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Rainbow Dash had hoped that when Applejack came home, it would be a warm and happy reunion between the two lovers after AJ returned from the latest Apple Family Reunion. However, Rainbow Dash learns that AJ and her immediate family are no longer Apples. They are now clanless and it's all because of her.

Yet sometimes, true family lies not in blood, but in love.

(An old fic I made a long time ago but never got around to posting it, this was made before Apple Family Reunion )

Chapters (2)
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Huh, I wish that you would have gotten around to posting this sooner. I love AppleDash. It's good to see you up and running on the site. I hope you're doing well.

I cannot understand why there is ANY downvotes on this story... it must be those who hate Appledash fics like some hate clop.

This one earned an upvote and a fav from me. I thought it to be well written.

Hate AppleDash, liked this story. I expected the fillyfooler thing to be the problem. Not the whole race thing. In sixth grade I learned a lot about myself. I`m a bisexual atheist. My parents still love me more than anything and I know that they will always be there for me. I would never imagine turning my back on others, especially family.

I liked it, it was simple, easy to follow and you didn't try to complicate it too much which was good! I did however have a few issues with Applejack's story though I overlook them in the face of the emotions displayed which is what I look for in a story anyway.

I have to admit, your not too bad at expressing honest pain!

It seems that you have a couple typos in your synopsis.

Rainbow Dash had hoped that when Applejack come home, it would be a warm and happy reunion between the two lovers after the latter's returned from the latest Apple Family Reunion. However, Rainbow Dash learns that AJ and her immediate family are no longer Apples. They are now clanless and it's all because of her.
Yet sometimes, true family lies not in blood, but in love.

Hmm, better talk to the head of the Apple Clan.

Me: Hey! Whatcha doin exiling those guys?

Apple Head: They were performing acts unbecoming of an Apple.

Me: And yet, you always claim to be the one family that sticks together.

AH: . . . What I did, I did without choice.

Me: I know.

AH: I did it in the name of peace and sanctity

Me: But not in the name of the Apples.

That was Apple Head, played by John Hurt.

Excellent as usual. Have a fav and a like. Also adding it to Twilight's Library :twilightblush:

Huh. Interesting. Glad it wasn't the gay thing, that got boring years ago.

Kinda funny though: There are two Unicorn fillies in the family reunion picture ;)

Maybe they don't like pegasi.

2874085 they seem to be earth pony or nothing.

Oh yea.. Can't explain that then..

I would say Rainbow is a weather pony, couldn't she pull some strings to ruin their crops and change their minds through a drought? Of course Applejack would say no to that idea. Oh well at least they are just racist and not homophobic. Also as the keeper of Zap Apple Jam, you'd think that they would have tried to keep Granny Smith in the clan. I mean they might have well just chopped the most prized crop of the Apple family products. Also, they wouldn't be able to have an offspring, which would be the only factor tarnishing the earth pony blood line.

2873404 Being a big Doctor Who fan, that made me laugh :rainbowlaugh: Awesome one.

I don't usually read Appledash stories, but this brought me in, and was brilliant from start to finish. Glad Emperor Apple was knocked flying.

I loved this story so buckin much errgh I'm so excited about it is completely amazing 1 like and fave plus a for sure follow. I can't explain how buckin much thank you for writing this and I don't know about the rest of the readers but I'd love to see a next chapter even though it says complete:rainbowkiss::ajsmug:

Surprising thing is in Apple Family Reunion There's two unicorns.:ajsmug:

This really needs an epilogue/sequel.
Something about the Apple Clan begging them to come back, or Rainbow showing them how good it is for the farm to have a weather pegasus helping.

Whoa... that took a turn. Congrats good sir, you've surprised me

This was made before that episode

This was made before the Apple Family Reunion episode

Dying in Applejack hooves

Applejack's hooves.

that smile that makes you look like the sexist thing this side of Equestria.

sexiest. Pretty sure AJ can't be sexist as a female.

I normally don't like AppleDash, but this was very well written.
Good job.


well written or not some people might like the entire Apple family and not like them being portrayed this way. Some might not like any part of of Equestria having this kind of racism


I think it's just too common for the Apple Family to always be the homophobic or racist ones.

