• Published 30th Oct 2013
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Finding Malcador - ThatRarityIsaSpy

Celestia, Luna and a few other companions go off to discover the true origins of Equestria, and themselves.

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Found Malcador.

“Excuse me?”
“Yes. What we are looking for is you. You as well.....” Corax said pointing at Luna.
“Um what now?”
“Now then, where’s the other two?” Gulliman asked. “We are somewhat in a hurry.”

“What is he talking about? What other two?!”

The primarchs all glanced at each other.

“They don’t know.....”

“Well, this just got a lot more difficult then.” Dorn said shaking his head. “Time to explain but first, is there a better place than a few thousand year old temple in the middle of nowhere?”
“I can teleport us to any place of your choice in the subsector.” Vulkan suggested.

“Back to Twilight and the others.” Rainbow Dash said. “She’ll want to see this.”

“Very well.” Vulkan said. “Come to me.”

Imagine the sheer surprise that was caused when a bunch of guys randomly teleported into the room Twilight was in. Now imagine the surprise when they were with people that easily towered over space marines. That was rather terrifying and the first few moments were absolute chaos. Now then.... after a rather long time of attempting to calm things down, everyone settled in.
“You’re pretty big even for a space marine.....” Twilight said. “How big can humans grow?”

“He’s not just any ordinary person.” Adrastia said. “He’s a primarch. One of which I am honored to be in the presence of. They are all primarchs.”

“Wow......” Twilight said. “Oh my god! So are you gods?”
“We wish....”

“How old are you?!” Twilight asked. “Older than Princess Celestia?”

“About 10,000 years old.” Someone said. “Now then, we do have an agenda that I’d like to see finished.”

“Anyways...” Jonson said. “We are all here to find three things. One of which we have found....”

“What? Or who?” Twilight asked.

“Malcador and two of our brothers...”

“I knew Malcador was here!” Arven said over the vox.

“Shh... listen!”

“The former, we have found. Those two over there.”


Dorn nodded to his brothers. Story time.

Countless years ago, at the end of one of the greatest conflicts the entire galaxy has seen, the Imperium was in ruins. To rebuild, it was decided by the Emperor himself that he would have to resort to desperate measures.

Forming a somewhat rash plan, he quickly made plans to save Malcador. When Malcador died, the Emperor ensured where he went, he would have a new body for his soul to go into. Then, he sent two particular primarchs to retrieve him.

The Emperor had planned to place Malcador on a very particular planet. This planet held strange things that had the abilities to repel chaos. This would be invaluable in the battles to come. However, some time during the landing on Equestria, something had gone horribly wrong leaving the two primarchs and Malcador stranded on Equestria. With their mission already gone wrong, one of the primarchs despaired and ran off.

The remaining primarch could only sigh as his brother abandoned them. But it was noted to took interest in the closest thing to him. It was a strange creature, a small horse to be exact with a pastel colored coat.

For the next few months, that primarch commonly spoke to these horse-like creatures. He really didn’t expect them to do anything, he was merely just bored. With Malcador still trying to make head or tail with what he was here for, this primarch could only kill time and hope for rescue.

Then one day, something extraordinary happened. The primarch was about to speak.... when this horse-like creature spoke back to him..... to this the primarch found amusing and he soon befriended every pony that lived in Equestria, teaching them all both to speak and write in High Gothic which later would become Equestria’s version of low gothic.

This primarch’s name.... was Harmony. He was a Psyker. Perhaps one of the many reasons he was able to teach them all and connect with every pony so quickly.

Harmony was regarded by all ponies to be a strange creature. Big too. But it was noted he made a point of helping others. Kind, generous, wise, honest, optimistic, loyal. Every pony welcomed him wherever he went and they learned much from him. Harmony was known to be have a love for knowledge.

His brother’s name... was Discord. Also a psyker.

