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Rumble doesn't need much to be happy. He has his friends in the simple town of Ponyville, a nice school he goes to, and his older brother Thunderlane to take care of him. Sometimes he would do dangerous things—like participate in the creation of a hurricane—but that was usually along with his brother to watch out for him. Rumble was content with his simple life.

His simple life, however, is taken from him when storms begin cropping up all over Equestria. Couple that with the disappearance of his brother and the Wonderbolts, as well as the appearance of a mysterious group of ponies, and Rumble has no choice but to leave his simple life behind. He must go around Equestria to try and stop the malevolent force from ruining the land—and to find Thunderlane.

Special thanks to bookplayer for looking over the initial concept for me. I'll try and do this story justice.

Chapters (2)

A story about a filly that lives underground.

Written as a Night Mare Night-ish story; to be more accurate, it's my first crack at a horror story. Whether this story's good or bad, I wish you a happy Halloween/Night Mare Night.

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One night, as Cheerilee is grading her students' papers, Apple Bloom arrives at her home and shows her a new contraption: a portable oven that holds many different items and keeps them warm at the same time. Cheerilee is selected to sample some of them, and soon, Cheerilee finds herself sampling more than "some" of the treats.

This is written specifically for the group My Not-So-Little Pony. It is meant to appeal to the fat/feederism fetish. This is a warning.

Chapters (1)

Elegant Rarity and her overly-energetic sister. Thunderlane and his overly-energetic brother. When these four meet, Sweetie Belle and Rumble decide it would be a good idea to play games with their big siblings. Now Rarity and Thunderlane must try and convince these rambunctious ponies to come home before the storm hits. Will they be able to get them home before Rarity's mane is ruined? How long will Sweetie Belle and Rumble drag these two along?

Picture drawn by Not Worthy

Chapters (8)

Apple Bloom has cared for Tennyson the Tree since he was nothing but a seed, and now he's beginning to grow his own apples.
Proud of Tennyson, Apple Bloom leaves him for another night. When a nasty storm comes to Ponyville, however, she finds herself braving the storm in order to save him.

One-shot. Image drawn and colored by Not Worthy.

A special thank you to Calligraphy, KartalTheWriter, and DawnFade for looking over the rough drafts for me. Special thanks to DawnFade for also looking over the second draft. I must also give a thank you to Peregrine Caged and Daetrin for their input.

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Fluttershy makes a deal with Trixie: allow the showmare to stay at her cottage until she regains her bearings, in exchange for a wish granted. She had no idea of what would come afterward... and neither did the other citizens of Ponyville. How will Fluttershy cope with this, and how will Trixie attempt to rise back to the top?

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