• Published 30th Oct 2013
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Finding Malcador - ThatRarityIsaSpy

Celestia, Luna and a few other companions go off to discover the true origins of Equestria, and themselves.

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Solomon's discovery

“What is this? Spam?” Twilight asked the messenger as she dumped about a metric ton with of letters.
“Nope. All letters from across the entire world.”
“They heard about the humans.....” The messenger said.
“Huh? What do you mean?”
“You don’t know? Didn’t the two princesses say that they issued a media blackout so that the rest of the world wouldn’t know?”
“Well.... they did a good job on that... but....”
“And of course, every one now demands an audience with the two princesses. Because they aren’t here, you have to fill them in.”

“Who did you do for your project?” Pipsqueak asked Featherweight in regards to their project.
“I did my Grandfather!” Featherweight said.
“I asked my grandad. Great guy he is.”
“Oh yeah? Well I did my dad! He totally had the best things to say!”
“We’ll see about that.” Scootaloo said.
“Who did you do? Huh? Rainbow Dash again? Come on, that get’s old.”
“Nope.” Scootaloo said. “Someone just as cool!”
“Yep, still a scuk up!” Silver Spoon said.
“I am not a suck up!”
“You totally are a suck up! And I bet who you did was totally unawesome!”
“Whoa whoa! That’s taking it way too far.” Sweetie Belle said. “And how do you know he’s not awesome?”
“Cause you interviewed him! Probably the dumbest....”
“He’s not dumb at all! In fact, he actually knows more than Princess Celestia!”
“Just tell us who it is already!”
“It’s Mr. Dorn!” Scootaloo said.
“Who is that?!”
“He’s over there actually!” Scootaloo said with a wide grin.
And there it was, a tall human dressed in yellow armor who was.......
What was he doing anyways?

“Morning Mr. Dorn!” Sweetie Belle said. “So... whatcha doing?”
“Nothing much. I am still waiting on orders.” He said. “School?”
“Yeah..... just wondering....” Scootaloo said walking in on them. “How do I become awesome like you?”
“What do you mean?”
“How do I become like you?!”
“For starters, I don’t think you would wan....”
“I totally would!”
“Sheesh.” Dorn said under his breath. “Well.... first... you go off on a crusade to reunite your race. Judging from the current circumstances.... that’s not really an option.”
“Okay... what next?”
“Engage in the largest conflict in perhaps history of the entire galaxy. That may or may not happen real soon...”
“And of course..... can you be brave?”
“All the time!”
“Really now?” Dorn asked finding slight amusement in this. “How brave?”
“A pack of wolves?”
“I could take them on!”
“Not just any old pack....” Dorn said. He was thinking of a particular wolf.
The roar that followed made Scootaloo scramble behind Dorn.
“What was that?!”
“Me.” Russ said stepping from his hiding place. He broke into hearty laughter.
“So.... what happens now?” Russ asked.
“Nothing yet. I got nothing back from....”
“They really are cool....” Silver Spoon whispered to Diamond Tiara.
“Why didn’t.......” Sigh*

“Hmmmm..... think we can use this?” Solomon asked Martellus. The librarian held several crystal chips in his hands.
“Use what? A bunch of stones?” Martellus asked. “Pointless... unless it’s the same kind back in the Crystal empire.”
“No. I dug it up just recently.” The librarian replied. “It’s made from the same stuff in the elements of harmony.”
“Interesting. If it has the same properties of poisoning chaos, then I will make a few prototype weapons that we can use. I hope Angelos approves when he returns.”
“He probably will.” Solomon replied. “Get to it... and what are they doing?”
The librarian pointed at the group of foals who were crowded around a few warp tainted weaponry. Of course being supervised by older ponies.
“Well, it’s not exactly a hazard to poke around with warp tainted things if you happen to be from here. So they decided to play around with them and try and understand it.” Martellus said. “I recommend staying away from anything related in that department.”
“Yeah... good idea.” Solomon replied. “Where’s Twilight?”
“Here!” Twilight said teleporting in. “What’s up?”
“Nothing. I was wondering, can you find me more of this?” Solomon asked holding the diamond chips up. “They may be useful later.”
“Eh sure?” The lavender alicorn replied. “I’ll get Rarity.”
Solomon nodded he headed down to his natural habitat.
The library.

“In all my born days, I’ve never seen anything like it.” The professor at Canterlot university said. “You really outdone all of us.”
“Thanks.” Twilight said. “But thank a few humans. They really know magic well! Well, their kind of magic at least.”
The ponyville library was easily the most impressive thing about..... well, Ponyville. It was very large and held extensive texts on all subjects ranging from magic to biology. And of course, a special section which contained knowledge from the stars themselves. There was a particular few words carved into the shelf.
Knowledge is power, guard it well.

And that’s when Twilight remembered she needed Guilliman’s help.

Author's Note:

This chapter was shorter than I would have pefered.... working on that.
Everyone wants to see the space marines. ^^