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With Equestria now in the sub-sector, and with the black legion's return, Chapter Master Angelos and Celestia must find the elements of harmony and defeat the warband. But, little do they know, an old enemy of Equestria has returned, seeking for revenge. And this enemy, will not stop to have it's vengeance.

Takes place after "Back to Equestria brothers"

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Awesome, it's here!

Btw, first upvote, first favorite, first comment! Woohoo! :rainbowwild:

but who would know that they would enjoy killing so much?

They don't enjoy killing. They enjoy punishing traitors and destroying monsters. They enjoy protecting people from insane abominations. You xenos cannot comprehend why such just things bring joy to the righteous.

Perhaps they can learn how to one day, resolve problems around a table instead of exchanging blows.

Canonically, the Imperium tries that, even with new xenos they meet. It doesn't work. Canonically, the Imperium has never broken a deal with xenos, it has always been the aliens who betrayed the Imperium and broke their deal. Is it any wonder the Imperium hates aliens?

Let's just say, Celestia and Luna both don't know that.

but truly, it may not be too hard in finding those who weren’t out there just to senselessly kill, take or manipulate.

Given the manpower of the Imperium, probably not too hard for them. For anyone else it would be bordering on impossible. Tens of thousands of xenos species would make the devil cringe in disgust. About three dozen have not at least blatantly attacked the Imperium. Though only a handful of those did not try to mind-control/manipulate/subvert the Imperium.

Still, like I said, the Imperium has the sheer numbers that they could cover pretty much everywhere at once, so finding other "good" xenos species wouldn't be all that difficult for them. I suppose the main reason the Imperium doesn't bother doing that is a combination of disillusionment, cynicism, and that even if the xenos weren't out to get them, they would be ignored but even if they became allies the xenos would be little more than dead weight considering the scale and power of the Imperium's enemies.

Then the Imperium would be stuck defending an alien ally (whom they don't like in the first place) when those resources could be spent elsewhere. Given the sheer size of the galaxy, the number of friendly xenos being defended by Imperial forces would quickly start showing their drag on the Imperium and worlds would begin to be rapidly overwhelmed by their myriad of foes.

Basically, the Imperium doesn't have the time or the resources to deal with "friendly" xenos. It is stretched incredibly thin already.

If the defeat of chaos means securing harmony up on this weary galaxy

Oh, it won't. That is just one of the major enemies. There is still the soul-harvesting Necrons, the eat-everything-to-the-microscopic-level Tyranids, the kill-everything-for-fun Orks, the torture-everything-for-fun Dark Eldar, the get-everyone-else-killed-because-we're-dicks Craftworld Eldar, and the tens of thousands of minor xenos species. Have fun, Celestia! Besides, the Equestrian idea of "harmony" would honestly be held in contempt by the Imperium.

Honestly, Equestria's harmony is waaay too "happy-happy love-love giggle-hug". The Imperium would probably call it heresy and I would be sickened. It's great to see on a show, really fits the ponies and the show's message, but not the kind of environment I would ever want to live in. A better way to say it than harmony is peace, tolerance, acceptance, understanding, etc. Harmony just feels far too childishly naive and hippie.

You know, I studied their history and found that their technology progressed cause of war!

"Their" humans or "their" ponies? Either way, I imagine that technology would progress quickly during times of war for most sapient civilizations.

Might as well as throw it out now, I think having you around is better than the two guys I have around who read this over. :heart:


Why thank you! I feel my head inflating already! I haven't had much time to read more until now and I haven't gotten to bed until around one or two the past few nights, sooo...

You cold?


I seek to obtain a certain artifact of immense power that is located in your empire.

You have my best wishes.


Take our nukes! TAKE THEM! :flutterrage:

which were harder than adamantium

I'm pretty sure there was at least one instance of a Chaos ship hiding inside a star, so I doubt the Empire's crystal is as hard as what that ship is armored with. Which is several hundred meters of adamantium.

The enemy of my enemy..... is my friend.

Don't let an Inquisitor hear you say that. Besides, the enemy of my enemy is just that.

I wonder how long he will be my friend.

Ah, there we go. Good ol' Imperial paranoia doing it's Good Work.

The weakened chaos space marines were no match for Shining Armor’s wrath as he obliterated the group in a fit of rage, scattering body parts and bits of armor everywhere.

Ha, ha! You got curb-stomped by a little horsie! Sucks being evil dick-tards, doesn't it?

