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The Girls - Chelis

When the main six find themselves in our world, it is up to one high school student to protect them from forces that want to exploit them and the portal to Equestria for their own ambitions.

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The Last Weekend 3-9 "Together Again"

It was a quiet night in Canterlot. No more chaos. No more guards storming the castle they were bound to protect. No more threat of invasion. Anyone who was not in the know of what happened moved on with their lives, not knowing of the tragedy that had occurred hours earlier.

We did, however. Me, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy… And Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash was asleep right in front of the broken mirror. The glass was swept up and placed in a chest next to it so that when the day came, the portal can be opened. The rest of us were outside the mirror room, watching Rainbow Dash sleep.

"She really cared for him," Applejack said.

"Yeah, poor Rainbow Dash. I wish there was something we could do for her," Fluttershy lamented.

"Well, while we have been standing around here for hours, I’ve took the liberty of making a nice knit blanket. The blue color is not my style, but it’ll do for now." Rarity said, finishing the last of her blanket.

"Well someone has to give it to her, and I really don't want to bother her," I said.

"I think you should, Twilight," Pinkie suggested.

"What? Why me?" I asked, shocked that I out of the rest of the girls was suggested.

"you can talk to her, Twilight. You’re better at this than we are." Rarity explained as she levitated the blanket over my body.

I sighed defeatedly and went right in.

The lights were off, but the moonlight was enough to brighten the room as if it was midday. I went up to Rainbow Dash and layed next to her, levitating the blanket over her body. It was then I realized this whole time she was not asleep, as we thought.

"Why did he do that, Twilight?" She asked, her watery eyes transfixed on the frame of the mirror.

"He had to Rainbow. It was either that or our world would be overrun by his people." I explained.

"I know, but there had to be another way..."

"There probably was, and those other ways would have been worse for us in the long run. Rainbow, you have to put yourself in his shoes. He had to choose between losing you, or losing all of us down the road." I explained. I knew what he was doing. I asked him that night before he took Rainbow Dash to bed, I asked him his plan if they should fail. He would bring a sledgehammer to destroy the portal in case things went out of hoof.

"I guess. I wish he was here right now." She said with a shaky voice.

"He probably wishes he was here with you too, but we have to go home."

"I… I don’t want to be alone." Rainbow confessed.

"It’s fine, I bet the girls would love to have a sleepover at Pinkie’s."

"That sounds great," Rainbow said with a wry smile.

“You know, Rainbow Dash, when my brother went off to join the guard, he told me that if I felt lonely and wanted to talk to him, I should talk to the moon." Twilight suggested.

"That sounds dumb." She retorted.

"Why don't you try it?" I asked.

"Oh alright, Egghead.”Rainbow said as she sadly looked at the moon.“I know why you had to do what you did. I miss you, and I love you. I hope we can be together again someday." She said, looking at the eye of the mare in the moon, trying to concentrate on that. Maybe he would get the message.


After it was all said and done, we managed to get the portal moved. We waited for the police to clear out to go get the frame and glass. It was still heavy, but manageable with a two man team. They placed the frame in the living room corner,and I carried the small wooden crate with the glass.

"Thanks for your help, guys. Sure gonna miss Lake Forest," I said as I brought the two taller men down for a hug.

"Same to you Jenna, don’t be a stranger! Oh, uhm... Is… Is your brother going to be okay?"

I was getting the same question for the past few hours, and yet I still had no way to get a straight answer from him.

"He'll be fine, he just needs to cope and move on. We all have to," I answered as they walked out of the house.

"Dunno, its hard to get over losing a love like that," My boyfriend… said. Sorry. It feels weird to be with him now. We’ve known each other since we were little, but man does it feels great to call him… well… My man.

"I know. I wish I could do something for him…. And you, Nas." I said to Nassir, staring at his feet and sighing every so often.

"I would have had a snow bunny for once. Damn"

"Oh come on, Nassir! You wanted her for more than her body, you were actually into her!" I called him out. He liked her, I saw it in his eyes. His determination to save her when that guy snatched her when making our escape from Vegas.

"Y-yeah. I didn’t wanna say anything but... Yeah. I dug the hell out of her. She even gave me this letter where she said that she wanted us to date when this was all over." He said in a shaky voice.

"Must be tough for you," I observed.

"Yeah, really tough. One day, maybe soon, maybe in this lifetime, or in front of the Pearly Gates... We will meet again. Until then, shit I dunno." He said.

I left Josh and Nassir in the living room and made the dreaded walk up the stairs. The lights were off in the hallway, even in my brother’s room. I creacked his door slowly to see him. He was on a chair in his balcony, a bottle of whiskey and a shot glass on the table. His left hand was down, scratching the ears of a moping Gloria. She had lost her friend that day as well, and by a long shot, when Spike was older, the possible father of her first litter. It simply wasn't meant to be. The moon was full and bright. It was bright enough where he didn't even have to turn on the porch light, even if he wanted to.

"Hey brother, are you going to be okay?" I asked, unsure of how he would be.

"Yea, why wouldn't I be?" He answered. There was no life to his voice, just monotone.

"I know how you feel about Rainbow Dash, and this entire weekend-"

"It's fine, Jenna. It’s like what you said when you first met them: It was never able to work out because of the species and dimensional difference. It was bound to happen eventually." He said with calm, shaky breaths.

"No, brother. It was you that brought them together. It was you that kept them safe here. It was you who stormed a Vegas hotel full of people to get them out of there. I understand it was more than just a fling and I couldn’t imagine a luckier girl than Rainbow to be with you. I was wrong!" I finally confessed.

"I guess that’s how the old saying goes: if you love something, you have to set it free," He answered.

That sentence brought me to tears. I kneeled next to him and gave him a hug.

"Brother, you are the last person who should ever have to do what you did today, after everything you've given."

He smiled at me sadly and returned my hug.

"This is how it’s supposed to be, Jenna. No one is entitled to anything, no matter how great the sacrifice or the cause. Knowing this and still sacrificing is what separates the great from the petty." He answered.

"I'm proud of you, bro. You grew up so much this past year, but I'm just so sad to see it turn out this way."

"Me too, me too." He said as I gave him a kiss on the side of the forehead. We held on to each other as we watched the moonlight.

"They come from a land of magic; they should eventually find a way. Maybe you two will be together again someday… Hey, brother. Do you think she is looking at the moon right now, thinking of us?" I asked.

"Yeah, I bet she is. And until the day she comes back, I will keep doing the same."


Author's Note:

"Everywhere I go, Every smile I see
I know you are there, Smilin back at me
Dancin in moonlight, I know you are free
Cuz I can see your star, Shinin down on me"

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