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Takes place after the events of "Fourth Aurelian Crusade."
As of now, with some evidence that Malcador has been on Equestria, the Grey knights, the Blood Ravens and of course the two princesses go off to discover if this really is true, and what had happened to the man known to humanity as "The hero".

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I'm surprised that no one has commented on this.

Anyway, this is good.

Keep it up!

Your stories are crossovers between Warhammer 40K, right?



Hmm, who would have thought that after all the great hunts the Wolf King would be on Equestria

Bow down before him

My mind has been officially blown

Do the lion next plz, if anything he whould have a monster hunting cutie mark.
That and the everfree forest whould be a ringer for calaban.

You should do Russ next cause his will be eating and drinking.:twilightsmile:

They’re not the only ones who’ve been to space.

Being to space doesn't show you the galaxy. You probably know due to something imprinted in your mind by the Emperor.

If the two of you are Primarchs, then you are the worst Primarchs to ever live.

Brain blast! Is Malcador the Sigilite Starswirl the Bearded?

Not all humans could use magic.

I know I said this in the prequel to this fic, but sorcery does not require one to be a psyker. It relies on ritual and/or words of power to influence the warp to create an effect in the materium. Which is why it is so dangerous when people are tricked by cultists into performing a ritual they think is to the Emperor.

That kind of power would be on the same charts the Emperor.

Except that the Emperor could do it to the whole galaxy at once...

By the way, why are they raising and lowering the sun/moon? They are no longer in that warp bubble, so real physics should have taken hold. Besides which, in the previous fic, weren't the princesses talking to each other about how nice it was to no longer need to wake up early to raise the sun/moon anymore?

Just imagine how many less daemonic incursions we would have if psykers weren’t exactly a massive target for the dark gods.

Very true. Human psykers wear powerful limiters to help prevent them from being overwhelmed by chaos. Human psykers also tend to be far more powerful than Eldar Warlocks and Farseers. Their power is why witches (non-sanctioned psykers, mostly) are so feared. A human psyker without limiters can vaporize a hive spire by glancing at it. More powerful ones can do that to an entire hive city (also with a glance). It actually happened when a rogue psyker got out of hand and escaped. It disintegrated a hive city that was nearby just by looking at it. Unfortunately, that power is also why human psykers without limiters fall to chaos quick, fast, and in a hurry.

Kinda crappy, really. Imagine if the Imperium can figure out what prevents Chaos from dominating the ponies when they use magic then applies that to their psykers. Sanctioned psykers would then be able to unleash their full apocalyptic powers without need for the limiters.

By the way, even Malcador, Magnus, and the Emperor himself wore potent limiters. Imagine if the Emperor no longer needed a limiter and compare his "limited" power to the "unlimited" power of a normal sanction psyker (the spire blasting one). Now unlimit the Emperor...

Hells yeah!

I could of sworn I said that it was still the same sun/moon. :twilightoops:

Okay, so you don't have to be a psyker to perform magic? Well, that's a new one. I am surprised everyone I asked all said.
"You have to be essentially born a psyker to be able to perform any kind of magic."

The Necrons don't just kill you, they suck out your soul to be later fed to whatever C'tan controls that group (or C'tan shard).

Cause she won.

...that didn't happen... No, seriously, nothing like that happened. Except when she charged a space marine and got throne out of the Everfree Forest and rendered unconscious. That doesn't count as winning. Like in Dragon Age: Origins when Sten says about elves "being easily conquered does not constitute a power".

By the way, Nightmare is nothing compared to the things that the Imperium deals with in terms of possession and body-snatching. She honestly doesn't count as a threat. Especially not against someone who has spent his whole life resisting such things (i.e. psyker/Librarian).

She was promptly also thrown against the wall by something big

I'm guessing whoever did that thought "alien psyker charging spell while standing behind Astartes, kill it".

If it was Leman Russ, however, then his thought would have been "totally gonna screw with them for shits and giggles".

The man in the yellow armor

Actually, Dorn's armor, like Sanguinus's, is gold.

But being no fighter, he couldn’t do much against Discord

Remember in one of the previous chapters where I mentioned psykers who could destroy hive cities by looking at them? Malcador makes those guys look like pansies with his limiters on.

Losing your soul to chaos or perhaps dying by the hand of just another barbarian.

Someone finally understands Warhammer 40,000. Eh, Celestia?

