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The Real Darkness

"You're wrong, I have the power of peace if I can unite all under one banner. When we all have the same goal, paradise, the world will be at rest."


He told me I shouldn't, that it'd be a big mistake. I knew everything I held dear would go away eventually, but I still have my magic. He said he could do it too, but he wouldn't for those reasons. I may think differently and have a little looser morals, but this has allowed me to create spells never thought possible. The last thing he ever told was time changes everything. He was right.

It's been a while since I've made contact, but now there are ponies in my mane that won't go away. I want to live alone and continue my peaceful way of life, Equestria was fine when I decided to do it and it'll be fine without my direct interference now.

(Tags subject to change as the story progresses).

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If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

Shadow Aura would have a very gruff voice, but one that fluctuated pitch a lot as to not sound grim, given that is after his wake up back to his normal self. Before then he would have sounded like a Dark Souls narrator or the like.

I'm guessing Dingy Coat is the other one? Bright, happy, not a care in the world even if a reagent blew up in his face.

This seems really great, when you understand the character is easy to frustration.

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