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The Girls - Chelis

When the main six find themselves in our world, it is up to one high school student to protect them from forces that want to exploit them and the portal to Equestria for their own ambitions.

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Winter Formal

It had been so long since I did wear something formal like a three piece suit. Last time was probably some wedding I forgot all about, but it was somehow important, I guess. Anyway, there I was waiting for the girls and Jenna to finish getting ready for the winter formal. At least I was not alone in the living room: Nas and Joshua were with me. Nas had a pure white suit with a baby blue vest. As for Joshua...

"Kinda shit is that?" Nas asked as he continued to look at Joshua's black zoot suit.

"It's a Zoot Suit. Don't hate."

"You look like a emo garden gnome with a coat."

Nas and I couldn't stop laughing at Joshua's expense. Still, I was surprised Jenna didn't laugh as well when he said he was gonna do it. Still, at least he had a date.

"So Carnal, what did AJ say about being your date?"

"She said no, but wanted to dance a few times together so I at least have that."

"Which is why I didn't ask any of the girls," I answered. "They will probably end up dancing with each other."

We became impatient and started to trash talk everyone at school and each other to pass the time. It was fun, but Nas always had a one liner that basically obliterated our sides. It slowly but eventually returned back to raggin on Joshua's choice of suit.

It all ended with the girls walking down the stairs. We stood to attention and were mesmerized at them. From cocktail dresses to full formal dresses, they all were absolutely dazzling. It took months of hard work but Rarity really mastered human dressmaking from the look of it. To my left: Joshua was just floored by Jenna. To my right: Nas was admiring AJ. As for me?: I'll admit Rainbow looked cuter than the rest of them, but obviously I wasn't gonna tell anyone.

"Take a picture, It'll last longer," Jenna joked as they still stood there, amused by the three gazed men in front of them.

"That's my job!" My mom cried out with her phone in hand from the kitchen. The girls posed on the stair way as the guys stood in front of it. The picture was taken and we were free to mingle with each other while we waited for the limo to arrive. Jenna was cracking her jokes on Joshua's zoot suit. Nas actually hid a bouquet of flowers in his coat and gave them to Applejack. She was actually very appreciative, even if she was pelted by catcalls from her friends over her "new boyfriend".

I managed to find Rainbow Dash in the kitchen alone while she got a bottle of water before we were to set off.

"You look great by the way," I commented.

She gave me a thank you and a hug. "Are we gonna dance?"



Before we all crammed into the limo, we all took a vote and agreed to have dinner afterwards. The girls were excited as they packed themselves into the limo. Everyone else and Jenna checked the limo's many compartments of soda and chips looking for the booze. We assumed the people who stocked it assumed it was for under 21 kids. So, basically we were shit out of luck and had to do a dry winter formal in contrast to last year's prom. Which ended up being a fancier 'project-x'.

But the winter formal was not without some intrigue, which was apparent when Nas got me alone in the Limo while everyone else was deep in their conversations.

"Some of the boys have been talking. We think you are into the cock," he started.

"What makes you all think that?"

"You live with six hot transfer students. And yet as far as we can tell you haven't banged any of them. If that isn't a red flag, I don't know what is."

"I do and Jenna will murder me."

"Alright, you got a point there. But, what if we put a small wager on it."


"You have the entire prom to dance with all six girls. You do and every member of the team will buy you all the milkshakes you want in the after dinner. You fail, we call you a fruit for the rest of time."

PFFT that's it?! I think I'm up for a all you can drink milkshake buffet for my burger.

But, there's Fluttershy....

I can deal with Fluttershy. This is a open and shut bet.

"Alright, you got yourself a deal."


I've always hated the concept of "themes" for dances. But, they had some pretty good ideas to go with them. This theme was "Hollywood Nights", so they paid photographers to take pictures of us going into the ballroom as if it was a red carpet event. I'll admit it was nifty as hell.

What ended up happening was getting pictures with myself, my sister, Nas, all the girls, each one individually, the entire varsity in attendance, and with the wide receivers core.

Yea, it was exhausting.

I asked around the football team and had the confirmation of the bet. Even Joshua caught wind and betted "all you can eat" on him.

What was funny about the whole thing was that I had a reputation of being a big eater.

It's their money.

