• Published 11th Jul 2013
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The Girls - Chelis

When the main six find themselves in our world, it is up to one high school student to protect them from forces that want to exploit them and the portal to Equestria for their own ambitions.

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The Last Weekend 3-6

When I woke up, I knew the chances were that I was in Equestria--or at least I hoped. Having to endure the weekend and ending up other than where I was intending to end up at would of, well to be honest, a little bit homicidal.

The coldness of the marble floor was the first thing I noticed, then the difference in the light, and the natural sunlight shining on me rather than the harsh fluorescent lights of where I was before. Behind me was the mirror and in front of me was a very large hall-like room about the size of my house. The tapestry was bright and brilliant, the paint was as bright, and the world around me was absolutely beautiful. Of course, I knew where I was and took a minute to compose myself and to settle into my new… Old body? I was still human for some reason, and honestly, I really didn't care. I still had to do what I needed to do.

None of the girls were near me, and I worried that trying to find them would take too much time since I half-expected an army of neckbeards to come through the portal at any time with their dicks out.

I was on my knees when I heard them, the numerous sounds of hoof meeting the floor. I felt like it was a good distance away, but it was getting closer. It also sounded like… Twilight? She was talking to someone, her keywords being “bi-pedal,” “futuristic,” and many other words that made me think she was talking about my world.

Sure enough, the doors near me opened, and that's when I first met her. She was as tall as I was, majestic, and bore a loving smile. We locked eyes, and I felt a sort of calmness take hold of me. I tried to stand in her presence.

"Egghead" Dash yelled as she tackled me to the ground and stood over me. She rubbed her muzzle against my right cheek with affection. When she did that back in our world, it was bare skin to bare skin. now, it was a bit weird with the fur that covered her body; or the fact that her face was sticking out like that. But I knew this was her true form, so I had to live with it either way.

"I guess you really found a friend, Rainbow Dash," Princess Celestia commented as the rest of the girls began to giggle at us. Rainbow got off me in embarrassment, but never left my side as I stood, not even when Celestia approached me. She didn't stop, and walked around me, looking at my body in wonder. "This is a human…"

"You act like you heard of us before," I commented.

"You are not the first to arrive in our lands. There was a king once, and a girl with her siblings. All before my time, of course. The king is gone, and the children had return to your world and the portal closed, but not before her story of heroism was passed down through generations. The opening of the portal to your world means that there is a reason it is opening again after all these years." She said as she circled me one last time.

"Twilight, what are your findings of his species and his world?" Celestia asked her former student.

Welp, it was fun being here while it lasted. She’s probably gonna kick me out.

"Humans are greedy, violent, and stubborn…." Twilight started, her back to me as she gave her report. I felt the sting of each word because she was right, and the entire weekend didn't help our case in any way. Twilight then turned around, her eyes watery "… But they are also capable of so much good. They are kind, humble, loyal, and gentle, for the amount of negativity they have, they make up for it in unbreakable spirit, kindness, and charity."

I got on one knee and gave Twilight a giant hug. "Thanks."

"Princess, with your permission, I would like to keep the portal open. There's still much to learn from each other. I think Rainbow Dash could back me up on it," She said with a wink to her friend.

"I couldn't agree more, Twilight. As long as you believe the portal shall stay open, it shall," Celestia ruled.

The girls cheered at Celestia's decision, and Rainbow flew up and gave me one more hug. Even with the good vibes, I knew I had to go back.

"Okay, now the next part of the plan."

"Plan?" Celestia asked in concern.

"Yeah. Right now we are fighting to get a group of us from storming this world and doing god knows what. A group of friends are trying to slow them down to get the portal on our side in a secure spot. So what I need you to do is to get every guard to surround this portal. Guard the doors, windows, and don't let any of them to get out." I commanded.

"Understood." Celestia acknowledged.

The rest of the girls pulled me into a big hug, with everyone wishing me and my group good luck. Applejack had a letter under her stetson and asked for me to give to Nassir. She didn't say to give it to him in case something went wrong, but we both knew it was for that. I stood up, gave them a wave, and disappeared from Equestria, and to my own world.

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