The weakened chaos space marines were no match for Shining Armor’s wrath as he obliterated the group in a fit of rage, scattering body parts and bits of armor everywhere.

If it makes you feel any better, they would have stabbed you in the back and caused Meridian to go boom if you hadn't killed them.

He was scared of them. And that had prompted him to become violent.

From the show, I can conclude that only the Royal Guard ponies and those with related cutie marks to combat act in anything resembling a violent manner. I wonder if that instinct that is so different from equines sets them apart enough to be uncomfortable company for other ponies when they are off-duty.

Comment posted by Bronzer deleted Oct 8th, 2013

This is a great fic. Some might feel it is too simple, but I like it. It is less driven by fighting and more driven by the ramifications of the Blood Ravens' discoveries. Like the previous fics in this series. Anyway:

So much hate.....

Better to be filled with hate of the enemy than literally mind (and soul) shattering terror at it. Besides, "My Armor is Contempt, My Shield is Disgust, My Sword is Hatred, In The Emperor's Name, Let None Survive!".

I have to say, the ponies speaking Low Gothic is surprising for more reasons than just it being low odds that their language is the same. Low Gothic itself is comprised of literally millions of different languages and dialects that basically fused together over the course of about twenty thousand years. That makes the odds of the ponies speaking Low Gothic far less than merely astronomically low.

Heaven helps us....

Fear not, the Emperor's Angels of Death are among you!

Angry Marines

Your fic just took a level in badass. ALWAYS ANGRY, ALL THE TIME!

Ahhh, Davian Cool. Bet that nut-job wasn't expecting the interred Astartes to leap out of his own sarcophagus and deliver boot-to-ass! His last thoughts had to have been "WTF!?"

Hey chaos remember that Imperium you betrayed? Ya it remembers youmyconfinedspace.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/warhammer-titan4.jpg





Capu-CHUUUU! :pinkiehappy:

Yes, yes I did.

"More than you can count."


A conservative estimate was about four quadrillion. Another, less conservative estimate was about ten quadrillion. I doubt the ponies have ever needed to even imagine such a large number, so they probably don't even have a name for it.

I wonder if the Elements of Harmony (collectively) are the part of the Emperor he cast out in order to force himself to kill Horus? Assuming he cast anything out, it isn't explicit and the fluff jumps around on that. Then taking them to him would make him "whole". Epic would ensue.

Not the Emperor..... that's all I am going to say.

Ahhhh, Bale. Perhaps the most incompetent Chaos Lord ever.

Then again...

Will Chaos Lord METUL BAWKSES!!! appear? If he does, here's hoping he sees a Baneblade. He'd either die from an aneurism or start killing his own men in a bout of (extra) insanity from the sight.

I love those last lines they made me smile greatly

"And stop!
Thunder hammer time!

Oh Rainbow Dash. Just you wait. Just you wait.

Don't forget that, in all the art, the Emperor is ginormous.

Normal humans come about to the waist of an Astartes, Astartes are about that short compared to Primarchs, Primarchs are head and shoulders shorter than the Emperor.

Yeah... lucky for him one of his powers in the fluff (before he got on the throne) was shapeshifting... that would have made blending in to normal human society difficult.

Maybe he’s also a hero of fashion!

You're so going to have night terrors after learning why he is a hero.

And maybe he’s some super cool human that goes off on adventures to fight evil and maybe secure harmony!

That's... actually not too far off the mark.

Maybe he’s a super-cool ruler like Celestia!

I think that fic that has the princesses making the Emperor a new body (and shit hits the fan and becomes a multiversal warzone) had the best description of the Emperor from the princesses point of view. It was described from their POV that his presence was like the very incarnation of the definition of "good".

Humans do seem awfully violent.

That's so sweet of you!

I wonder what they would think, and how they would react, if they (the main cast, princesses, mane six, and co.) saw like, a vision or something of humanity's rise from cavemen through the peak of the Age of Technology, through the Age of Strife, the Great Crusade, and the ten thousand year war for survival. Like the event known as the Tears of the Emperor, where countless people on every world of the Imperium had a simultaneous vision of the Emperor crying for them, and all his statues, stained glass, and paintings of him all cried as well.

