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This story is a sequel to I am the hammer. The edge of his sword... and unfortunatly, the partner of a purple unicorn with wings.

Magnus the red makes one final gambit to destroy the Imperium. All that stand in his way are a motley array of misfits who seem to pose no threat whatsoever to the primarch.

Yet there is perhaps someone who can stop him from undermining The Emperor's great work.
One of his own men.

40k X MLP crossover.

Chapters (10)

Following the defeat of Lord Abaddon, Kaldor Draigo, the edge of his sword, is assigned on a paticularly dangerous task to foil a nefarious plan of Khorne, the blood god.

Of course, Draigo get's to work with a certain lavender unicorn. Much to his dismay.

While that, The Emperor, begins to plan for his next big thing.

A slap in the face to the dark gods, it will be.
Takes place after "Splinter in his side"

Chapters (24)

Growing increasingly weary of the attacks from the Dark Eldar, the Emperor dispatches Russ and Khan to deal with this. Little do they know, they have a stowaway on board.

So.... I decided to continue the series I was writing for fimfiction.
What am I doing with my life?

Takes place after "The last black crusade"

Chapters (9)

As the final battle dawns, the Emperor summons the full might of his forces in a last bid to destroy chaos. Seeing the importance in Equestria, he sends a portion of his space marine forces to defend it knowing that Abaddon will strike there. For if Equestria still stands where Terra falls, there may still be hope.
Takes place after "finding malcador"

Chapters (12)

Takes place after the events of "Fourth Aurelian Crusade."
As of now, with some evidence that Malcador has been on Equestria, the Grey knights, the Blood Ravens and of course the two princesses go off to discover if this really is true, and what had happened to the man known to humanity as "The hero".

Chapters (21)

With Equestria now in the sub-sector, and with the black legion's return, Chapter Master Angelos and Celestia must find the elements of harmony and defeat the warband. But, little do they know, an old enemy of Equestria has returned, seeking for revenge. And this enemy, will not stop to have it's vengeance.

Takes place after "Back to Equestria brothers"

Chapters (17)

Cyrus, Diomedes, Tarkus and Martellus travel to Equestria to find a new suitable place for training recruits. Who knew a place full of pastel ponies and sunshine actually would get them what they want?

-I was going to photoshop together the 4 guys above. But because the quote references Cyrus ( I am too lazy to actually do any photoshopping), just him.

-Takes place after "Blood Ravens: Crashlanding in Equestria"

Chapters (16)

After defeating the black legion in a skirmish, Captain Davian Thule and Captain Gabriel Angelos along with 2 companies of blood ravens are sucked into a warp storm and come out again in Equestria. There they are marooned and will have to settle there. Co-exist with the alien or destroy the harmless creatures? Aid them in their problems or remain hidden until rescue arrives? Maybe this is the Emperor's true test of a space marine.

First crack at writing 40k, I am just gonna say, I had a lot of fun writing this.

And of course having no life, I wrote more! Be sure to check them out!

Chapters (20)