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A story about a filly that lives underground.

Written as a Night Mare Night-ish story; to be more accurate, it's my first crack at a horror story. Whether this story's good or bad, I wish you a happy Halloween/Night Mare Night.

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Genuinely creepy, in the creepiest sense of the word.


That was.......just.....



Well...that just happened.:rainbowderp:

That was an eternity...

Jeez, that was disturbing. Poor kid.

I've read this story twice and still get chills, I swear this need to be Let's read or something. For some reason i kept hearing snowdrop's voice as the filly. or maybe it was jsut some genic filly voice in my head but still.

so dark and scoopy I love it just one of those wow storys

5784094 I'm glad you got enjoyment out of it, and that it is still entertaining people to this day. Thank you for reading, and for the compliments.

(Keeps fast forwarding time)

Come on...


(Watches Noctua6, wondering what he's thinking)

(Is surprised that the author replied so quickly)

I'm now paranoid.

6326909 As was I when I wrote this.

Before I read, what is the Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

7942056 if you're easily disturbed, then don't read it.

I say this needs more views. Get some girl to read It. You know like soft yet innocent. Add some sound effects and it he chilling

That was genuinely creepy. Throughout the story, I've been trying to imagine being that same poor filly, forever turned to stone in the Everfree Forest and sinking into the Earth, it's a terrifying thought. My only criticisms are that I wished that you could've added how the filly became a victim of a cockatrice and I wish that the story could've been longer. It was still a good read and I hope there will be some artwork about this someday

I type in Halloween horror and this is what I get... This story is nothing short of amazing, I like the way how you kept making the memories shorter with each one, and how you alluded to the time passing, especially the one where it mentions that Apple Bloom is a grandma, it really puts into perspective how long it took. Especially with the death of Celestia and Luna, to think that what could only be described as Armageddon happening around a child who's been encased in stone for possibly millions of years, it's just chilling.

It is certainly disturbing. I can't say I'm glad to have read it. Upvoted, tho.

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