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A guy that really loves futa. The dickgirl really ties the whole room together.

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Continuation? ^^

Comment posted by ritzin deleted Jul 16th, 2013

dude fucking A+ on this shit, loving it to bits T3T:ajsmug:

i request moar good sir

hey you should seriously make this into a story. like, for each chapter she could be put into a position where she needs relief and somehow manages to relieve it, whether through outside help or just good old masturbation.


10/10 would :facehoof: again

:pinkiesad2: please more...this could be fun

nnngh! this is...amazing! X3
so sexy...Imagining that X3

oh please, hope you will you do more clopfics.....whit futaapplejack would be awesome XD

Clopper Dude is fucking awesome

>Sounding, Cum Inflation, Bulging


You are a bad person and should feel very bad about what you have written here!!!!! :twilightangry2:
With that being said.....I do hope you write some more! Very Nice Work! :pinkiehappy:


This was actually pretty good! The only big issue is it needs to be much longer. These types of clopfics "X character masturbates" have to be a few thousand words. That way, you can delve into the fantasy, but more importantly, the feelings. You're already giving applejack a giant cock, don't be ashamed! Really dive into what she's feeling! The taste of her pre, the consistency. Does she play with her balls? Her vag? Does she "titty-fuck" herself? Maybe try writif out her groaning. Dot just say, "she groaned." Write out some, "UNF" or "nrgh". Things like that. Darf and Chuck Finley do that a lot, because its very erotic when done right.

In a nutshell, it needs to be longer, because the reader wants to jack off to it, but if its not long enough, they'll move on to something that can prolong he experience. I would love to see you rewrite this, adding a few thousand words. Doesn't have to be some complicated set up or scenario. It can still just be her sitting by a tree and sucking herself off, but drag it out a bit. Clopfics live and did by the details. This was good, but could use some more. :twilightsmile:

Thank you very much for the inspiration :D

I'm considering it, but it's not the most pressing thing atm. If I do rewrite it, it'll probably spin off into a series (i.e. a new fimfic). She gets caught, has sex with friends (no shitty drama allowed), somepony gets preggers, more sex everywhere. I don't know, just an idea. Might run with it sometime.

Ha, ha :facehoof:

This is actually my first completed fic where I have done sounding. I kinda want to dive into it a bit more, but I think that will either be for a continuation of this one or a future fic

OMG. Just having you comment (hell if you hated it, I would still be like zomg) means a lot to me. I honestly wasn't expecting it (or for you to even look at it). I really like your stories. :rainbowkiss:

Thank you so much for your feedback! I really appreciate it!
I honestly wrote this in 20 minutes (I've written stories before) after seeing C-D's artwork and my friend told me to consider making it into an actual story. Because of the feedback this has been getting, I'm seriously considering adding more chapters or spinning this off into a new fic series.

However, I'm currently working on a new fic that will be longer (or so I hope) and feature C-D's characters (STOP BEING SO INSPIRING C-D) having delicious incestual lovefucking. After that, I have a few more ideas but I really want to get this one out of the way first.

2891434 woohoo! hey, if she did get one of the girls pregnant, which one would it be? like, which pairing do you support? mines for twijack if applejacks the main character.


Actually I can see a pregger twilight story writing out in my head right now. Mostly her freaking out about the foal inside of her, eating habits, horniness, kicking, masturbation in the shower, lactation. Fluttershy comes over to help occasionally. Rarity is constantly worried she's pregnant (hell, put some comedy in there, kids love that shit) and is constantly getting tested (might spin it off into an addiction).

Rainbow is going to be the awesome supportive pony she is. Trixie is banished to the moon (we need more humor!), and Pinkie Pie plays doctor.

Basically the mane 6 will experience the toughest challenge in their lives. And Trixie will express her love of bonananers (like a banana but on the moon).


I don't know, just an idea. Doubt I'd run with it, but time will tell.

2891521 sounds like a plan my man! whelp, i'll be watching in-case you decide to roll with it.

2891521That sound awesome man, you should write it

The warnings are appreciated, thank you. Off I go to another story...