If anything, history shows that the Earth Ponies were the slaves to Pegasi and Unicorns. I'd expect, above all else, for the Unicorns to be racist. An old clan like the Apples, you'd figure they'd be more real-Southern, rather than Deep Southern/stereotypical-Southern (we've kind of disowned Mississippi/Alabama as part of 'The South'). Just, laid-back in philosophy, simple, clean, easy-going unless you fuck with the family. Sure, clans have traditions, and those traditions need to be kept to for the clan's unity and prosperity.

But unless you get the hotblooded sort, they really don't give that big of a fuck. Hell, my mom married into such a clan, and it only took a few months for the new extended family to get over the fact she's black, and were more just curious than anything. By the time I was born they didn't even care that there was a difference, and prior to the clan's dissolution I was next in line for the patriarch's seat, even being mixed. None of the other clans down here even take issue. You usually get that sort of racism from secular, secluded little knots of needlessly fearful people and 'sheep' who latch onto any hatemongering ideas they can, be it from the far right or religious misinterpretors. Yes, I know that's not a word but it is now. I can do that.

I want to see an accepting Apple Family. I want to see more snobbish, elitist, racist unicorns. This story was still nice, but that cliche was old a month after it was first popular.

That's kind of why I was reluctant to post this story. But then again, a lot of stories have racism in them from all three tribes and they still work out fine.

So, in this story, the Apple Family isn't against same sex relationships, but are against those who are with anypony that isn't an Earth Pony?


Have to admit, I didn't see that one coming. Good story with a great message at the end!

2874379 females can still be sexist.
2874436 Ah, but you see, Equestria is a semi-industrial society. The cliche makes sense because Applejack herself is rather racist. She's the most outspoken of the villagers against Zecora, she most harshly enforces the Winter Wrap Up no magic rules, and most of all she immediately sides against the buffalo with her family despite a good deal of evidence that they're in the wrong and Dash siding with the buffalo. I don't think it's a stretch that some members of her family are more racist than others.

I was wondering where I heard that before I got to the end of your comment and saw it was the last episode of doctor who :rainbowlaugh:

The Apples should take over Ponyville and reenact that one scene from Bioshock Infinite. Nothing keeps the races pure better than a good ol' fashioned stoning, that's what I always say.

Okay now that's just freaky. I just found this story and it seems to echo the concerns Rainbow Dash had in the one I wrote. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/100737/of-bad-dreams-and-dilemmas

Purity sucks anyway.

more worried about "miscegenation" than about Gender prefrences? okay, that's as weird as the "pure earth pony" lines.

still, you hit the feature box, and that says something.

With how many fics there are of unicorns being able to help Fillyfoolers have families or even the Princesses giving the Elements of Harmony a hand with that, ect, and from the Families reaction that even if she was with a mare and that would normally prevent any foals under normal circumstances, I think it is safe to say this fic has one of those Equestria's where it is possible for two mares to have a foal together.

2874274 Heh. I was just going to mention that, along with the fact that a lesbian relationship isn't going to do much to "pollute" those pure earth pony bloodlines (unless some hefty unicorn magic gets involved, making it a sort of three-way I guess :twilightsmile:).

Still, ignoring those little details, the story was well written and I liked the twist. I just wish there was a bit more. I can't believe that such blatant over-the-top inter-tribal racism can be got away with in modern Equestria, I want to see Emperor Apple and his fellow throwbacks either see the light or get squished. Maybe their farm need a visit from a Windigo to remind them about the meaning of Hearth's Warming.

Well they're not against associating or being friends with unicorns or pegasi, but rather they don't think the races should be more then that. And while I never went further into it, AJ did talk about wanting to have a family with Rainbow Dash near the end, aka having foals and there for mixing the bloodlines of earth and pegasus. If I did take this story longer then a one-shot I would have had them try to use magic to have a child (While also trying to find someway to see how such a spell would assist coltcuddlers, has any MLP story solved that issue?).