I think one of my favorite things with the Emperor was in the Ultramarines books, when the Lord of the Unfleshed was crying in a chapel in front of an aquila and asked Uriel Ventris, a captain of the Ultramarines, if the Emperor loved him. Uriel told him to look up and when he did he looked at the aquila and saw himself reflected in it. But his reflection was of how he was before being captured by chaos as a child. His last words were "the Emperor loves me" and Uriel responded "yes, he loves you" before pulling the trigger of his bolter. The aquila then shed a tear (I think). It sucks to be the Emperor. He literally sheds a tiny tear for everyone who dies in his service, which the Custodes collect.

The Emperor Knows, The Emperor is Watching.

But that also means he sees you triumphs and good deeds, too.

“I don’t go and raid every planet I see like some band of pirate orks, or rush and assault some random bastion in the middle of nowhere like a bloodthirsty khornate

bloodthirsty khornate

I resent that Angelos!

Keep up the good work

HA!! Sunset finally got whats coming to her.:twilightsmile:

Celestia and Luna are the lost Primarchs. They just don't know it yet.

Noooo!!! Why is Shining Armor some epic pony now? I loved this fanfic because of how badly they defeated Shining Armor and his army

Wait, are only certain humans able to use magic?

Actually, magic in 40K is another word for sorcery, and is not dependent on being a psyker (though psykers can be sorcerers). Psykers directly affect the warp to elicit a response in the materium, sorcerers do it through rituals, words, etc (the more fantastical idea of magic, basically). Making deals with warp entities (whether daemonic or not) also falls under sorcery.

You can see why this is banned in the Imperium. All a cult has to do is teach some morons rituals and words that are dressed up to look like Emperor-worship when, in fact, it is sorcery intended to summon a daemon that then goes on to corrupt countless people across the planet and has them perform a massive ritual to summon an entire daemonic host to devour a whole sub-sector or more. That is one of the many reasons the Imperium is so harsh.

Anyway, I personally think that Nightmare's power is simply whatever power her host has. Given Imperial paranoia and millennia of experience dealing with possession and body-snatchers, she wouldn't be a threat in the least. At least those the Imperium has dealt with know many of the Imperium's methods, Nightmare doesn't have a clue.

The ponies' idea of harmony would never fit humanity, though. The ponies view being completely non-competitive outside of sports to be harmonious. Humans view that as being foolish and stagnant. They have no growth and, unlike the Imperium, they have no excuse for their stagnation. Humans have their own version of living harmoniously, and it is very different from the ponies'. Whatever, the ponies will just have to suck it up.

They perhaps may be willing to see reason. Angelos said through his experiences, those two aren’t bad when compared against their other enemies.

They don't know what reason means. At least the Imperium understands reason, even if it does choose to shun reason. The Eldar are perfectly happy to damn as many worlds and people as necessary (or simply possible, as they are all dicks) to avoid the mere possibility that one Eldar might get killed a hundred years later. The Tau think mind-raping, rewriting their sla-"subject's" minds, sterilizing them, and then working them to death in concentration camps and ghettos is perfectly reasonable since said people don't want to follow the "Greater Good". Those who do choose to join the Tau Empire are still put through re-socialization processes that brainwashes them with chips implanted in their brains.

Yet, it still manages to be true that the Eldar and Tau aren't so bad when compared to the Imperium's other enemies. That right there should tell you why most fans acknowledge the Imperium as the closest thing to "good guys" that Warhammer 40,000 has.

It’s time Equestria with it’s elements of harmony steps in to give aid

You don't seem to have even a hint of a grasp of just how immense the galaxy is. You are one world, whatever you do, it will not be noticed and it will never matter. Furthermore, the Elements work on Chaos, not the tens of thousands of different other threats the Imperium is faced with.

There are many who I bet are willing to see reason

No, there aren't. The ones that are have pretty much all be made protectorates by the Imperium. Everyone else is either bat-shit insane or insanely evil. Usually both.

should we really leave the fate of the Equestria and the entire galaxy in the hands of barbarians and warlords?

Ha! It's so naive it's nearly cute how you think you matter. In the grim darkness of the forty first millennium, whatever happens, you will not be missed. By the way, "barbarians"? Look whose talking. The Imperium is not barbaric, it is deeply cultured. It just so happens that culture is centered around not letting your soul be devoured by eldritch abominations.

I also noticed the princesses speak as though they have a means of reaching other worlds. They don't and they won't until they get their heads out of the clouds so they don't bring the attention of something nasty on everyone else.

If I can’t... maybe Zecora can... she knows maybe like every cure to probably ever disease!

