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Luna and Celestia always knew they were different from the other ponies. They both had a unicorn's horn and pegasus's wings. It was odd that they had both as their parents are both earth ponies that work at a local lumber mill.

Luna, wanting to grow up to help her father at the mill, secretly goes out to train at nights hoping that she could at least learn how to use her wings and horns enough to be helpful. However one night while trying to learn how to use her wings and horn she learns she can do something amazing with the night sky.

Takes place before the first Hearth Warming.
One-Shotober Story #12 10/27/2013

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Good point. This is a sweet story, but one can't ignore the dark undertone considering Luna's fate.

I was delighted to see that this wasn't an Oh-So-Solemn origin story, but a little slice-of-life tale with lots of heart, and maybe a hint of something darker.

A cute story, but there are a few typos, so it probably wouldn't hurt to go over it again when you have a chance.

Sweet Story. :twilightsmile: You use some nice descriptions.

You may want to change this though:
"The filly’s patients had finally run out."
I think you mean patience.

Needs a 'cute' tag but there isn't one :/ oh well. Felt a bit rushed. Might need some work.

Very beautiful and sweet.

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