Finding Malcador

by ThatRarityIsaSpy


"This going to be such a disaster!" Twilight said. "What am I going to do, what am I going to do?!"
"Well it's not that bad!" Rarity said. "I mean...."
"No! It doesn't have anything to do with the primarchs! It's just that... there will be maybe hundreds of beings all over Equestria here tonight! I am supposed to fill in for the princesses and.... AUGH" Twilight grabbed at her mane. "This is going to be so bad....."
"Why not just do it by the book?" Rarity suggested.
That instantly caused Twilight to stop panicking.
"Rarity! You're a genius.... but I guess we might need to be a little loose on that department in case something like last time happens......."
"Yeah. Yeah...."
"Cupcakes?" Pinkie Pie asked.
"Sure why not." Twilight said. "Oh yes.... humans, griffins and minotaurs all eat meat...... I hope the cooks don't lose their lunch over this......."
"Oh.... oh.... can I make cupcakes?!" Pinkie asked.
"Sure......" Twilight said. "Alright, we need to set this place up..... someone should help moving the tab....."
As if by magic, the tables all of a sudden got up and moved themselves in the exact arrangement that Celestia commonly used for political meetings with delegates from other areas.
"Thought I'd be of help." Discord said using his magic to move the chairs again. "Good place to get away from those humans! Unpleasant folk they sure are."
"Says the one who sold his soul to...... I don't even know what." Corax said. "Are you in need of assistance?"
"Eh no. I think Discord has it." Twilight said. She made a mental note to keep an eye on him though. Last thing she needed was a gravy cup to go around and spilling gravy in everyone's lap again.
"How are your brothers doing?" Rarity asked. "I hope they like the...."
"I am sure everyone is very pleased with their new.... change of outfits." The raven said taking a look at his tan cloak. "I couldn't ask for a better tailor."
"Thanks! That means a lot." (When humans have no sense of fashion, that was probably the kind of compliment/comment she could expect.)
"Now then, I'll help with tidying this place up."

"So... you done yet?" Solomon asked.
"Done. Do you think this will actually work?" Martellus asked making a gesture at the chainsword, it's teeth tipped with shards of the elements of harmony. "I can say that the machine spirit was pleased with this new addition."
"Dark-gods repellant, now a product on every world..." Solomon jested rolling his eyes. "You think it's going to work?"
"I asked you that......" Martellus said.
"You built it!"
"I don't know. We're going to have to test this later. Angelos should be back sooner or later."
"Did you hear? Apparently we were somehow kept a secret from the rest of this planet's populace."
"Well.... Malcador knows his art then." Martellus replied. "I'll get someone to test this later. Where did you get the shards anyways?"
"I can guarantee you it won't break." Solomon said.
"Crystal empire?"
"Then I am confident in it's abilities to defeat the forces of chaos. Let the traitors tremble as we cut into their hearts."
"Nice. I'll try making myself a new staff with some."
"How did you get it anyways?"
"Someone sold it to me."
"Where does one of our brothers exactly get money? I am pretty sure you never...."
"They were interested in Sindri's staff. Of course, I myself don't want to go near that thing if possible, so I gave it to them. Where that same tool would of damned even the most loyal space marine, it is harmless to your average pony."
"Alright, can you get me more?"
"I'll see what I can do."

"Why are they all here again?" Rainbow Dash asked looking down into ghastly gorge.
"Cause Gabriel just got back." Fluttershy said. "Did you hear? Every pony that went with him all came back!"
"That's good news. Cadence wouldn't stop worrying over her husband." Dashie replied. "Just look at them......"
From her view on the cloud, it gave her an unobstructed view of everything down into the gorge. It was a marvelous sight. The entirety of the Blood Ravens chapter was there. Well, almost all of them.
Cyrus had done his job well. In just months, the Blood Ravens were nearing full strength once again. Now, almost 1,000 battle brothers were with the chapter again. (Though, it should be noted a good portion of the chapter were scouts for somewhat obvious reasons.)
"Wow look at them!"
"HOLY... how did you get up here?!" Rainbow Dash asked surprised at how Scootaloo just teleported up into the cloud.
"I jumped!"
"I am not even going to ask......"
"Just look at them!" Scootaloo said. The royal guard though greater in number, didn't as much as hold a candle to the 1,000 or so space marines down in the gorge.
"There's Gabriel!" Scootaloo said pointing at the man standing on top of a rock, he was giving a speech of some kind.
"Look! They got those moving houses!" Sweetie Belle said.
That awkward moment when Rainbow Dash finally realized that the cloud was hardly a few feet off the ground.....
"Ah don't think they're moving houses..." Applebloom said. "They call them dreadnoughts... they say that a injured human lives in that...."
"Oh... my...."
"Yes.... Davian used to be one. Until Twilight got him out that was."
"So why not just break them open?"
"Because the injured human inside will die if that happens. Davian was healed." Fluttershy said. "Poor things...."
"What do you think they're talking about?"

"Understand, that a few of our fellow chapters scorn our relationship with Equestria. We will in the coming days, prove them wrong and let them see the error their views."
Thunderous cheering.
"Many of our fellow chapters however, see this as a sign of hope. That there is still hope in this galaxy." Gabriel continued. Equestria, untouched by chaos.
"The signs are clear, Malcador has returned. The primarchs have returned. The final battle is going to be upon us. The Emperor himself has spoken to us and has made plans for the final battle."
Cries of "Praise the Emperor" shook the entire gorge.
"But he has also spoken, he does not wish to be addressed as a god."
Gabriel clenched his teeth. It wasn't easy trying to abandon his own faith either. This is going to be one hard time.........

"How much longer?" The Emperor asked. Though the pain wasn't as great. It still stung. Stung like hell.
"I don't know." Celestia said. The man in front of her, finally looked.... well... human again. His flesh, slowly growing back, though even like this, he was in pain, and still looked so pitiful.
"Just.... do your best.... keep on doing your best..." The Emperor said allowing the waves of magic to sprinkle over him. It felt good, the best he's felt in 10,000 years.
He was glad his old friend returned to him. And with some of the health he regained, he had a few loose ends to fix up.