• Published 30th Oct 2013
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Finding Malcador - ThatRarityIsaSpy

Celestia, Luna and a few other companions go off to discover the true origins of Equestria, and themselves.

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Awkardness ensured

"They're going to be here any second now!" Twilight said prancing about wildly.
"Chill out." Rainbow Dash said. "It'll all be fine!"
"It'll all be fine, it'll all be fine!" Pinkie Pie echoed jumping around.
"Keep calm and just carry on." Rarity said. "I am sure it won't be too bad!"
"Yeah! I mean it's only like.... nevermind."
"Oh.... man....."
Twilight didn't know what to do. Panic or celebrate. She got to represent the princesses! How cool was that?! Then again........ you got to represent the princess, how stressful was that?!
Good time to pray for the best and prepare for the worst..... speaking of which. The first group of people were here.

"My Emperor says hello!" The translator said walking down from the chariot. Here came the officials of the Holy Griffin Empire. (Why it was holy, no was really sure why... they weren't even religious....) Probably cause someone thought it sounded cooler that way......
"And Equestria welcomes you too!" Twilight said. "I hope you'll enjoy tonight!"
"It'll be our pleasure!" The translator said after finishing speaking to his Emperor.
"Ou sont les princesses?"
"My Emperor would like to ask where are the two princesses?"
"Oh... yeah that. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna have been called away due to royal, diplomatic and personal affairs...." Twilight said. The last part had slightly more truth in it then she knew.....
The Emperor shrugged. Oh well.
"We would wonder however if the humans are still here."
"Indeed they are!" Twilight said pointing at a passer-by.
Griffin conversation*
"I'd expected them to be smaller......"
"Sorry to disappoint!" Someone yelled.
"Holy shit!" Some griffin said with a heavy accent.
"Their hearing.... it's impressive...." Twilight said. "Their like super-heroes amongst their own people. Hey, there are these guys called Primarchs...."
"Who are so awesome!"
"And they're like gods! I know they are all immortal and such, but the primarchs make the other humans look like...."
"Slow down Mademoiselle." The translator said. "I think more people have arrived.
The next batch of people arrived. Most were ponies from Equestria, but one particular group was what caught Twilight and her friend's attention.
Saddle Arabians!
"Salutations, Twilight of Equestria! We have heard of Princess Celestia's absence." The leader spoke. "My name is Dashid, Sultan of all of Saddle Arabia."
"It's a pleasure!" Twilight said hoof shaking the Sultan.
"The pleasure if all mine." Dashid replied. "I hear that a creature called a human is here in Equestria?"
"There are some right there!" Pinkie said pointing at a group of space marines at the gate. Human paranoia. Of course.
"They are magnificent. A race of mighty warriors, fierce and proud. Let their glories speak to all, aloud." Dashid said. "Perhaps when I finish personally meeting them, I may write a poem about their deeds."
"Yeah, yeah. Anyone ever tell you your name is AWESOME?" Rainbow Dash said.
"Thank you. Thank you. When will we begin?"
"In about half an hour. Let everyone get here you know!" Twilight said chuckling do a surprisingly good job at hiding her anxiety.
"Very well. I will take a look around for the time being. I must meet one of the humans!"

"Eh Twilight?" Applejack asked. "You should see who had the colossal nerve to come here."
"Take a wild guess." Cyrus said appearing out of nowhere. "Someone who should be dead."
"Um.... not one of those chaos guys right?"
"No. Just slightly less foul."
"Yep. Should I...."
"No. She may have something important to say or add on to all of this."
"Very well. But if there is any sign of trouble from her and I will flay that monster alive." Cyrus said disappearing once again.
"How does he do that anyways?" Rarity asked. "He's a big guy, and..."
"No time to talk, look, we got even more people!" Applejack said pointing at another mob of creatures.
"Hey it's Cadence!"
"Twilight!" Cadence said.
The formalities were broken for one moment for a certain hoof shake.......
"How've you been?"
"Good! And you?" Twilight asked.
"Better! Now that my husband's back!"
"Twily! Great to be back!"
"I bet! How was going off with humans to fight chaos?"
"Rough, tough but it was worth it." Shining Armor said. "Surprised no pony died or as much as gotten hurt. No small part from Gabriel of course. So... what's up? Oh and let me warn you, the minotaur king isn't too happy to be seeing humans in Equestria........"

We'd probably lose all the space on the internet if details were given, so let's cut to chase. Half an hour passes by and we get about a few (thousand) people are crammed inside the ballroom of Canterlot castle. Among them are Ponies, (Crystal empire and Saddle Arabia as well), Griffins, Minotaurs, Zebras, Buffalo, Changelings (unfortunately) and of course, humans.

The seating arrangement into the ballroom had been arranged into a similar fashion as a cabaret. Tables of various shapes and sizes were arranged about with waiters and waitresses ready to take orders. There was of course, the band which would be playing. So things couldn't possibly go wrong could it?

"Nice d├ęcor...." One of the griffins said gesturing at a grey knight who was standing in the door way.
"Eh.... mister? He's a human."
"Twilight!" Rarity said running to the lavender unicorn. "I got bad news!"
"What is it?"
"Russ is drinking again!"
Good heavens no......

And there the primarch was. Surrounded by a bunch of creatures of various species.
"Now then, listen up, if you're not as drunk as me, you're not having any fun!" Russ said chugging an entire mug and then crushing it with his bare hands. "Now then, who wants to party!"
"PARTY!" Pinkie Pie laughed as she jumped up from nowhere. "Want cupcakes?!"
"Hell yes!" Russ said. "And give me more.... what ever this is..."
"MORE VODKA! Come on everyone, empty your cups!"
Every being surrounding him promptly reached for their cups, beakers or bowls and drank. Some collapsed on the floor in a drunken stupor, while others went off in their drunken state, very few managed to stay somewhat sober.

"Well, he's enjoying himself." Dorn said as dined on some roasted waterfowl. Despite never cooking meat before, ponies were oddly good at making and preparing it. Odd.
"I bet." Thunderhooves said sitting next to him. "So, what's your tale?"
"Mine? I am a politician, a warrior and an engineer." Dorn replied.
"What can you build exactly?" Some pony asked. The subject had gotten interesting.
"Here, try something with this." Another pony said handing Dorn a few stacks of cards. About ten seconds later..... Dorn built a card fort.
"Here you go. And by the way...." Dorn took a discard cup and flung it at the newly built card construct. It didn't as much as budge.

"Humans. They'll kill us all when they see the chance." A minotaur said glaring at the space marines.
"Well, sorry to rain on your parade but they already could have as they had many opportunities already." A crystal pony said. "The other day, this one with a really nice looking helmet came over and sold us a equally nice magical staff for just some crystals! What a guy!"
"What use does a...."
"We found out it really helps with cutting the crystals!" The crystal pony said. "The magic it uses is pretty arcane in design."
"I really like the humans." A griffin said sitting down. "Though... I expected them to be smaller."
"And I expected you to be larger." A passing space marine joked.
"See? They're not all that bad! Just get to know them and everything is fine!" The griffin said.
"Nice, just explain to me how the beings most consumed by hate are "just fine" and "not all that bad." A changeling said sitting down. "Those things are god-damn killing machines. I peered into one of their memories and...."
"Really? A changeling telling us that someone us does bad stuff? No offense mon copain, but this comes from a guy who impersonates other people."
"Oh shut up." The changeling said. "I got to eat you know. Speaking of which..."
Quite a night this will turn out to be. Quite a night this will turn out to be.

Author's Note:

Dashid is named after Harun Al-Rashid, one of the caliphs in case anyone is wondering.