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The Girls - Chelis

When the main six find themselves in our world, it is up to one high school student to protect them from forces that want to exploit them and the portal to Equestria for their own ambitions.

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Obligatory Beach Chapter

As time wore on, the girls became more acquainted to my world. They had not only adapted to this world and the challenges it brought, but thrived in it. Of course, they always said it was thanks to me and my efforts, but I usually placed their survival on something else. I was just there. If they had any longing for home, they were really good at masking it. The girls were also well loved by everyone at school. They joined the clubs, Dash joined the teams, Pinkie made everyone laugh, Fluttershy found everyone's lost pet, Applejack made everyone some good desserts, Rarity made the dresses, and Twilight helped everyone study.

Not only that, much of the student body was both relieved yet saddened when Jenna received her diploma. Joshua received his as well. They both were also accepted to The University of Southwestern California, a prestigious private school in the middle of the City of the Angels. Jenna and Josh decided to rent a apartment by the university together, so they were counting down the days until they had to leave the peace and quiet of the suburb for the concrete jungle of the city.

So when I heard the knock on my door that morning, I knew it was probably them. I felt a mass on me when I woke up. I looked and was not surprised.

Again, Rainbow?

It recently became not uncommon for Rainbow Dash to sneak into my room in the middle of the night and sleep with me. She somehow did it without me ever noticing. It wasn't a problem, but still.

Anyway, I made my way down and opened the door: Jenna was in a black bikini top and jean short-shorts, Joshua was in a black tank top and swimming shorts, Nas was just in shorts and wearing sunglasses, exposing his 6 pack abs for the 100th time that summer.

"Beach day, loser. Get the girls," Jenna demanded.

"It's 8 in the morning."

"Step outside,vato," Joshua said.

I took a step, was blasted by the hot mid-morning air.

"We ain't got time, broth'a. Get the girls all fine and dandy so we can- oh shit, speaking of fine..." Nas observed as Applejack made her way down the stairs in her pajamas: Her favorite orange and yellow bra and panties. She looked great in them, but, unlike Nas, I wasn't salivating at the lips over it.

"Heeeeeey Miss Jems," Nas said. "You looking... well you look sexy as hell right now, bae."

"Aww shucks, Nassir. You look mighty tasty with them abs of yours."

I knew I had to break them up before it escalated to sex on my coffee table. "Wake up the girls and tell them we are going to the beach."


As we arrived, the ocean breeze cooled us all down. Especially since the back of Joshua's pickup truck was hot from the metal it was made out of. We all unloaded, and made our way to the sand. Gloria and Spike were immediately chasing each other in the sand. We started a bit of set up with our canopy and fold able chairs, and began a fun day at the beach.

The girls were in different swimming suits, from a very stylish piece from Rarity to something more practical from Rainbow Dash.

Their fun was as diverse as well. Spike and Gloria were playing at the edge of the water, Twilight was reading under the canopy, Fluttershy was out at the tidal pools that were at the far end of the jetty, Pinkie Pie was cooking up the food. Everyone else was playing a game of volleyball. We all were good, so it took a few hours to decide the game.

It all ended hours later at a campfire closer to the waves. We were all sitting around the campfire, with marshmallows heating on sticks on the fire for our s'mores. Everyone was smiling, laughing... well except for Nas and AJ, who were deep in a conversation. At that point I was giving up and was seriously considering my blessing for those two to date. I mean, Nas had dated white women before, and had gotten flack for it being how dark-skinned he was. But, most of the criticism was answered by a fist to the face. I guess that was how the school learned not to mess with Nas.

Then again, AJ is not really "white", and was more "pony from another world with white skin and blond hair and green eyes."

Well, they might be here for life: so why not let them date if they want to?

Fuck it, why not? But who?

Twilight will most likely be that Korean guy who is a hella mathematician. Fluttershy will most likely fall for that Greenpeace guy who is Jenna's weed connect. Pinkie... that flamboyant guy, the cheerleader, probably is gay.

Gaydar says he is not gay.

Really? Shit. Um, Rarity would be her bff aka the really impressive suit maker from her designer club.



Oh yea: who the hell gets drunk off wine coolers.

True. Rainbow Dash...




If I do Jenna will-

Jenna this, Jenna that. C'mon man. You are not a kid anymore, man. Instead of doing things for Jenna's sake: do things for our sake. Besides, she seems to be pretty into you, man.

Sigh. Well I guess you are right.

What broke the conversation in my mind was a phone call to Jenna. Everyone else continued to their conversations, well flirting in Nas's and AJ's case.

"Hey bitch what'-s... What?! Yea I'm down to party..... who's with me? Me, Josh, Nas, My bro and his bitches.....You're where?! Hang on. Look for a bad bitch waving her hand. Shit, you see me?.... Oh! Ok! Yea, I see you! We will be right over.... love you too bitch, muah."

"Everyone pack up." Jenna commanded. "It's party time."

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