Except it's a virus. There isn't going to be any remedy that isn't made by advanced science for it. That is simply because it is a virus. The Imperium is quick to cure any disease unleashed by Nurgle, the problem is a few certain disease. Namely Nurgle's Rot (which also rots your soul) and the Plague of Unbelief (zombie plague a crack up to eleven).

But peace by force shouldn’t be called peace OR harmony.

The naivety is wearing thin. Either accept that defeating everyone else is the only way to peace due to the shit-tastic galaxy you live in, or try to make peace with something out there. Which will promptly eat your face and defecate on your soul while laughing at your screams of horror. By your "logic", Luna, the war should never end because if it does end then it wouldn't be "peace" by your thoughts. That is how war ends; by one side forcing the other to yield. The alternative is never-ending war. While you can get fighting sides to agree to armistice, that does not work when either side wants to keep fighting for whatever reason. The Imperium would likely accept an armistice with its enemies (barring Chaos, Orks, and Tyranids for obvious reasons), but the Imperium's enemies are just that sadistic and evil. Though, some aren't so much evil as they are ridiculously stupid and willfully ignorant of reality and how terrible they really are.

By the way, lol at Sunset. She really, really doesn't know what she's messing with and gotten herself into. Some things are just too dumb to live.

if this entire galaxy could ever be in a state of harmony

Not your idea of harmony. Peaceful coexistence, friendly competitiveness, friendly rivalry, and mutual understanding and acceptance is harmony. You think harmony is not going out of your way to avoid competing with each other, avoid forming rivalries, and not to spit in the face of acceptance just because someone is a little different from you (Ponyville v. Zecora). Basically, the ponies think harmony is anything that has no hint of conflict, whether it be disagreements, friendly, or just raising your voice. Feeling any emotion other than fun-fun-happy-happy is apparently heresy in Equestria. Frankly, your idea of harmony sucks.

But it makes for a great fic! :pinkiehappy:

When I was in that other world, she tried to take it over.

It's amusing how Sunset was/is stupid enough to think she ever stood a chance of taking over that mirror world. That, and the fact she was/is stupid enough to think the Element of Magic will work for anyone other than Twilight. If you aren't Twilight, it's just a rock.

A little voice in her head said. “I told you so.”

Get used to it Celestia, or your soul will be a used condom if you don't let the Imperium do its thing. Why do you think they kill so much? Grow up!

I just need to outrun you!

Now she has betrayed Chaos. Perhaps the only thing in the universe dumber than pissing off the Imperium. At least the Imperium will kill you, eventually. Chaos will do things to your soul for eternity that would drive most people insane from simply knowing such things are capable of existing in the first place.

The Emperor will not protect her anyway when she dies. Basically, when she dies, whether or old age or otherwise, her soul will be tormented for eternity. She's screwed horribly no matter what and there will never be anything anyone could ever do about it. Except the Emperor. But, she tried to send Chaos over a sub-sector (and somewhat succeeded). He won't be lifting a metaphorical finger for her.

Unlocking ALL their power, not just SOME of their power was a very tedious process.

You realize they are just rocks to someone whom the Elements do not choose. They cannot be "unlocked" or whatever. Sindri was simply detected as an enemy by the Elements, which proceeded to roflstomp him.


Now her soul is probably being fantastically tortured by a bunch of daemons. You don't attempt to betray Chaos and get away. Death just sends you into it's grasp.

It’s true. You are lost. Good-bye Sunset, I don’t wish to ever see you again.

At least Celestia now has a vague idea of why the marines wanted to kill Sunset.

Malcador pulled an Obi-Wan but took both children.

3344468 What's the name of the fic where the Emperor is revived?

3356895 Well excuuuuuuse us for keeping the Imperium safe for the last ten thousand years.

4068993 I'm here! 58 weeks lat and with a possibly incorrect answer! "Peace and Isolation" is the name of the fic I think.


Was that an Alfa Legion reference?

I wonder who's going to backstab who first? Sindri or Eliphas?

The Emperor did have mighty righteous hair.

3484756 This is fanfiction dude you can change a rule and or make anything your official canon. Like say there are three bullets in the gun but a rune one the side that is the symbol of infinity give you infinite three bullets.

Shoulda wrote exactly 40k words

A few years later, when the blood ravens looked back on this day, a few battle brothers would joke about that Diomedes made the Angry Marines look not even angry.

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