• Published 30th Oct 2013
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Finding Malcador - ThatRarityIsaSpy

Celestia, Luna and a few other companions go off to discover the true origins of Equestria, and themselves.

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Chapter 16

"You're jesting, right?" Someone asked as Gabriel made his announcement.
"I certainly am not. He does not wish to be referred to or treated as a god."
"And who told you that?!" Someone else asked.
"Perhaps the most indisputable source we have. The primarchs........."
"This.... what?"
To realize the full-scope of the entire situation, most of the men down there listening to Gabriel's speech were hundreds of years old, and now after those same hundreds of years of utmost faith and devotion to their god, they were told that there was god simply just wasn't. If there was one time in the entire history of the Blood Ravens, when the Blood Ravens felt the sinister hand of despair and fear reaching out to them, it was now. But wait.......
"What if.... he's a god.... but merely doesn't want to be referred to as one....?" Someone suggested.
Now why didn't anyone think of that?
"Stop for a moment though. Say in the absolute worst case scenario that the Emperor is not a god, then shouldn't that mean that the dark gods themselves are also mortal?" Someone said. "And if the Emperor.... has been successful at keeping them out......"
"That means chaos itself can be destroyed!"

"Fools....... hopeful fools....." Gabriel said under his breath. How could they win? Could they even win? He thought about for a moment the battle they were fighting against chaos. For 10,000 years, chaos had been assaulting humanity. For 10,000 years, the Imperium has endured. But how much longer?
How many chaos space marines and heretics resided in the eye of terror just waiting to pounce? How large are their numbers truly? How many daemons are invading the material universe as he pondered this?
The thoughts shook his soul. They were fighting a losing battle. Every small action, whether it's blood spilled to empower Khorne or another life bargained on the table of Tzeentch empowers the dark gods. For 10,000 years, the entire galaxy had been in a state of perpetual chaos, strengthening the dark gods even more.
If the forces of chaos aren't defeated soon, chances are, that the chaos gods will grow to become even more powerful.
But even in the face of hopelessness Gabriel thought. I will fight on. The Emperor may be no god after all, but I will never despair. The vile entities of the warp will be defeated, whether it be by my hand, or someone else's.
The primarchs have returned, Malcador has returned, the final battle is beginning to dawn. Chaos will either consume the galaxy or be stopped here and now.

"What do you think they were talking about?" Scootaloo asked Rainbow Dash.
"Meh, probably things humans like talking about."
"Like chainsaws?"
"Yeah, sure. I think they were talking about how they are winning now that their Emperor is going to be back again. And those primarchs too. And did you know, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna used to be human?"
"Wait what?"
"Yep! The two princesses used to be human!"
"Ah dunno, the two princesses seem to be very calm an..."
"Oh, but not all humans are that way." Fluttershy said. "There's a difference you see..."
"So, we've only met with a certain type of human?"
"I think so.... you're going to have to ask Twilight if you want details."
"Why is it that we've met only soldiers anyways? You don't think that they're planning anything are they?"
"Of course not! If Celestia and Luna truly are human, they wouldn't even as much as dare to try anything funny! Not to mention, I heard Twilight is friends with that big guy in blue...... Roboute Guilliman I think was his name?"
"Rowboat Girlyman?"
"No, Roboute Guilliman..."
"Robot Gorrilaman?"
"Rawbutt jellyman?"
"I have no idea anymore." Dashie said.

"And more mead! I demand more mead!" Russ said watching as any pony who worked in the brewery scrambled to oblige him. "More liquor too! And wine!"
"For crying out loud, he's bathing in that stuff!" Some pony commented as Russ proceeded to chug down another mug full of the substance. He then crushed the steel mug with nothing but his bare hands.
"Good heavens!"
"Are you already drunk?" Jonson asked poking his head in. "Alright, shows over, come on, sober up." The lion went to go and slowly pull the wolf out of the room, despite his circumstances, he did his best to try and look good, a task rather difficult.
"Come on, hup hup. Let's get out of here....."

"How much more time?" Rarity asked.
"8 hours!"
"Oh dear, I hope....... someone tell that Russ guy to take a shower! Or at least....."
Grabbing a spray can full of perfume Rarity went over to where Russ was standing.
Let's just say..... he was less than amused with the spray..... though the same can't be said for his brothers......

"So.... what else have we been doing wrong?" Thule asked Angelos after the entire gathering was done.
"Everything. Compared to the Emperor's vision, the Imperium is hell made manifest. The Primarchs told me everything when I got back. How the Emperor's dream had no........... blind......faith....." The last few words spoken slowly and with regret, almost with hatred as well.
"Blind faith?" Thule echoed. "Blind faith?"
"Yes. The Emperor wishes not to be refered to as a god. Almost ironically, it was one of the traitor primarchs, Lorgar that made the same teachings that we now use....... Devotion has now become a heresy."
"We must not despair." Thule said. "Despair will only lead us to damnination, but does the Emperor stil...."
"Yes. The Emperor protects. He may not want to be refered to as a god, but he sure as hell deserves that title." Angelos said.
Thule gave a sigh of relief. "Good. Good. We have bussiness with Twilight and the rest of Equestria tonight. She wishes us to represent the rest of the Imperium along with the primarchs. Would be an honor to dine at the same table of them."
"Then it'd be an honor I'll take." Angelos said.
"One last thing. Try and look friendly, do your best not to scare anyone lest we make a bad impression.."
To a space marine, that paticular request would be on par with asking them to try and ask a hive fleet not to devour your world.....
Not gonna work..... now..... About the primarchs....