In my headcannon, sexuality isn't a social issue in the world of Equestria due to the gender ratio being way off (I actually personally think Dragons would be more anti-gay for some reason, I don't know) while sex outside of your race is an issue, either with a different pony or something non-pony related. This is mostly in turn thanks how Zecora was treated, why there isn't much information on dragons, and my belief in why Discord went evil was because he was raised in Equestia but ponies feared and hated his appearance so he figured "Fine if you think I'm evil, then I might as well be evil".

This was a pretty good story. well done! :twilightsmile::pinkiesmile:


I never said it was a stretch. I said it was old and cliche. Not fresh. Trite. It is both more fitting, however, and more interesting, to see the wealthy elite throw their in-bred tradition of racism and holier-than-thou into the mix than what should be simple and honest country-folk going to town over the issue. That's what I meant, and hopefully what I got across.


Never said it didn't work. It does work fine. Just... bluh, you know? You get what I mean, since you yourself were reluctant to post it despite it being a good story. There's more out there that makes just as much sense, different combinations, unlikely and unlooked-for. As a writer, I assume you also know what you'd like to read more of, so you get me.

Mind you, don't take this as negativity against the story. It was good, though I think maybe the unanimous hatred was a bit unrealistic for the setting, even though it served its dramatic purpose quite nicely, and didn't need to be expounded upon since it's an Appledash story and not an Apple Family story where Appledash is a component. Still, it might be something handled in perhaps a series with this piece at its head?

Nice Story! Instant-Fav :rainbowdetermined2:.

(btw, when will you update "Foal" :twilightsheepish:?)

This is ok. Have a like and favorite.

I'll be working on the next chapter this coming week. Till then, gather your tissues

2874970 I think there's a fair bit of evidence that Equestria as a whole doesn't have raical issues between the three tribes, though, and that the events of this story is probably the result of an "Apple thing" that an average Equestrian is likely to consider small-minded bigotry.

There's Hearth's Warming, of course, and the unicorn Apples mentioned earlier (maybe it's very specifically pegasi that Emperor Apple hates, for some historical reason). And when the Cakes had unicorn and pegasus foals there was a "wha?" Moment, but then once it was explained everypony seemed satisfied and carried on, there's been no indication that their mixed-tribe heritage is an issue. But perhaps the biggest is the alicorn princesses, the beloved rulers of Equestria, who are the very living embodiment of unification between the three tribes. Celestia granted the land for Sweet Apple Acres to the Apple family personally, she might want to have a word with Emperor Apple once she finds out what happened...

Oh, and Rainbow was already an "honorary Apple" since Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, along with another pegasus and two unicorns. That might be significant too. :)

Interesting bit of simultaneous sadness and happiness. Made especially good due to the use of one of the ships that are part of my headcanon, AppleDash.

2874970The Winningverse (Created by Chenger Qordath, found on this site) has established that their Homosexual reproduction(Rare, Randomly Ocuring, Love Magic) can affect Male/male couples if they have a willing surrogate.

How ever all we know about the magic is that it occurs randomly if the couple both genuinely love each other, and both want a child, and that it still involves the couple having sex, so I get the mental image of the surrogate laying on the bed while the Coltcuddlers are going at it.

It is also mentioned that Shape Shifting magic is used for Homosexual couples who don't want to leave it to chance.

I always figured, for males at least, that they go through a complicated spell that leaves them with the female sex organs (Inside and out) for the required time for a baby to be born. At least that's how I've seen it possibly happening.

2875324Personally, if I were to wright a story with magical homosexual reproduction, I would have it be a spell the removes the Gametes from the parents, Transfigures one of the Sperm/Egg cells into the Opposite gendered gamete, Combines the two into a Zygote, and then Implants it into either one of the mothers(Female on Female) or a surrogate(Male on Male)

You can eat a thousand M&M's over a lifetime, it doesn't mean they're cliched or any less sweet. :ajsmug:

2875028 Actually, the unicorn supremacy isn't that unusual either. Reality Check's Nyx's Family, Ponydora Prancypant's Racist Barn and of course FimFlamFilosophy's My Little Pony: the Mentally Adavanced Series all have the idea and their own takes on the matter.

Novel ideas in and of themselves are rare. It's unique twists, such as AJ's family being racist enough to disown her, or the tension between racists in AJ's family and her own immediate family and marefriend being the catalyst for her and her marefriend's marriage, that make an old idea original.

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