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As the final battle dawns, the Emperor summons the full might of his forces in a last bid to destroy chaos. Seeing the importance in Equestria, he sends a portion of his space marine forces to defend it knowing that Abaddon will strike there. For if Equestria still stands where Terra falls, there may still be hope.
Takes place after "finding malcador"

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Sorry about that! Remind me never to type things like this on a tablet.

Here's hoping his arms fall off before he can do anything.


ponies are fucked

Angry marines at the ready! let's kill heretics with our power chairs!


dis gunna be gud


On another note, I stole Angron's title.

I'm not scared of him.

I wonder how Sanguinius returned

Here we go again. Those two never seem to quit running into each other. But.....


Sanguinius' got this shit.

Black Crusade? Abaddon's leading it, you say? Oh, you mean the Coward of the Siege of Terra?

... People are WORRIED? Not like The Armless Son could be effective in battle, I think we can leave this to Twist and call it a day. :trollestia:

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Thanks. I am considering on writing a fic that involves Emprah invading Commoragh. I do have the time after all. Though I am somewhat rusty with Dark Eldar lore and I am having trouble with making material.

Hi. Nice to see a finished story. I'll add it to my reading list just as soon as I finish with mine :)

was the thingy that went inside the compartment the terminatus decree?


Commorragh was invaded by the Salamanders once in like the 38th millennium or something. The result was a number of Cabals ceasing to exist The reason for the attack was that Vect wanted several rival Cabals wiped out, so he stole a Salamanders Strike Cruiser (with the Marines still on board) and then stuck it amongst the rival Cabals.

Even though the Dark Eldar failed to actually take the ship (in terms of board and defeat the marines on it, obviously), a few years later the rest of the chapter had successfully figured out how to enter the webway, located Commorragh, and launched an attack on the Cabals near the ship (Vect's rivals). The result was that Vect rose to control all of Commorragh, the Salamanders got the ship and brothers back, the the Dark Eldar still think they stand a chance against the Imperium. Is being absolute morons endemic in xenos?

Also, why mention treaties with the Tau? They are one of the weakest, tiniest factions of all the minor xenos. That is part of the reason they are playable. To give the players a chance to see things from the minor xenos point of view (even for the minor xenos, they only control two dozen worlds, that is including the worlds and colonies of their client species). They stop at nothing to subjugate and brainwash everyone they come across. No, seriously, they actually have social conditioning facilities where people are hooked up to machines that rewire their brains. Those who are resistant to the processes are sterilized and then worked to death. I honestly believe the Imperium would be barely cognizant of the Tau's mere existence, let alone want to do anything more than exterminate them for the terrible crimes they so gleefully commit.

Sorry, the constant "Tau iz r pwrfulz" crap that many Tau players spurt just pisses me off.

This is a great fic! I really like the ending. It feels very nice and leaves me with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside! :pinkiehappy:

The ingenuity of the earth ponies

It's inherent magic, not ingenuity. Although, it would be quite shocking to see in real life.

For the entire fate of the material universe now hangs in the balance of whether or not harmony wins against chaos.

"For the entire fate of the material universe now hangs in the balance of whether or not humanity wins against chaos."

Personally, I have never liked the pony's idea of what constitutes as "harmony". Besides, it is the Imperium fighting, and they can't ever be mistaken for being harmonious.

and regarded her with awe and respect.

I highly doubt something as plain as an Alicorn would cause a Primarch and Malcador to be awed, given their experiences through their lives. As for respect; respect is earned.

Luna made a point of arranging the constellations into a pattern that was as majestic as possible.

They would probably shoot her by reflex for that. I'm sure you can imagine that messing with the constellations of Holy Terra would be more than a little sacrilegious to the Imperium.

As for Malcador. I figure his remains (however few cells remained, given the intense respect humanity had/has for him) would likely have been recovered and could be healed similarly to how the Emperor was (with the help of super-advanced technology, obviously, to make it happen quicker). Then the "princesses" could just do the same thing that Malcador did to become alicorns in the first place on his true body. They could merge an instant before entering the body. Ta'da! Yes, I'm big on getting him his body back, but that's mostly because he just looks so awesome!

Great ending to the chapter, by the way! :pinkiehappy:

It's truly an honor to see there are beings out there who have battled chaos for longer than myself.

What? They have battles chaos for like...a couple days at most in their entire lives. That isn't counting actual Chaos (with a capital C).

Wouldn't the flower petal thing mean their gene-seed cannot be recovered?

I just realized that......

I'm surprised the Titan legions haven't been deployed to Equestria.

Luna better not touch the moon on Terra seeing as I believe it is the prison of a C'thun if I remember right

Defend xenos. This is fucking absurd

I'm betting this guy was a Black Templar

3762084 Discord = Dark God. He is talking mainly about ponykind in general as in celestia/luna against Discord.

3640344 he actually hated that title


Yeah, I know. (I didn't 30 weeks ago when I wrote that)

And your ignorance of tau pisses me off. Brainwashing, please, tell me again about those commissars and space marines being indoctrinated to be perfect little grunts for the empire. And speaking of crimes, by your logic, the imperium should not exist. How many races have they wiped out? How many planets have been butchered. How about the first war of Armageddon, how did that end for the citizens there. Enemies if the Tau are not worked to death. They work long hours to understand how the greater good works, but are not worked to death. You know, like what the imperium does.

The only thing missing is the Alfa Legion.

4265603 No, you are thinking of Mars.

Cyrus using Fluttershy to kill Lucius is Tactical Genius. She is the perfect one.

Does that matter when the Primarchs are back?

"My name... is Temperus Maxiumus. And I fucking hate all you."


"They shall be my finest warriors, these men who give of themselves to me. Like clay I shall mould them, and in the furnace of war forge them. They will be of iron will and steely muscle. In great armour shall I clad them and with the mightiest guns will they be armed. They will be untouched by plague or disease, no sickness will blight them. They will have tactics, strategies and machines so that no foe can best them in battle. They are my bulwark against the Terror. They are the Defenders of Humanity and Equestria. They are my Space Marines and they shall know no fear."
The Emperor of Mankind on the eve of the Battle for Equestria.

Angry Marines, give him the chair, give him the chair!

My favorite primarch has returned! Praise The Emperor, Sanguinius has returned!

Technically the gene-seed was part of the original primarchs, whom got there gene-seed from the emperor, a big fat circle my dude

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