• Published 30th Oct 2013
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Finding Malcador - ThatRarityIsaSpy

Celestia, Luna and a few other companions go off to discover the true origins of Equestria, and themselves.

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What's he hiding?

“Shhhhh!” Cyrus hissed as he crouched behind the rock. Taking his sniper rifle, he aimed it straight at the head of the closest dragon.

“One shot, one kill.” Cyrus said coldly as the dead beast fell to the ground. For reasons that didn’t surprise him, the other dragons hardly blinked at this.

“Our path is for the most part clear, remain vigilant and hidden.” He said to everyone else. Jumping down, he lead the ground.

“Man this is so..”

“Now now kid!” Rainbow Dash said holding a hoof over Scootaloo’s mouth. “I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want to provoke this many dragons!”

If Dashie was unsure about something, then Scootaloo was too. Taking a frantic look around, she hoped they weren’t spotted.

They probably wouldn’t of been. Had not someone accidently bumped into the tail of a sleeping dragon.

The roar could of been heard from miles on end chilling the spines of all those who had been in earshot.

“Sweet Emperor, no.” Adrastia said as she saw about a dozen or so dragons land around them.

“Have no fear Inquisitor.” Arven said readying himself. “This is when things get interesting.”

“For the Emperor! Slay these beasts!” Thule roared as he ran straight at the dragons, many of his brothers doing likewise.

“Kill them all!” Cyrus said in agreement. Taking his sniper rifle, he dropped another dragon.

“Whoa....” Sweetie Belle said. Her first time seeing space marines in action. For their size, they moved rather quickly.

“Eh... ah don’t think rushin....”

Applebloom didn’t even get to finish her sentence. All she saw was one of the space marines fly straight into the head of a dragon and smash it’s skull to a pulp.

“Wait! Humans can fly?”

“With a jump pack they can.” Martellus said.

“Humans can use magic too. Despite not having horns.” Luna added pointing at Librarian Saul who shot lightning from his fingertips. “Though does all human magic involve killing?”

“No.” Martellus said. Still the most common misconception Equestria has. Humanity is not barbaric. At least not when you compare them with everyone else in the galaxy. “There was a psyker who could toss a coin and keep on finding it in his pocket.”

“You see, human magic and pony magic are different.” Luna explained. “Human magic is dangerous, even to the user. That is why many choose never to touch it. Those that do usually wear protection. See how Saul has that helmet? It protects him against the despicable forces of chaos.” (Not all humans could use magic. This was just something that was said and ended up sticking for reasons unbeknownst to any pony despite it being inaccurate.)

“Chaos? Like Discord?”

“Worse. Discord is a harmless jokester compared to the chaos I am talking about.” Luna said thinking for a moment.
“Just because of that, best we at least keep an eye on him.” Cyrus said. “I don’t trust him one bit. He may have nothing to do with the dark gods, but something tells me he too can corrupt good men into pure evil.”

“Now that you mention it....” Dashie said.


“Nevermind... and wow, that was fast.”

“Indeed.” Thule said wiping a single bead of sweat from his brow. “No injuries and no deaths.”

“Mr. Cool? I have a question.”


“What’s your cutie mark?”

“I believe we gone over this before.”

“But... don’t you have one? I mean what’s that on your shoulder?”

“That’s just an indication of my chapter.....” Thule said.

“What’s a cutie mark anyways?” Someone asked.

“It’s essentially a symbol of a pony’s special talent.” Celestia explained. “It’s what these three are trying to get out of by going with us.”

“Well in that case, I am not a pony, so I don’t have a cutie mark. But I suppose my special talent is staying alive.”

“That’s it?” Dashie asked. “Not fighting dragons? Or...”

“Yes... staying alive. By rights I probably should have died at least three times by now.”

“And mine is killing daemons!” Arven said. “Bit enough of that, shouldn’t we be on our way?”

“Yes we should.” Thule said. “That was interesting while it lasted. Martellus estimate?”

“Well, I’d say perhaps about another thirty six hours if...”

“Good enough.” Thule said cutting him off. “Let’s go!”

“Should I be worried?” Adrastia asked as she saw up in the sky the sun set and the moon raised.

“Maybe?” Saul said. “That kind of power would be on the same charts the Emperor. Keep in mind they do this on a day to day basis.”

“And no risk from the warp either.” Adrastia added. “Just imagine how many less daemonic incursions we would have if psykers weren’t exactly a massive target for the dark gods.”

“Exactly. Not to mention they repel the dark gods. A single pony to an entire chapter could probably easily root out any potential heretics... though I wonder exactly how most chapter masters would react to having xenos attached to their chapters. The only two men I can think of who won’t blink is Angelos and Picard.”

“Who’s Picard again? I never heard of that name.”

“Oh him. He’s the chapter master of the Reasonable Marines. Legend says he had been lost in an accident for a few hundred years but just returned recently. Now then, I think I am going to join my brothers.”

“So then I jumped on the Bloodthirster and hammered the damn thing to a pulp.” Thule said recounting the battle at Deimos peninsula on Kronus. “And of course, right as when I went to go kill Eliphas, it turned out he was already dead. Though he does end up returning to plague the imperium again and again.”

“Was he that guy you took on alone?”

“That was him. The other man was called Araghast who fancied himself as the pillager of a thousand worlds. More like coward that fled a thousand battles from the way he managed to fight.”

“But just wondering Mr. Cool, why did you have to fight your own people?”

“It was both our faults.” Davian said looking back on it. “Alexander was too stubborn to retreat, and I was too stubborn to finish the job. I am sure if we reasoned it out, Alexander would have left the planet.”

Celestia looked at Thule for a moment. His good eye started to stray around. He was hiding something. Something dark, that he didn’t want to talk about.

Perhaps she’ll find out later.