Finding Malcador

by ThatRarityIsaSpy


“And I thought the screams would never end.” Thule said as they exited the fog. “Okay now, Saul?”

“Fine. Fine. I am glad I am alone in my head.”

“Good thing they left before they could take you over.... the power of a nightmare force will increase exponentially once they’ve acquired a host. If he had gotten possessed....”

“He probably could of killed all of us without as much as lifting a finger.....” Dashie said. “Yes killed.”
“Um.... wow... I thought nightmare forces didn’t...”

“They would under these circumstances.” Celestia said. “Think for a moment, all the power that Saul wields. I took a look at how human magic works.... thank the heavens he wasn’t possessed... some humans have the power to turn others inside out with nothing more than just a glance.”


“One of the many reasons why the galaxy is an unpleasant place to live it.” Thule said. “We lost many brothers that way. Never mention his name around Gabriel, but a man named Isador was corrupted in a similar fashion.”

“He lost his mind to some ghosts?” Sweetie Belle asked. “That’s harsh.”

“No. He turned to chaos after being tempted by a sorcerer named Sindri. Sindri beckoned him with power and Isador took it. Angelos had to kill him afterwards. Now, Gabriel is the last man from Cyrene....”

“It must be pretty hard on him, being like the last of his kind then?” Scootaloo noted. “But he has all the.....”

“He lost his family, his friends, everyone..... after he became a space marine.” Thule said. “Even we will see at least what village or city we were fished out of and perhaps find some familiar faces. I may have seen my father twice before he passed away. Now I see the remnants of my family every time I return to Calderis. What does Angelos have? Nothing.”

“That’s where you’re wrong Davian.” Celestia said. “He has a family. You. How can you not even notice that? You even call yourselves brothers. Even then, there’s an old saying in Equestria that you can’t pick your family, but you can pick your friends. He hasn’t despaired like a certain someone else because of that. He realizes what the power of friendship can mean sometimes.”

Thule didn’t bother asking on how Celestia knew that. Half the time, it’s like she could read his mind. That was a likelihood after all, how else would she have figured out the dark and perhaps damning secret uncovered on Kronus?

“Princess.... I think we’re close by.” Dashie said. Pointing ahead, was a large desert.

And in that large desert, was a massive pyramid surrounded by strange treehouses.

“That doesn’t look friendly.” Cyrus said pointing at the group of zebras headed their way.

“Hail Princess of the sun and moon. We did not expect you to return so soon.” The leader said who wore a distinctive cloak.
“Hail Shaka.” Celestia said. “Is there anything of interest?”

“Not much yet. But the sun still has yet to set.”

“Okay, okay, the rhyming is starting to creep me out....”

“Children!” Luna said. “Mind your manners!”

“I can talk without rhyming.” Shaka said. “Now then, can you tell me about your strange companions?”

“We are humans.” Adrastia said. “These men however are space marines, finest warriors of the Emperor. The Grey Knights and the Blood Ravens.”

Shaka closed his eyes for a moment, as if in deep thought, then opened them once more.

“Are you here because of war? I can tell you that blood needs not to be spilled no more.”

“And he starts again.” Cyrus said over the vox. “Anyways, we are not here to fight, but mainly to find someone who’s most likely dead.”

“Then it is not as I dread. Why do you carry arms and armor from toe to head?”

“Where a space marine goes, his arms and armor go with him.” Thule said. “We have no hostile intentions.”
“I see. Come with me.”

“Let’s go then.” Dashie said running after Shaka and his entourage.

“You want to search that tomb?” Shaka asked surprised. “You must all be very brave.”

“Finally he doesn’t rhyme.” Cyrus voxed.

“Watch him start again a few seconds later.” Martellus said.

“We know no fear.” Thule said ignoring the chatter. “We will find what we must. No matter what the consequences may be.”

Shaka wondered for a moment if it was worth it trying to dissuade them.

Meh. No.

“Very well. If your choice was good, only time will tell.”

“Why.... just why....”

“OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH!” Dashie said as she went down the corridor. “THIS IS SO COOL!”

“I am surprised this entrance fits us.” Arven said. “Almost like whoever built it was human.”

“Maybe he was human!” Someone suggested.

Possible. Possible.
After a few (dozen) moments of walking, Thule who was ahead stopped.

“What’s wrong?”

“This place is bigger than any of us could imagine.... but I feel like there’s something watching us....”

There was something watching him. It crept within the walls despite it’s size.

“If there’s anything.... we’ll take it out.” Cyrus said. “Come on now, whether or not we find him or his corpse, we best hurry.”

Thule nodded. Going to the next room, he was surprised to find it’s sheer size.

He was also surprised to hear a war cry and see a hulking figure run at him.

The moment that everyone saw Thule hit a wall and slide down comically and painfully, panic started. Seeing massive figures dart around in the dark, anyone carrying weapons armed themselves and ran straight inside to help Thule.

“Stay behind!” Celestia said as she too joined them in the fray attempting to use a light spell. She was promptly also thrown against the wall by something big.....

Bolter rounds flew, exchanges of threats and curses were thrown and chainswords swung at thin air as the invisible assailant toyed with the entire group..... something about this place was strange, making it impossible even for the enhanced vision of the astartes to see. Suddenly...
“What the hell are you doing? Stop!”

This gave Celestia enough time to light up the room, what stood before her made every space marine drop his jaw.

Two figures. One clad in grey armor, the other in a yellowish armor. Both easily towered over the other space marines..... a good look at them was enough to unnerve the cutie mark crusaders who hid behind Thule.

“Holy Terra.....” Saul muttered underneath his breath......

The man in the yellow armor glared at the one in the greyish one.

“When I said guard the door, I don’t mean kill anything that as much as pokes it’s head in!”

“Sorry.” The one in the grey armor said in arguably the most unapologetic manner that anyone has ever seen.

Turning his head to the crowd, the man in the yellow armor took a quick glance at everyone, but mainly spent a good few moments staring at Celestia and Luna. It took all their strength for them not to tremble at his gaze.

“Allow me to introduce myself.” The man in the yellow armor said. “My name is Rogal Dorn.”

Holy shit.

Rogal Dorn, Leman Russ, Lion EL’Jonson, Jaghatai Khan, Roboute Gulliman, Vulkan, Corvus Corax.... all of them. They were all here. This entire time. For perhaps over a hundred years.

Why were they here and how did they get here?

“Well....” Dorn began. “I recall battling on a Chaos battleship and right when things were just about as hopeless as possible, I heard the voice of my father telling me I had new quest. My death was promptly feigned and I found myself here.”

“I was told that I would find means to restore our father back to health here.” Russ explained. “So I made way here as fast as possible. My entourage however, did not survive the journey here.”

“I woke up here after getting an odd dream with someone telling me I should be joining my brothers.” Jonson said.
“Fought a long and hard battle out of the webway to end up here.” Khan breathed.

“Woke up here.” Gulliman explained. “I was healed one last time to save humanity in the coming battles.”

“I was told to come here.” Vulkan said.

“I was told my redemption would be here.” Corax explained. “My past burdens still weight upon me. But I have found my redemption and we have found what we are looking for.”

“What is it?” Celestia asked.