• Published 30th Oct 2013
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Finding Malcador - ThatRarityIsaSpy

Celestia, Luna and a few other companions go off to discover the true origins of Equestria, and themselves.

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The true origins of the Blood Ravens.

“And let’s see now. After that, half of us were on the right side, and the other half decided chaos was the way to go. I am not going to describe the final battle to you in detail as I don’t exactly want to open that can of worms again, but let’s just say in the aftermath of the war, Sanguinius and Manus may they rest in peace both died in their duty.” Gulliman said. “And of course, the other half decided that chaos is the way to go.”

“We will have our revenge. We will taste their grief and their blood and it will be sweet.” Russ said bitterly.

“So what exactly happened to.... us?” Celestia asked.

Dorn shook his head. The other primarchs looked around each other in silence.

“It was the most courageous....... a true sign of loyalty..... and I felt it. You.... made the ultimate sacrifice. You took his place on the golden throne. In only mere hours... you died. Despite all your agony, all your pain... in one final gesture of loyalty, you ensured he would survive.” Dorn said. “I suppose as thanks, he did his best to save your soul..... but you merely ended up here.”

“You treat it as a failure...” Luna said. “Why?”
“Had you been reborn on Terra, at this very instant, the forces of chaos and all their vile servants would be weeping bitter tears this very instant.” Dorn said. “That is why we had failed. Yet....... hope reigned on still....”

“Using perhaps the last of his power. Our father spoke to us.” Corax said. “He told those who go to set a course for Equestria.”

“He told those who couldn’t, he’d use his power to send us there.” Dorn said. “We were told to wait until someone found us. And we did. For thousands of years, we occupied ourselves with nothing more than studying all the knowledge stowed away into that temple.”

“Can you get it for us?” Luna asked.
“I will see to that.” Vulkan said. “We however, were given orders once again to remain on Equestria.... until the “time is right”.”

“What’s that suppossed to mean?”

“Probably during the final battle.” Jonson said. “Most likely the next “black crusade.”

“Permit me for asking, but how exactly do you know all of this?” Gabriel asked. “It’s not like...”

“We have our ways.... which I am obviously not going to tell you.” Jonson replied. “Now that we’re done here.... I think we should see Harmony now.........”

“Eh... yes. Bring... them in.”

“Well. Is it me or.....”

“Nope.... me too.”

“Myself included....”

“Can someone....”

Celestia and Luna looked at the primarchs, someone were rolling their eyes, others had their faces buried in their hands, some were scratching their heads in confusion.
“So.... they’re connected to.... THEM?” Corax asked. “Should they be connected to YOU?”

“It’s a long story...” Celestia said.

“So Harmony now decided to attach himself to six whelps in place of the man he was sent to rescue. Brilliant. Brilliant.” Jonson said.


“Makes no sense....” Khan muttered.
“Like I said, it’s a long story....” Celestia said. “Over the course of a millennia, we did become.... severed from its connection. Though... I still could tap into the power......”

“If that’s enough for me to finish my quest. So be it.” Russ said.

“So when do we leave for Terra?”

“Tomorrow.” Vulkan said. “I posses the means to take you there. When my job is finished, I will have to return to Equestria. I have my own orders here.”

“Can you promise to keep Equestria safe?” Celestia muttered. “I only need one element, but separating that one element will weaken the rest of the elements significantly.”

The primarchs looked at one another grimly. They all nodded.
“Yes. We will.... Gabriel, Thule and Solomon. We request you speak with us.”

“At once my lords.” Angelos said.

“Do you know why Abaddon targets your chapter so much?” Corax asked sitting down.



“No clue.... wait how did you...”

“We have our ways. Now then, Thule there were documents on Kronus that indicated the Blood Ravens true origins. Who is your first guess....? It’s okay, spill your guts....”

“Magnus....” Thule muttered staring at the ground. “Our chapter’s roots come in the form of a loathsome traitor.”

“Wrong.” Russ said. “Not Magnus...... if that was the case, why would Abaddon despise your chapter so much?”

“Simple. There are only two other primarchs to be psykers.”

“Harmony and Discord!” Solomon said.

“And who is the obvious choice?”


“He’s your primarch. That is why Abaddon hates your chapter so much. He feared that you would recover where your true roots laid. And once you did, he feared that you would find Equestria... and use it against him. The very stones on this planet poison chaos.... we shall use this against him.”

“Your words reassure us.” Gabriel said. “It brings joy to me that our chapter has more noble origins than what we previously thought.”

“Indeed. Now then.... while Abaddon still remains on Cadia, we can continue to poke and weaken his forces here. You know what to do. But first... recruit fifty....... ponies and take them with you...”

“Um...... what now?”

“You heard me. Do it. Report back to me when you feel chaos’ grip on the galaxy has been weakened. May fortune be with you on your mission.”

“Very well....” Angelos said a bit taken back by his new orders. A question came to him.

If the primarchs tolerated xenos...... then what was the Emperor’s opinion on them? Probably tolerated them as well. This brought Gabriel to question.
Exactly how wrong has the Imperium been doing things? If the Primarchs tolerate aliens... then what else is there that has perhaps been done against what the Emperor believes?
The question shook his faith in the Imperium.
"A circus without it's ringmaster." As Cyrus would put it.