• Published 30th Oct 2013
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Finding Malcador - ThatRarityIsaSpy

Celestia, Luna and a few other companions go off to discover the true origins of Equestria, and themselves.

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Rogal Dorn

“Awesome!” Spike said still taking a look at one of the primarchs. “They’re even bigger than the other guys! Are they friendly? Are they just as cool?”

“Just as cool?” Rainbow Dash asked. “They’re even more awesome! They told us that they’re each over ten thousand years old! Plus.... they also say that know Princess Celestia!”


“Apparently Princess Celestia used to be human! Princess Luna too!” Rarity exclaimed. “Can you imagine it? Our two beloved princesses used to be like those brutes!”

“Well, ah reckon she isn’t too much like them or maybe..... a few of us would ‘ave died by now.” Applejack replied.

“I SHOULD THROW A PARTY!” Pinkie Pie said jumping up from an explosion of confetti.

“Now now Pinkie... I am not sure that’s a very good idea....” Fluttershy said. “Anyways... I have to return home. Angel is waiting for me.”

“Yeah, I got a school to run...” Twilight said.
“Ah got ma chores.”

“I still have dresses to make!”

“Weather patrol duty here I come! And Pinkie, don’t you have a job to do at Sugarcube corner? I heard it go fixed!”

“So let me get this straight, you rebuilt an entire town in four days?” Dorn asked. “That’s impressive.”

“Thanks.” Mr. Cake said still a bit nervous. “A quick question Mr. Dorn, do humans all have like.... a special affinity for anything?”

“Hmm.... yes and no. We aren’t born with a special affinity, we merely learned it. My men and I are all excellent construction and destruction workers.”

“Destruction workers?”

“Siege warfare. I could probably bore you with all the tactics and strategies we use..... but that’s not important.” Dorn looked around. “Interesting decor..... it’s made out of candy?”

“It’s just for show.” Mr. Cake said. “Chew on that and you might break your teeth. Thanks for helping, would you like to stay for lunch?” The last part was asked rather nervously as he was unsure about what humans actually ate and how they ate.
“I don’t see why not.” Dorn said. In truth, he had been eating dirt for the last one thousand years. It wasn’t a very pleasant thing to eat and he was more than glad to eat ACTUAL food.

“Alright class, so today I decided something new. Now we just finished the history of Equestria.”


“Anyways..... so I thought of something. Ponyville itself is only about 5 generations old. So I thought.... why not interview some of the older folks around town to ask what it was like? Actually, stop right there. There are even people who migrated to ponyville among them! So, go around, ask your grandparents, or anyone of age what it was like back in the day, or what it was like before coming to ponyville. My only rule, you may not interview anyone you talked to last time. Try something new for once everpony..... I will be passing out the rubric now.”

Great. Applebloom thought. No more Granny Smith.
No more Rarity. Sweetie Belle thought.
“No Rainbow Dash?! Why?!” Scootaloo said under her breath.

And then the bell rang.

“Well.... this is going to be hard.” Applebloom said. “Ah was gonna ask Granny Smith, I think she’s the only pony round town that even has an idea of before Ponyville!”

“My parents are away, and my older sister is the only one who has been in Ponyville for a good chunk of time....”

“No Rainbow Dash.” Scootaloo said sadly. “Now that’s just so uncool.”

“Well, ah think it’s time I go brainstorming. Ah need to do good on this one....”

“Same... looks like interviewing some stranger is going to have to do. Hope they don’t look at me funny.”

“Wait a second.... what did you just say?” Scootaloo asked.
“I am gonna have to interview some stranger?”

“SWEETIE BELLE YOU ARE A GENIUS!” Scootaloo exclaimed looking ahead.
“I am?”
“Yes! Because look who’s over there!”

The two other fillies turned their heads. There he was, in an armored suit of yellow, was one of those primarch guys.
“How old are they again?”
“Older than Celestia....” Scootaloo said with a grin. “Come on.”

“Good heavens he eats a lot.” Mrs. Cake exclaimed. “He’s ate how much now?”

“Nearly 8 loafs of bread, three dozen cupcakes, eight sandwiches, five bowls of stew and at least twenty eight apples by now.”

And there he was.... standing outside, on his 29th apple.
“You act like you’ve never eaten before...” Mr. Cake asked walking outside.
“That’s partially accurate. I’ve only eaten dirt for the last one thousand years or so.”
“Um.... what now?”

“Nevermind. I think you have company.” Dorn said gesturing at the three approaching fillies.

“Good afternoon Mr. Cake!” Applebloom said taking out some bits. “The usual!”

Mr. Cake chuckled and handed them some milkshakes. They sat outside, as close to Dorn as possible.

“Yes?” Dorn asked. He was using his inside voice..... which was intimidating to just about anyone.

The cutie mark crusaders were taken back by this. The three looked at him oddly, not even knowing how he knew what they wanted already....
“Oh.... eh hai....”

“Greetings.” Dorn said swallowing the rest of his apple in one bite.

“You eat the seeds to... ow! What was that for?” Scootaloo asked as Sweetie Belle smacked her on the head.
“Manners!” She hissed.
“I am quite certain you have better things to ask then my diet?” Dorn asked. He always liked children. They were always in awe of him rather than the fear he was given by their parents.

“Oh eh yes. May I ask for your name?”
“Rogal Dorn.”

“He has a cool name....” Scootaloo whispered. Dorn laughed inwardly, glad that a small horse approved of his name.

“Eh.... I hope you don’t me asking, but how old are you?” Applebloom asked taking notes.

“I think I turned 10,000 a few years ago.” Dorn replied.

“Are you a god?!”

“No. That title does not belong to me as much as it belongs to any of you.”

“Okay.... so anyways.....”

“Let’s see, comes from a place called Terra, his name is Rogal Dorn, he’s called a Primarch, his special talent is building things and.... destroying things.... he’s 10,000 years old, his favorite food is apples and he likes.... just doing his duty?” Sweetie Belle asked. “What’s the last part suppossed to mean?”

“Who knows? But we still have two more to go...”

“This is certainly going to be interesting.”