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Who I Was, Who I Became, Who I Remain - The Real Darkness

Shadow, the name spoken of a half alien, a savior of Earth, but mostly a monster, maybe him with many others can live a new life in a new world and make new friends.

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Chapter 3: Ultimate discussion

I could feel the anger well up at the sight of the black alien landmarks. I hated Black Doom for putting my promise in jeopardy. My fists were clenched and I felt my chaos drive rise...with hate.

"Shadow...you alright, buddy." Sonic asked.

"Yea, you don't look too good." Knuckles agreed.

"You're shaking." Twilight spoke the obvious.

Red waves started to pass through my body and quills at a slow speed.

"Rrrrraah, I'm going to murder him into the next universe." I spoke with a dark hateful tone.

"Shadow, just calm down." Rouge said.

"It would be wise to follow the advise." Omega tried to help.

I rushed up to the steel structure and ripped the parts of robots into the scrap metal they were. I charged a huge chaos spear in my right hand and blew the door into tiny shrapnel, leaving a huge entry.

"Shadow! Wait!" Espio yelled in a whispy voice.

The other were quickly running to behind me as I raced through the fortress, blasting robots and aliens apart with infinite chaos spears.

"Don't just stand there, you fools. GET HIIIIIM!" The Doctor yelled through an intercom and giant hammer wielding purple robots charged out of hallways toward me.

They surrounded me, mistake one.

"Chaos...." I whispered and slowly rose into the air as their hammers were deflected by my chaos energy.

The red waves on my quills flowed fast.

"Get back!" Silver shouted.

My friends ran from me, Sonic grabbing Twilight and rushing.

"BLAST!" I shouted as a red ball sprouted from me and grew, exploding the robots into pieces that were embedded into the walls.

I landed on my feet, my hate spree finished.

"What was that?!" Twilight asked as she ran to me with the others.

"That was chaos blast." I answered and continued walking through the fortress, taking a left,"Omega, follow and hand me my M4 and a chaos emerald." I commanded.

"Affirmative." Omega quickly caught up and handed me the purple chaos emerald and my M4.

I put the emerald away in my quills and switched the M4's safety off. I heard Sonic and the others walk off in other directions.

"Wait up." Twilight said to me and I kept walking at the same pace while Omega was beside me, making a digital map of the steel palace.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"I'm scouting with you." She answered.

"Well, this isn't scouting much, I plan to destroy all the robots I can and kill all the aliens as well."

"Still, I'm sticking with you."


"Sonic said that you would keep me safe." I hated the words Twilight spouted.

"God damn it, faker." I spoke to myself and shook my head in frustration.

Now I'm stuck with a purple pony.

"I won't be much of a hassle." She said, obviously thinking I hated her.

"At least you are just as smart of smarter than Foxboy." I stated.

"What? Tails? I don't think I'm that smart." She was too modest.

"Bullshit, you must of had one hell of a scientific theory to drag my friends and me out of my birthday party in my world to here." I said, looking back at her.

"Yea...I did. I'm sorry for dragging you out of your birthday party. Happy birthday." Twilight spoke saddened.

"Actually, thanks for that. I hate parties." I corrected and looked forward, taking a left to another hall.

"Pinkie wouldn't like you much..."

"Who cares? I have much more important things to do."

"Right." Omega spoke and we turned down a hall to the right.

"Soooo....how did you get so much power?" Twilight asked.

"Well, crap. I was hoping you wouldn't ask that..."

"You don't have to answer it." Twilight was really trying to get on my good side.

She was a suck up, an ass-kisser.

I hate suck ups

"I might as well.You see, I was a cure for an uncurrable disease. I was created for the purpose of curing Maria at first. Then, my creator, Dr. Gerald Robotnik, told me through a message that I was to be Savior and Protector of the humans and the Space Colony ARK. I was given the name, The Ultimate Lifeform, though there was a prototype of me." I explained.

"So, you were created in a lab?" Twilight questioned to make sure she heard correctly.

"Yes, with help from Black Doom, Gerald created me, the cure for Maria's disease." I answered.

"I'm s-." Twilight was shushed by my hand rising as we all stopped and I raised my M4 to my shoulder.

I pointed to the ground, telling her and Omega to stay put.

I activated the red-dot targeting system and quietly stepped around the corner, hearing the chatter of two black aliens, clicking noises.

I smiled.

Hello, motherfuckers, and welcome to your full-paid trip to hell

I pulled the trigger and slowly spread my shots down the hallway, firing into three ground soldiers and behemoth.

"Eat lead!" I shouted as the ground soldiers fell, the behemoth breathing heavy, standing with its sword. My clip was empty.

I jumped high, over a sword sweep and homing attacked his head, after I flip kicked his jaw with my skates on.

He slammed back hard, dead, dark purple blood running from his jaw and head. The substance covered the walls, floor, and ground soldiers.

I looked behind me and saw Twilight gasping. Omega was clapping his metal hands.

I installed a humor, emotion, and friend chip in him so he could be a little alive.

"Thank you, thank you, you're all too much." I bowed, Omega laughing in a metal echo sound.

"You are...violent." Twilight said, astonished.

"Eh. Maybe I enjoy myself too much." I said, reloading the M4 with a clip from my quills. I handed the empty one to Omega and he started to reload it with bullets that were stored inside his chestplate.

"Hey, Shadow. I see you were first to kill some of them." Sonic stated down the hall and walked past the dead aliens to us, Knuckles and Tails following after.

"Who else?" I said and he chuckled a little.

"I have a good sized map recorded and it seems you do too." Tails spoke up.

"Does that mean we can blow this popsicle stand?" Knuckles asked.

"Yes, Knuckles....could you shut up for once." Sonic said, holding his hand to his head, shaking it.

"Grab the others, we'll be at Canterlot. Don't you dare die on me." I spoke to sonic and held the purple chaos emerald in my hand.

"It's me, Shadow. When have I ever failed?" Sonic joked.

"When you find a chilidog." I spoke and put the M4 in Omega's chestplate.

"That was once and I thought it was a stupid obvious fail prank by Knuckles, not a trap from Eggman." Sonic said.

Tails laughed. I did too, remembering that surprised face on Sonic's face when I found him locked in a cage.

A bright green light flashed and Twilight, Omega, and me were gone.

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This probably should be rated teen for the language.

Just reading the description makes it look dark:twilightoops:

Like I always say...

There is only one real darkness...

to the real darkness

i read story

I WON'T tolerate such trash talk! -slams hand on table that came out of the vortex of imagination-

Without a proper...explanation. So please explain to me why you find his character odd, unless you forgot to add in the current situations that could affect his personality.

Exaggeration, love it.

Thank you for the feedback that I recieved after gaining internet back. Those errors will be fixed when I go through...a lot of ketchup.

And I also thank you for the hearty laugh from your username.

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