I first danced with Pinkie Pie, she was the first person on the floor. [1/6]

20 minutes later was Rainbow Dash, she knew how to which was a shock to me. [2/6]

Some nerd request some big band swing a hour later, Twilight seemed up for it. [3/6]

Line dancing with Aj was fun right after that, even though Nas looked on in worry and jealousy [4/6]

Slow dance with Rarity a few hours after that. She even gave me a kiss on the cheek afterwards. We were not the only ones in the group dancing. Nas and AJ, Jenna and Joshua shared the floor with us, we all looked in giggles as AJ even rested her head on Nassir's shoulders. [5/6]

Then there was Fluttershy.

She reject every guy who asked her to dance. I mean EVERY guy. I think Rarity was a bit jealous at the fact she was the one with a horde of boys after her. Either way, I needed her to dance with me. Even Nas had accepted victory and retreated with the rest of the football team to a back room.

It was now or never, I was down to the last song of the dance.

Luckily, Fluttershy agreed to be the last dance. Bad news was I caught one of the football team members go to the DJ.

Nas wants to make this interesting, huh?

As Fluttershy and I walked out to the dance floor. I had to calm her down.

"Look, no matter what song comes on: close you eyes and let me take the lead.

"Okay," she replied.

I felt like no matter what song they put on, I was gonna win the bet



God danm, my brothas a fruitcake now.

Yee, lets get in AJ's panties!

Na bitch, AJ is a pure maiden. Guess what them nerds call a "waufu" n shit.

Man, I'll admit I was worried when he took the bet. But with that song playing: I got the win. No way in hell he would get one of those girls do dance the dirty.

"So, will we really call him a fruitcake, Nas?" One of my brothas asked.

"If ya want." I answered.

"I aint gonna lie cuz, Amelia looks fine as a motherfucker right now, dog," someone else commented.

"Remeber boys, AJ is mine. Y'all better back the fuck up. If he dosent come through tonight, we know its open season on those girls."

"You may wanna hold that thought, cuh!" One of the linebackers said as he ran in huffin n weezin.

I was the first one out of the room. The group sprinted the maybe 20 yards to the dance floor. What we saw was something of legend

That son of a bitch.


I couldn't believe it. I knew this was either a dream or I pulled off a miracle on the dance floor.

Fluttershy's got a nice ass though.

Not now, I'm savoring the moment of victory.

Good thing Fluttershy had her eyes closed, because the entire crowd was staring at her grinding her bottom on me. Again, I can't say enough how much of a booty she has. Soft.

That was not important. What was important was seeing Nassir rush to the room with that look of defeat in his eyes. The rest of the team were losing it and laughing.

"That cracker still has it!"

"Damn. I guess I can't smash on Paulina now, I can tell she is DTF."

"He even got that Faith to do it! Damn he is pimp!"

As I continued to 'dance', I made a gesture to the group looking on that made it look like I was eating from a bowl. That made them lose it even more.

"Motherfucker's telling you to eat your own words, Nas!"

The song ended and Fluttershy opened her eyes to everyone around her cheering. She immediately hid into my chest in fear.

"It's alright, Flutterhshy! They loved your moves."



Rainbow Dash was the only one who didn't like that dance, and showed her displeasure by walking up to me and gave me a massive slap to the face.


"Alright Egghead, I'm sorry okay?" Rainbow Dash said... for the 5th time during the after dance dinner.

Before me was a sirloin steak with tons of fried shrimp, a side order of fish and chips, and about three milkshakes. Yea, I won and I wanted to milk them for every pound of food I could.

The town's only diner was packed before, but was dying down at that point. Our group was the loudest and had the most activity. The girls were talking among themselves, Jenna was tired and was resting on Joshua, and Nassir was just looking between contempt at me or admiring Applejack.

Of course I had to give Nassir a "eat shit" grin every time he looked at me. it felt liberating.

"I guess if that was why you had to dance with her I guess it was ok... this time. Besides, I'm sure Fluttershy is glad she got to dance for once." Rainbow Dash said to my explanation.

"It was fun. But why do you keep a large flashlight in your pants?"

The entire table stopped what they were doing and looked at me


"I mean, I know that every male has their penis in that area, but there was no way that thing I felt while we were dancing was one. It's too big."

I looked to Rainbow Dash, just in time to see her rage and prepare her striking hand again.


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