Finding Malcador

by ThatRarityIsaSpy

_______________'s cloak.

"And you look dashing!" Rarity said as she "fixed" Russ' hair. The primarch only grunted in reply. Apparently, he was "a mess" and needed a haircut. But if he was going to give the pony credit, he did like his new hair style.
"Looks great." Russ said getting up. "No...."
"You aren't thinking of attending a dinner with that HORRIBLE armor of yours?" Rarity said.
"My armor is n..."
"Well.... it doesn't look good!" Rarity said. "It's almost a crime against fashion!"
Sigh* "Fine. What do you have then?" He asked as he began the process to take off his armor. (Unlike newer models, the type of armor he wore, while still being a hassle to take off, was removable by the wearer.
"Well...... I have this cloak you may like!" Rarity said pulling up a red velvet.
"How bout this?" She asked pulling up a particular shade of red.
"No way."
"How about...."
"Do you have anything brown or grey?"
"Those colors? They're absolutely dreadful!"
"Great. Get me one. I am pretty sure you can find one that looks good."
"Oh, I'll try. I'll try." Rarity said mumbling about how humans had no sense of fashion whatsoever.

"Ah, gold. My favorite color." Dorn said adorning a gold cloak.
"Made it just for you!" Rarity said. "How do you like it?"
"It's lovely." Dorn said. "Goes well with my armor."
"You surely aren't going to wear that now!" Rarity exclaimed. "Come on! You're dressed to speak with people, not for a fight!"
"Well..... if you say so...." Dorn said.
"I got more gold for something to wear underneath! I am sure you will like it."
"Ah.... good. That'll be nice."
"I knew you had a better sense of fashion! Though I must say myself, your armor isn't THAT bad."
"Humph. Great, until I find someone to scrub off a few thousand years worth of blood, sweat and dirt, I don't think it'll be the most fashionable of all things. At least it's comfortable though."
"That's comfortable? My word!"
"Most clothes the Imperium makes are meant for comfort, not fashion. The last thing we'd need is to have a raging itch while in the middle of the battle field. That kind of distraction will be fatal....."
"What's up with humans fighting anyways?"
"It's my job. I can build things if that makes you feel any better."
"Maybe just build things and destroy them! Say.... can you show me any human architecture? Do they make castles and palaces like Canterlot?"
"I think I can outdo them." Dorn said. He wasn't one for bragging, but hey.... if he was going to be 100% honest, he'd probably easily outdo any engineer from Equestria with his eyes closed.
"Now then..... let me make you something that'll suit you just fine!"
A gold tunic of course!

"You don't talk much do you?" Rarity asked as she saw the lion pick out a color that suited him in silence.
"Black? But...."
"Oh.... all right."

"Not in ten thousand years." Guilliman said. Reminded him of a certain someone.............
"Um...... red?"
"Better, better. You have any blue?"
"Well.... what kind of blue do you like?"
"Hmm..... formal. That's all I need it to look."
"Alright then! I must say, your armor is fabulous!"
"Thanks." The Ultramarines' primarch replied. "I always was very partial to blue."
"I like it too..... though you ever consider making adjustments?"
"Rather pointless from my view. I like my armor just fine. Everything looks just the way I want it to."
"But.... no extra decor?"
"What's the point? I am a soldier, and at times a politician, not fashion model. I need to have a good appearance suitable for my line of work. Dressing myself up isn't the way to go. Not to mention it leaves a bad taste in the mouth....."
"Well..... why would looking good ever leave a bad taste in the mouth?"
"It has something more to do with someone than something...."
"Oh........... Well, I'll get started on a cloak. Or a dress shirt?"
"Definitely the first one. Tip of advice, a dress shirt won't exactly suit my brothers or I too well."

"Green. Just green." Vulkan said.
"Oh... alright!"
Rarity didn't bother arguing. Truth be told, she was somewhat afraid of Vulkan. The coal black skin and the red eyes frightened her. Though.... much to her surprise, he was easily one of the more friendly and less-surly of his brothers. Where that DREADFUL Russ would reek of alcohol and where that Lion would be in stony silence, Vulkan would at times carry the conversation. Despite her fear of him, Rarity had to admit, she liked him perhaps the second most. Always easy going, though..... he had an odd attraction to fire.....
"You have family?" Vulkan asked. Unlike his brothers, his voice didn't sound like a gunshot but the same volume of your average pony. (Though, there was still the gruffness.)
"Yeah! My sister, and my parents!"
"Family is important." Vulkan said looking outside a window as Rarity took his size (Huge). "It's even more important then friendship."
"That sure says a lot about it's importance!" Rarity said. "I always think my friends as my own family."
"There's an old saying. You can't pick your family, but you can always choose your friends. I am a firm believer in that." Vulkan said. "I always dreamed of raising children of my own." (In a sense, his legion WAS sorta like his children.)
"I do too!" Rarity said. "And done!"

"White. I demand white." Khan said.
"Alright, alright. Settle down there tiger!" Rarity said. He was always in a hurry. Man, if life wasn't short enough. (Ironic how he was immortal.)
"Is white you favorite color?" Rarity asked.
"Indeed. I see that is the color of your coat. A beautiful color I think."
"Oh thank you...." Rarity giggled. "Velvet? Silk..."
"Silk." Khan said. "I like silk."
"I do too!" Rarity replied making the preparations.
"By chance, do you have any rabbit fur?"
"No! How do you presume I would get any?"
"Catching one and skinning it!"
"How horrible! Why would you want to hurt a poor creature like that!"
"Humph. Okay, so just silk then. Maybe a cloth shirt to go with that."
"Consider it done!"

"Anything. Just anything."
"Provided I don't look like a Slanneshi cultist or someone who went colorblind, I'll wear whatever you give me."
"Okay then..... so.... how was your day?"
"Um what now?"
"My apologies. It was fine." The raven said. "My past still burdens me today."
"Take it more easily! I am sure it'll be fine."
"But still.... my burdens weigh heavily."
"Just bury the hatchet and move on! I am sure there's more to life than just sulking like that Lion person. Was he the most unpleasant sort of creature I've ever met."
Good advice, but a few thousand years worth of guilt isn't exactly going to get erased by the advice of a white unicorn. But, still that's a start.