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The Real Darkness

"You're wrong, I have the power of peace if I can unite all under one banner. When we all have the same goal, paradise, the world will be at rest."

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This story is a sequel to The Pointed Woodsmaster

Kanna, a Litzrer Captain, was slain at the hand of Arctus who now sits in recovery after refusing to slam the knocker at death's door. Sunset Shimmer has fled to a different world with a promise to battle Arctus in a sinister manner.

The entire time, the Master Scout intends to nurture his relationship with Celestia while protecting the nation from any large shapes coming from the shadows in Equestria.

I chose to separate these stories as each is a different conflict in this large running series. Each story tells a large tale with small little plots intertwining between them.

Contains alcohol use and talk of, but not detailed description, sex. Mentioned offhandedly. Tags added.

It is heavily recommended to read The Pointed Woodsmaster prior to this.

Chapters (13)

Arctus is a unique existence in the hell that's he's been thrust into. As a scout, he had all the tools he needed and was used to spending time in the woods; but not quite like this, let alone with avoiding some of these creatures.

But from iron bars, it can't be this bad from here on.

Comes before An Aeternian's Conviction.

Chapters (12)

Shadow Aura, living under a different name, researches infinitely in his immortality, far away, secluded, and illusioned to never be found again.

One day, Friendship touches the master mage's doorstep once more and he will never know the same world again.

This is a heavy rewrite of A Foolish Friend. Rewritten from the ground up.

Chapters (22)

Robert is suddenly dropped into a world with no Earthly problems and no Earthly idea on how to proceed except with a very fateful run in for both him and ponykind. Robert goes on a long journey to self-realize his own dream he never knew he had and to realize a better Equestria.

This is just an attempt at a HiE fic done with actually decent skills now.

Chapters (4)

Daniel, the name I was given. Everyone gets a name at birth, but does anyone like me be blessed with a time controlling katana?

I was hoping to have a normal life and live freely in the city of New York, but a crash through my window said no to that idea. I saw something heading straight from the moon to my window before it crashed, so I prepared. I wasn't prepared for the fact that it was a katana with the name 'Chronoblade' inscribed on its blade.

Funny...I always lived and wanted to keep living the fast life, but now, I'm the one who's slowing it down.

A/N: Cheesy, warrior fic. That's a warning or blessing.

Chapters (5)

Pictor Rubrum, he forgot his real name a long time ago. It's what the crowds called him and they adored him. It wasn't expected that anyone could defeat lions with a trident and a buckler, but he did it and earned their respect. Now he paints the sand below his feet red.

But, allies needed help and he was thrown into war with his trident and buckler, a very hard challenge for the gladiator. Shinobi, that's what they shouted when he saw the quick moving devil run past their line and towards their artillery hidden below the hill. He ran, and ran, getting hooked by his kusarigama and pulled me into some portal that opened up, he was sucked into it with me.

And he entered the ring again, with crowds roaring behind him filled with other beings.

A/N: I don't know much about Latin at all, so that Latin appears in English, other languages will appear as a description. This is a For Honor crossover and while the main viewpoint is the gladiator's, I may change to other's viewpoints.

Chapters (3)

He told me I shouldn't, that it'd be a big mistake. I knew everything I held dear would go away eventually, but I still have my magic. He said he could do it too, but he wouldn't for those reasons. I may think differently and have a little looser morals, but this has allowed me to create spells never thought possible. The last thing he ever told was time changes everything. He was right.

It's been a while since I've made contact, but now there are ponies in my mane that won't go away. I want to live alone and continue my peaceful way of life, Equestria was fine when I decided to do it and it'll be fine without my direct interference now.

(Tags subject to change as the story progresses).

Chapters (10)

Master Thief, Keeper, Stalker of Shadows. I have many names, and many enemies. I am reknown for being the best thief of this era. And particularly, obtaining items that nobody else could. I was doing such a job, with my apprentice, Erin, when I called it quits after seeing an odd ceremony taking place. My reckless one under my wing had tried to go down there and through a short spattle, she had fallen down into the primal energy and gotten herself killed, now I wake up in my worst environment, a bloody forest, and I have no idea where I am.

A Thief crossover.

Chapters (5)

With the God of Destruction defeated, Dart and his allies fled from the battle grounds, flames behind them. Some were engulfed by the fire while others escaped with no injuries.

Separated, Dart, Kongol, Hashel, and Rose are separated from the rest of their friends.

Little did Dart know, an old friend would greet him with a hug and a warm welcome.

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This story is a sequel to The Lost One

Well, you found the spot where these journals rest, and you found my second, and maybe more will come. You should know my name by now. Amos, in case you forgot.

Like I said at the end of my last journal, I'd share another story with you, and here it is. All about my "normal" life in Equestria. Enjoy my writings.

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