Where Harmony was Kind, Discord was cruel. Where Harmony was generous, Discord was greedy, where Harmony was wise, Discord was thin-skinned, where Harmony was honest, Discord was a liar. Where Harmony was optimistic, Discord was a large pessimist. Where Harmony was loyal, Discord was treacherous.

Discord made many dark-deeds in the time he was in Equestria, both Malcador and Harmony cast a blind eye to it for some time until one day, Discord used his psyker powers to torment a pony. This threw Harmony into a state of rage and he lashed out at his brother who was sent straight into a cave.... full of crystals with magical properties.

Deciding that he no longer needed to in the shadow of his “better” brother. Discord imbued himself with this power, it changed his appearance, and he became a chimera.

In the resulting battle that followed, Harmony was wounded to the point where not even the most skilled of techniques could restore. Amazingly Discord refused to kill him and went about causing chaos and tormenting ponykind.

Malcador looked upon this with disgust, for Discord now referred to himself as a spirit of chaos. But being no fighter (Well, at least not when compared to a primarch), he couldn’t do much against Discord, but he had an idea. It involved six powerful magical elements, Harmony and a pregnant alicorn.

Realizing that Discord was now consumed by chaos, Malcador explained to Harmony what needed to be done. Being already crippled to the point of no return, Harmony agreed to Malcador plan and split his soul into six sections.

In short. He created the elements of harmony from his own soul.

But why is Malcador in two pieces?

Simple. He couldn't wield the elements. Only a pony could. The solution? Merge his with the unborn child of a certain pregnant alicorn.

He didn’t happen to know, she was carrying twins.

nor because of this, they would have no memory of their past life.

And lastly, he never expected her to die in childbirth, after Discord’s defeat, which erased his memories as well, few ponies would know what had truly happened. Thankfully, they had chosen to carve it all in a massive temple in the middle of nowhere which the living primarchs had themselves sent to.

“The imperium needs you, Malcador....” Gulliman said after they finished speaking.

“Please, call me Celestia.”

“And I am Luna.”

“Say that again?”
“Luna..... and why are you looking at me like that?”

“Memories.” Was the answer. “Bad memories....”

“What are you looking at?” Twilight asked Celestia who was peering through many ancient scrolls. All containing arcane and lost knowledge.
“I am searching for a healing spell..... but not just any healing spell.”


“Because the human known as the Emperor is a god made flesh. Ordinary spells will do little to restore him. It will take perhaps the most powerful of all magic known to Equestria to as much as give him a hint of life.”

“Why are you going to go and heal him? We don’t even know what he’s like! He could be perhaps a fair and just ruler, or just a maniacal warlord!”
“And what if we don’t?” Celestia asked. “If we don’t, then chaos wins! What’s worse? Losing your soul to chaos or perhaps dying by the hand of just another barbarian. Listen to Twilight, when ponies die, we don’t have much to fear from chaos, but if chaos managed to consume the galaxy, that may become a different story.”


“No buts. Luna and I have made our decision. When we have finished, we will go to the place known as Terra, and restore the man known as the Emperor back to life. This I believe will be the best for all beings. But while I am gone, I will need someone to look after Equestria for me..... You.”

“Me? You are... entrusting Equestria to... me?”

“Yes Twilight. Do it. I believe in you. And think, you’re not alone. You have your friends, and you have scholars hundreds of years old to aid you, as well as 10,000 year old warriors and politicians in a worst case scenario.”

“But how can they be....”

“Twilight. I trust those two men. Gabriel and Davian are men of reason, and will listen to it. They are not savages that Equestria somehow believes them to be. They will help you. They see a friend in you. And those men called Primarchs, they’re not like most humans. They actually are reasonable and wise men who won’t whip out a blade at the first thing they don’t like. They are the greatest warriors in this galaxy. And as we all know.... it is the greatest warriors who hate war.”

“I suppose your mind is made?”
“Yes...” Celestia repeated.
“Fine. I take this responsibility and accept it as my own.”

Celestia smiled. “You’ll do just fine.”
Twilight didn’t share her teacher’s confidence.