Who I Was, Who I Became, Who I Remain

by The Real Darkness

Chapter A:2 New Day

"Well, can everyone keep up?" Sonic asked.

Amy immediately hopped into Sonic's arms.

"You always leave me behind, soooo...you're gonna carry me." She said and hugged him.

I had a small mental laugh.

"How fast can you run, Twilight?" I asked.

"Pretty fast." She responded.

"I hope so."

Omega changed his feet into spheres. I had gotten him an upgrade that would allow him to move much faster and keep up with us if we needed him to.

"Is everyone ready?" Sonic asked.

"Looks like it, let's go." Silver responded and Sonic took off north bound.

Knuckles decided to run instead of glide and rouge did the opposite. Tails just used his namesakes to hover above us. Omega stayed behind me and espio to the right. Twilight was trying her best to keep up with sonic and me at the front. Silver and Blaze ran beside each other, behind Sonic. I had turned on my skates and was moving forward with barely any effort. Amy had her eyes shut from the wind.

"Wow....you guys...can run..." Twilight complimented.

"This isn't even the half of it."

"Omega, count us off every 25 miles we have left to run." I ordered.

"Affirmative." He responded.

We all kept quiet for the most part, since we needed our breath, actually, only the non-runners needed to save their breath.

"450 miles 'till our destination is reached." Omega reported.

"Screw it...this is taking far too long..." I stated.

"Everyone, grab one of mine, Silver's, Sonic's, or Blaze's hands." I commanded in a stern voice, everyone did so.

I was holding onto Espio and Rouge. Sonic was holding onto Tails and Knuckles. Blaze was holding onto Amy and Omega. Silver decided to also hold onto Omega and Twilight, Omega was heavy, even for me.

"What is your idea here, Shadow?" Sonic asked.

"Just shut up and run. Everyone increase speed and hold onto each other's hands tightly." I said.

"Now I get it." Silver said.

"Let's go." I said and skated off at an extreme speed, slowly reaching my maximum as well as everyone else. I couldn't go as fast, since I was held down.

"Keep up." I said and we were all leaving behind the appropriate streaks of color. Mine being a red-orange, Blaze's being fire, Silver's being a cyan color, and Sonic's being his famous blue color.

"425...400...375...350...325...300..." Omega was rapidly counting off after each half minute or so.

"You guys...are really...fast!" Twilight yelled behind me.

"Shadow and I are the fastest here." Sonic boasted. He knew I always gave him a run for his...chilidogs. I would beat him one day.

"225...200...175...150..." Omega continued, stopping his talk to allow them to speak. Snow behind to lightly fall.

"Slow down some...Omega isn't exactly light as a feather." Blaze complained and we all had to slow our speed. I hate being held back.

"75....50...25...Destination reached." Omega announced. We had slowly decreased our speed until we could stop without harming anyone.

There was a huge steel structure with many lights visible in the distance on our left and a crystal like city on our right. What was odd is that the steel structure had black alien features growing all over it.