Wait, you said one Primarch ran off and the other one named the pony he found "Harmony" and that pony's brother "Discord". That is not what you said the Primarchs were.

Older than Celestia

Technically, Celestia is half of Malcador, who was old before the Primarch project began. So, technically, Celestia is older than the Primarchs. Lol

in his normal gloomy tone

Ok, seriously, he isn't actually an emo. That's just 1d4chan.


You don't have to be a psyker. Although, as I said, psykers can be sorcerers, too. Also, sorcerers usually make pacts with daemons to become psykers. In fact, the Imperium distinguishes between magic and psychic powers. Magic is performed through sorcery, psychic powers are performed by psykers.

For example, a psyker can shoot a lightning bolt by pointing at an enemy. A non-psyker sorcerer can do the same by chanting a spell.

Also, most people don't bother researching pertinent information before giving their two cents. It's the internet, take everything with a touch of "yeah, right".

I'm still surprised the Custodes let them in, but I guess some of them might have been around during the time of Malcador and recognized his soul signature, or some such thing.
And now, 10,000 years of Dogma and Madness will come crashing down upon the Imperium and the backlash shall be terrible to behold. And if the Emperor hasn't, then he shall soon weep tears at the state of his beloved Imperium and Humanity.

Dropping a life time's worth of faith.

That last part...

Listened as Jonson spoke with a certain man who wished to make amends. That certain man had teleported his way in days ago, repairing the lion's blade and surrendering it to it's rightful owner.



Best Dark Angel/Fallen.

Rarity dressing up the Primarchs that has to be one of the most awesome things i have ever read to bad Sanguinius is dead Rarity would have loved to dress him up and to bad Fulgrim was a traitor he and Rarity would have had conversations about fashion and art that would have lasted for hours

I'm hoping Malcador gets put back together and regains his body. He is one of the most epic looking characters of 40K, despite (or maybe because of) his rather simplistic apparel. The large flaming staff probably has something to do with his awesomeness.


Personally, I think it says something about how incredible the Primarchs are that one of them (Fulgrim) actually achieved literal perfection and the stuff he set out to perfect. That right there is scary.

That chainsword in this chapter reminded me of an idea I had. You know how the Emperor remembers the name of everyone who died in His service while on the Golden Throne and shed a incredibly tiny tear for each of them? What if the Emperor's armor was coated with the tear of each of the fallen, which were each imbued within a nearly microscopic gold etching of the name of the person the tear was shed for and all the names together made his armor gold. The normal human's names/tears making up His armor, Astartes making up His sword, Grey Knights making up His claw. Furthermore, canons says those tears are each infused with immense power. Combine that with the Emperor's power, and maybe some sort of faith-channeling effect and...yeah.

How could they win? Could they even win?

I don't know, how did one species rise to conquer the galaxy while being attacked by countless nightmarish (often literally) xeno-horrors and literal daemons from literally hell itself for ten thousand years? Surely not!

Those things are god-damn killing machines. I peered into one of their memories and....

...and you should see what their enemies did to deserve that hatred and slaughter.

But the Imperium would easily be in better shape had we listened to a certain goddamn Eldar.

Immediately after giving said warning, said Eldar started shooting at the Imperials and raiding Imperial worlds and ships. It is easy to see why the Imperium chose to ignore his warning. Stupid Eldar, they always assume everyone will do whatever the say regardless of their actions.

As to the ending. I think that this chapter of -> The God Empress of Ponykind is the best example of the final battle I have ever read. I haven't read further in your fic, but you might like to use something like that in some other story. I actually saved the Emperor's words to Chaos as inspiration for if I write something for Warhammer 40,000.

Also, I think you'd like this. Especially the Imperial rebuttal at the end.

or he was either a treasonous coward who sacrificed his humanity to save his own soul.

I would tell those who believe that: "If maintaining the Golden Throne until your soul breaks and your body disintegrates is cowardice, what does that make the Emperor?". That would shut them up.

You may really wan to change how old he said he is seeing as the Horus heresy happened 10,000 years ago meaning he and all the other Primarchs fought in the war and weren't even born yet.

Damn... I expected better reactions from celestia, and luna.

3761476 Just what I was thinking.

Makes me think of the Matrix... humans being used as batteries for machines

I only have one thing to say... Drunk Leman Russ reminds of the Demoman from TF2

“And mine is killing daemons!” Arven said. “Bit enough of that, shouldn’t we be on our way?”

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