

"How far from the Frozen North are we?"

"More than five hundred miles at least." He responded.

Twilight was amazed with the massive teleportation.

Author's Note:

Anyone who played Shadow the Hedgehog would probably agree that Omega was awesome in it. Him just being in it was awesome.