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The Girls - Chelis

When the main six find themselves in our world, it is up to one high school student to protect them from forces that want to exploit them and the portal to Equestria for their own ambitions.

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Taking them home to mother.

Author's Note:

I have a Skype group for fans of my work, pre-readers, proofreaders, and editors. If you want to join this group (and Skype is free to get and register btw) add me (louisros1990 is mine skype) and tell me you want to join the group.

I received a crushing bear hug from Jenna the second I stood up from being untied. That was the kind of a bear hug that she would give me when we were kids: painful, and it sucked the air out of your lungs. "I missed you so much little brother!" Jenna screamed.

"Aww, you guys are so cute together!" Pinkie said coming into my room from the balcony. The rest of the girls were behind her, smiling at our reunion one month in the making.

"I haven't seen him in a month! Of course I might be a little soft on him," Jenna laughed as she let go. "Oh and brother," she added as she allowed me to catch my breath. "Mom wanted to talk to us about something," she finished.

"What about breakfast?" a pouty Rainbow Dash asked. I had forgotten between getting my ass kicked and getting bear hugged that the girls have yet to have breakfast. Let's hope Mom wants something trivial.

"Don't worry girls. I'll find out what she wants, and then I'll make you guys breakfast," I said, making my way downstairs and out the door with Jenna behind me.

"So how was anger management camp?" I asked the second we were outside.

"Boring as hell. It was mostly exercises and group counseling. I was shockingly the calmest person in that damn place. A day didn't go by where some edgy little fuck was screaming, throwing chairs, and threatening to shoot up the place. Hell, I had to take the law into my own hands when someone tried to have their way with the girls in the camp."

"I kept telling them they should have sent you to a mental institution instead of the camp, you'd fit in more," I replied with a laugh

That joke was probably the reason she punched me on the shoulder. "Can it!" she yelled.

We made our way past the backyard, through the kitchen, and into the formal dining room; where my heart sank in fear: 6 plates of pancakes, fruits, and a few pitchers of orange juice on the table. It looked like a buffet.

"Richard having a breakfast meeting?" I asked my mom nervously, she was putting the finishing touches on the meals.

"No son. Jenna, can you bring your brother's friends here? The food is getting cold. Son, Richard would like to talk to you in his study."

I nodded and made my way upstairs. It. Was Over. Discovered. Cat out of the fucking bag. Jenna might've inadvertently made getting the six home harder. At this point, I was at the mercy of Richard.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

What do you do now?


The study was beautiful: It had wood floors and an authentic Persian rug. The wood that made the bookcases that encompassed the walls of the room were imported from Europe. The bookcase was stacked with books, awards, and frames with pictures of our family, and the many well known people Richard had met in his life that included businessmen, celebrities, and even a president. There was enough information in those books to possibly give anyone a decent education. Inside the study was a balding, middle-aged man with suspenders and a striped button up shirt. Richard was on his computer, busy typing away as I came in. "Take a seat boy," he commanded. Like a timid young child, I followed his firm command.

Richard was not a strong man physically, but he was an intelligent, cold, and calculating man. He owned a large company and basically willed his way to the top. He could kick me and Jenna out on the streets and wouldn't have a care in the world. So the fact that he could possibly throw the girls out was a significant concern. "Look, kid," He started. "I'm not happy that you brought more mouths to feed in my house without my permission, you could've asked and I would've said yes."

He got up and stood next to me. "But, I am actually jealous. The fact you have six beautiful girls staying with you... you are living my dream," he said as he gave me a fist bump. I gave him a confused grin as I returned the bump.

"Now go with your girls, you play'a you," he said with a chuckle. The great weight that nearly crushed me went away and I didn't feel as sick as I felt coming in. I made my way out of the study, and before I closed to door Richard managed to yell, "Don't forget to use condoms!"

What just happened?

I thought we were done for. But hey, since he did say to use condoms, is it ok-


You're no fun.

I had an apparently confused face on the way to join the girls for breakfast. I mean, a few minutes ago I was contemplating whether to find a new place to live or find a way to have the girls live at school without Scruffy knowing. It had seemed impossible that what just happened would actually occur. On the way down the stairs, I ran into Mom. She gave me a kiss on the cheek."I was worried you were gay son, an excellent way to show us you still like girls."

Things might actually take the turn for the better, after all.

Next Chapter: Gloria

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