There is a serious problem with this fic... it's not long enough. Other than that, it's perfect.

You have good artwork, you wrote a good one-shot based on the picture, and you made it pretty damn hot. But the potential this has is astounding. As others have stated already, you could turn this into a full on story. Having her get sudden boners out of nowhere and having to relieve herself in a bathroom or back alley, now there's a good start. Other members of the Mane 6 find out and she fucks them for some reason or another.

I could go on (can't really, my imagination kinda sucks), but you get the point. This story was awesome, but it could be made even more awesome.:pinkiehappy:

I am not into Futa at all, and I have no idea what possessed me to click this, I was however, pleasantly surprised by how well written it was, this is the first futa anything that I found bearable, and yet I still feel a little sick... :pinkiesick: Well written... will still give a like, ugh, enough clop to one day... or two.

Really quite dismayed if this is "the only chapter". Would love for you to flesh this out a bit, and maybe have AJ share her new body with her friends. Perhaps share some poison joke; might affect them all differently, after all. One dose of joke turned AJ teeny, seems this one made her larger :)

Also, you forgot to tell us whether she tastes of apples or not. Other than that, pretty darn good!


I'm not entirely sure really. I guess the answer is a maybe. This story is complete, there won't be more chapters to this fic in particular, but if I write more it would be on a new story. I have ideas for a spinoff series featuring AJ and her many adventures with her friends, but I don't know if I will pursue those stories.


Ah. Well that's not a "no", so we can always hope :D I'd like to read some more spinoffs and side stories, specially if AJ's addition makes a prominent appearance :)

Maybe not this specific story persay, but you should definitely write some other, longer futa clopfics in the future.


longer futa clopfics in the future.

There are plans in place for this already :rainbowwild:

So I just found this. By accident. I totally didn't stumble across your comment on derpibooru while fapping or anything.:applejackconfused:

But seriously, this is a nice little story. Like a few other comments said it would have been nice to go into a bit more detail on the sensations; maybe draw it out more so the climax feels a bit more... climactic. Also, (and this is purely a personal preference thing), I've always thought that stuff like "stallionhood" or "marecock" just sound kinda awkward. That might just be me though.

Overall it's good, though. It's the only half-decent futa story I know of that involves sounding, which is really rare, so that's a point in your favor. I haven't even attempted writing a story about that yet. In any case it's good finding somebody else who's into futa. There aren't enough good futa stories in the fandom.


Heh. Thank you for your input. To be honest, I was rather new to writing a fic that wasn't for a specific person, so I was a bit rusty.

Either way, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

Such potential.
It would be a shame to see it go to waste with just one chapter.


Actually, quite the opposite. There's two planned spinoffs for this fic. But they'll be much bigger, meatier and smexier than this one.

I just decided I wanted to explore some other stories first before I come back to this universe.

Can't wait to see what she does with that later :ajsmug:

Well that was a fun read!:pinkiehappy:

I'm now eager to see the rest of your work :pinkiecrazy:

3288698 I will be waiting!:pinkiehappy:

If you need help with Idears, i'm willing to brainstorm w/ you.

There was not a topic in this fic i did not find enjoyable!:pinkiecrazy:



Where have you been Regi? :duck: I've been waiting for your comment for ages!

Applejack, Anthro, Futa, Autofellatio, Sounding, Cum Inflation, Bulging

You put ALL of that into 1k words? I'm gonna have to check this out! :twilightblush:

Well it seemed you DID fit everything into 1k words. While it was good, you really should have written more on this.


There's a sequel already planned. It just needs to get drafted.

:pinkiegasp: *heart explosion*

Welp, second fic ever I have been able to re-read for pleasure. :raritywink::unsuresweetie:

That was awesome I loved it all.

hey, i have a question. is this ever going to be expanded on? because i'm kinda liking the idea of this AJ going and making her friends into her willing broodmares.

I really wish this was longer. Either that, or an equally hot autofellatio-futa fic would be awesome.

Whats the guys tumblr blog

A mare with a boner... how the hell does that even happen?

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