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Chaotic Note



~ This is a side story to Luna Plays...

It has been months since Princess Luna has discovered video games, and it has been months since she found somepony worthy enough to challenge her; to meet her skills equally in virtual combat. But alas, she has beaten thousands of millions of players around the world, and not one of them came even close to her score. Shooters: she would take them down like a firing squad. Platforming: she already jumped her way to victory in ten seconds flat. Puzzles: outsmarted those poor gamers. Casual: too easy. Role-Playing Games: she's the highest level.

To Luna, multiplayer in video gaming was getting a tad bit boring, and she was desperately looking for somepony that could match her prowess. So you can imagine the joy of adrenaline she received when she met Button's mom online.
Author's Notes
~ Editors: OmniBrony and ultra1437
~ TLATopHat was the one who drew the cover art. I just asked him for permission to use it. Make sure to follow him on Deviant Art and/or Tumblr if you have those.
- His Deviant Art page.
- His Tumblr page
- His Ask Pony Tumblrs: Ask Razzleberry Pie, Sketchbook Twilight, Equestria Declassified, and Ask Majesty!
~ Rated Teen for Strong Language.

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Oi. That's my friend you're downvoting.

Chaotic Note, can I point out your beautiful work dubbed "Luna Plays..."
And you still claim to suck at writing? :facehoof:
Wait, I didn't fully express my emotions


I do mean that reading later as a very good thing, y'all.:fluttershysad:

EDIT: Okay... I'll read now:fluttershyouch:

Well the story gets more heat with view counts so yeah.

Well you know. Everybody has their self-disappointments.:fluttershysad:

This is... Awesome! I've been waiting for someone to do a story about this!

Personally, this was an amazing read. I can not wait to see more. I sincerely hope that there will indeed be more to read. Here, have a favorite.

Let me be far from the first to say that this was extremely entertaining. Even though I've never played TF2, I could almost see how incredible her victory was, especially over somepony like Gamer Luna.

Color me impressed.

Thank you.
Although I could have made the dialogue a bit more gold.:twilightsheepish:

3259590 Also, seriously, I get where somepony would feel they're not so good at writing. I'm like that, though, considering the absolute POS my original solo fic was, it's not like I'm putting on an act. I'm still on my guard. I'm not saying you're acting, either. Humility is a beautiful trait in a writer. Let me tell you something though, this, this is a good story. Keep up the good work.

I know that if I get too ahead of myself, I will trip. I know that much.:twilightsheepish:
But thank you really.:twilightsmile:


Pilot episodes are all the same.... I know I don't have to say anything about this, but its not just anime that does that you know?

3259638 Good rule. Again, hoping I'll get to see more of this. I only see it getting better.

I know one thing NOBODY can ever do in a video game and that's use the first armor and the first (full) sword you get in Dark Souls, and beat it! THEN AGAIN ON NG+! AND A OTHER TIME ON NG++!

3259655 and other kinds of tv shows, and so on...

Yep. But I mostly hear the term when people talk about new anime shows.

3259682 HEH! WELL I DONT! I never do actually... Didn't even know it was more prominent with anime. Anyways.... HOW BOUT DAT DARK SOULS EH?!

HEY who give it a dis like?! Give me the besaerd who dis like good ass hard work!:flutterrage:

Ah, Button's Mom used to be like Button before. The years later and she's still got it.

Probably one of my anon haters. Judging by how many dislikes I have for EEMMORPG and Luna Plays, I must have accumulated quite a bit.

Yeah. Except she's more pro than her son.:rainbowdetermined2:

3259774 ya i gusse, btw great job. btw if your play video game's play the new runescape 3 they really over hall it for sure puting new combat system and more and a real story in the game and a batter cafteing system too and vocie acting.

I feel that runescape have been reborn and i feel that people is not giving a far cheach of trying.

I've read a little bit and I'll continue later, but I would like to see some kind of fighting game. Not many people actually see fighting games as challenging, but they haven't played Guilty Gear, and I would like to maybe see a showdown between the two.


You will.:twilightsmile:
But only if this story get's featured.

3259845 Featured means on the front page, right? Like, with all those other popular stories? Cause if it is, then it's totally being featured right now.

3259856 It automatically shows each story, almost like a slideshow thingy? Cause it's in there.

Well at least I get to see my woona play some games.(Still await dem updates for ya other one!) Let's see how button's mom can handle the moon goddess!

3259845 will thing is i don't like it when someone don't really give a far chea at things.

For expla the sega daermcast or the sreatrn bote great system but sadly duo to the add ons that sage did to the poor genesis it got a bad riap for it so now sega is no more in the console business because of it.

Sure when runescape 1st start off it was kinda leam but now it have become something more over the years and now what it is today is not the same runesacpe from 10 yrs ago.

Wait... I have the mature setting on...


Well I'm just saying that Runescape was never my kind of thing, but I'll look at it someday.

Seems pretty solid for a pilot. You should continue this!

3259933 will if you eve feel like picking one up online new or use here's some news the games don't have a code lock so you can burn the games on a blank cd r if you want sure is picay but they don't sell the games anymore so i gusse it won't really matter.

I saw the title of this in the feature box and immediately went "Well, looks like Chaotic has a new story." :rainbowlaugh:

...At one point, i expect them to team up on a bunch of hackers and destroy them. Just those two, in a massive brawl....Destroying the jackasses of online gaming.

I still haven't set the plot to stone yet. Right now, I'm just leaning to these two going against each other in a tournament.

I knew this would come up eventually after seeing that piece of art earlier, and to be honest, it wasn't half-bad. If there's anything I'd like to say about how to write this, it's that it would be good to be a bit more immersive when it comes to game announcements. For example: They're playing TF2, so instead of showing feed updates, give the woman announcing through the overhead speakers (otherwise known as The Admin) a few lines. ("We have taken the enemy intelligence." "The control point is now available for capture. get going!" etc.) Other games have different announcers with different ways of saying many different things, so you're going to have to dig in a bit if you don't know. Also, there may be some things that require a simple kill feed update (like, just about any kill).

Hope this helps. In the meantime, keep writing!

Great set-up, Chaotic Note! Looking forward to the re-match and the virtual reality shenanigans! :twilightsmile:

You don't suck, not at all.You obviously know your subject matter well and that comes across just fine. I've never played TF2 or LoL in my life and I enjoyed this. Keep going!

Target locked. Firing Tracker.

*giant missile stamps itself into fic* and now I wait.

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