Finding Malcador

by ThatRarityIsaSpy


Twilight watched the earth pony, sweat beads forming on her forehead. She was trying, trying REAL hard to do something with her hooves. It reminded Twilight of her entrance exam into Celestia’s school. She watched as the foal attempt and attempt again and again to get something out.

And there it was.... a spark.... a glowing orb in his hand. He had done it!

There was clap in the room. Which probably surprised more than just a few. The pony overseeing the test was not a pony at all. He was a draconequus.

“Bravo! Bravo! Jolly good show!” Discord said. “I knew you could do it! Here have some cake!”

The foal was surprised when in a bright flash, he find himself holding a slice of chocolate cake. He thanked Discord who told him encouraging words.

“Next!” Discord said ringing a bell. Snapping his fingers, he gave himself a glass of chocolate milk.

“Why the hell do you trust that thing?” Solomon asked stepping next to Twilight. “First chance, he gets, he’s going to unleash hell.”

“Oh pish posh. Had you forgotten it was HE who helped us retrieve the elements from Sunset?”

“Even then, I suspected he had done it for personal gain.” Solomon continued. “He may have no affiliations with the dark gods, but he is still chaos. He will bring ruin to us one day. I am sure of it.”
“You’re just being paranoid.” Twilight said. “So... what goes on now?”

“Well, Angelos is planning to cleanse the sub-sector.” Solomon said. “I heard that your brother plans on going with him...”

“What?!” Twilight exclaimed. “But is... is he crazy?!”

“It’s going to be quick. I assure you he won’t be gone for long even if he does leave.” Solomon said soothingly. “So Thule, Adrastia and Arven have finished planning.”

“Yes. They did it last night. I know I am not going because I got this school to maintain. But I do know that Celestia and Luna both will go with them.”
“Aye. So will Rainbow Dash.” Solomon said. “Cyrus also wishes to go along.”

“Heh. So... what have you guys been up to lately?”

“Hunting for dragons, training recruits, and defending our cause against some less sensible people.”

Twilight had a feeling she didn’t want to know what those “less sensible” people thought of Equestria. It was well known that ever since on their first arrival, the blood ravens had disliked all of ponykind until recent events. But even now, she wondered if she could truly call just ANY human a friend.

They walked through the long halls of the school, Solomon catching many glances of awe and fear. They made sure to pass one particular looking mirror.

The mirror shimmered for a moment, until three men stumbled out. Two recently inducted scouts and of course, the captain of the tenth company himself, Cyrus.
“You work hard Cyrus.” Solomon said.

“Indeed. The blood ravens still need to repair the damage that was done. With Angelos restored to being in one piece, we can go on crusades against the vile forces of chaos once more. I am due to meet Thule.”

“Right this way then!” Twilight said as she led them through the halls of the school. Most of them still being empty for the moment.

One thing Twilight had always dreamed of, was being at the reigns of Equestria’s largest library. It was a dream now come true. Ponyville’s new library was almost three times larger than Canterlot’s, making a outback rural town into a new center of learning in Equestria and a new cultural center thanks to the common sight of humans in the area. It’s also well known that this library is the only place containing anything that wasn’t written by someone that was from Equestria. A certain book about the warp and Equestria had been written by some librarian a few days back.

“Good afternoon gentlemen.” Adrastia said. “Glad to see you are all here.”
“A pleasure Inquisitor. I see you are just as interested as this as we all.”
“Indeed. Now let’s get started. Reports say that any archaeological evidence pointing towards anything over a thousand years ago should be in the far south. However... it should be noted most Equestrians, the princesses themselves included have no clue about anything down south. For all we know, we could have an entire ork mob down there.”


“We do however have a source. Apparently it’s jungle.... that’s it. And that whatever information is in some large temple....”

Which you got out of a Emperor forsaken story book. Solomon thought. Stupid just stupid.

“So those who wish to accompany us are off here.” Adrastia said taking out a sheet of paper with names. They were: Adrastia, Cyrus, Martellus, Rainbow Dash, Celestia and Luna, five scouts, a few battle brothers, Arven, two of his brothers, a librarian and....... cutie mark crusaders.”

“Okay, okay. We are not bring children on this.” Thule said firmly. “I don’t give a damn who has anything to say on this, that is not happening.”

Thankfully the three fillies wasn’t here to say anything on that. Most people had no objection, those who did muttered it silently lest they get on the Captain’s bad side.

“So it’s all good?” Celestia asked.

“Yeah. I take it we’re walking?” Thule said.

“Yes. You don’t want to be seen in skies when we cross dragon territory.”

“Why stopping us from drop podding in or taking an alternate route?”

“Because why the hell not? We have all the time in the world to find out about how the hero somehow ended up on Equestria and how it all happened.” Arven said. “Not crossing dragon territory is just an excuse not to get a good fight and I haven’t gotten a good one for a few weeks already.”

“Well, I guess we’re all done here.” Twilight said. “I got a school to run.”

Twilight watched the classroom. She watched the diversity in it all and her chest swelled with pride. She had done it, she had taught pegasi and earth ponies to use the buried potential! That was a feat that will be remembered for long years to come. Now she watched as the entire class made their attempts at performing more magic. Some of it was mundane, a light orb in one’s hooves or the occasional telekinesis... others involved a random plant sprouting in your hooves.....

Twilight had always wondered, how exactly does a human think. It was already clear they are VERY religious and as such, the sensible thing was to respect their religion, that probably ensures they won’t try to murder you in a grisly manner as they would to the “heretics”.

Speaking of which, Twilight wondered if even now it was still safe to go in that forest. It was to be noted that bands of chaos space marines had taken refuge there. Despite being largely cut off from chaos, they were still a threat that had to be dealt with, something the space marines excelled in.

“You’ll probably need this too...” Rarity said as she put more things into Dashie’s saddlebag. “And this, and this, and oh... maybe....”

“Eh sugarcube? I don’t think that’s all really necessary....”

“Not necessary?! Of course it’s necessary! What if..”

“Rarity.... I am going to the jungle.... not the desert... or Canterlot....”

“Oh.... why didn’t you say so?!”

“Yeah.... well I guess I’ll be back in say a week or two.”

“DON’T FORGET TO WRITE.” Pinkie said jumping straight into her face.

“That’s not exactly possible......”


“I’ll be fine. Sheesh.”

“You think you can handle this?” Thule asked Angelos said as he got his stuff together.

“Yes. Someone has to wipe what remains of the black legion off the sub-sector.”

“Listen, I can do it too you know, you don’t have to....”

“It’s fine Thule. You’re starting to remind me of my family when I first left them.” Angelos said chuckling. “I want to test my new limits. With luck, I’ll be as good as you.”

“Or better.” Thule said with a grin.

“I’ll be taking the first and second companies. Best of luck with your journey.”

“Emperor be with you in your battles.” Thule said.

“I am sure he’s watching over all of us.” Angelos said. “Now then, you got your own duties as well.”
“Indeed I do.” Thule said as he turned around and left. He wondered how this will turn out. He had his own things to gather as well.