• Published 11th Jul 2013
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The Girls - Chelis

When the main six find themselves in our world, it is up to one high school student to protect them from forces that want to exploit them and the portal to Equestria for their own ambitions.

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The Last Weekend Day 2-5 "Save Me"

It was around eight or nine am when they woke me from my quick nap. Between getting knocked out and arriving in vegas, I had no sleep, nor did not feel like I deserved to sleep just yet. But after being forced by everyone in the room, I decided to oblige.

The large indoor space for the convention was flooded with mostly teenagersand men in their early 20's, many of them unkempt and few sporting fedoras. At least there was a good amount of people who at least looked normal. There were cosplays and men sporting shirts of their favorite characters, the girls all had someone escorting them in case the dreaded creepers were to latch onto them. The fursuiters were scattered, but present. And of course, no convention would be complete without the Deadpool cosplayer, a random dude wearing a horse mask, and the group of men in full military gear and orange tipped airsoft rifles.

The big draw at that time of the morning was the six girls being escorted by men in the identical black button up shirts, pushing the crowd away from the six girls they were escorting. The girls were out of their casual clothes and into the clothes that they had in that "Equestria Girls" movie I fought tooth and nail to make sure they did not find. They seemed unsure about why they had to wear it, but from looking at them I realized what I had told them had cut in deep. There was the image and likeness in everything.

What had also cut deep was the comments they had received.

"Hey ladies, your cosplay is amazing!" One person shouted.

"Hey rainbow dash, can I cum inside you?!" An older man asked.

"Can you teach me how to make it lifelike?” A cosplayer asked, desperate for pinkies secret for herself.

"I'm gonna get them out now,” I mumbled from the crowd. I took a few steps before being stopped by Jenna.

"No, brother. We must stick to the plan."


"Look, we do this now and we fail we ain't getting them out. Be patient," Nassir assured.

Behind the girls, and keeping them marching in his parade, was the tall, frail man they called Page Pusher. The girls did not look so much scared from the crowd, but from the man behind them sporting the PonyFree Radio shirt.

The rescue team grouped up and took an entire row. PFN staff members and con security walked along the edge of the event hall, looking for and barking at con goers to not record. We had to watch as the girls were paraded around the stage.

"Here they are: the real Mane Six!" He bellowed with pride.

The crowd roared, the PFN lackies clapped where they were. The crowd’s reaction was unified: The girls were amazing cosplayers and Page Pusher was an epic ruse man. He even slipped in his self-congratulatory speech of finding the Mane Six and rescuing them from their prison casted by a 'sad and lonely rapist' by calling himself the "Brony King."

The crowd only laughed and cheered, even if the girls had the fakest smile.

"He is showing them off like circus freaks," Captain said, shaking his head in shame. "Truly dark days in the fandom, indeed."


They had disappeared for an hour, which from inside source told us that he basically berated them for that hour over their smiles not being "genuine enough." Threats were made and he still refused to feed them, until they had "earned their cost for him saving them."

The line for their panel started up immediately after the opening ceremonies and the lines for the question and answers grew even longer. Luckily, one of our guys saved a spot for me in the 4th seat.

"So, how did you all find your way here?" Page asked.

"Well, we arrived in this world a year ago," Twi answered.

"From what I was told the guy who found all of you was a bad man.He beat, assaulted, and neglected you. Is that true?" Page asked, looking directly at Dash.

She was fidgety, not wanting to answer. Page pusher glared at her. She began to tear.

"Y-yes." she mumbled.

My heart sank and my rage started to boil. I wanted to hurt that fucker.


"And it’s true. The guy had his flank beaten my me, and that I, yes, I, have now entrusted myself to be all of their personal guardian." Page Pusher announced with a sinister grin. "Now, time for the Q&A!"

"What do you think of the phrase 'IWTCIRD'?" The first guy asked. The man explained it and it left Rainbow speechless. The guy walked past me, and I had to fight the urge to punch his lights out and take his shoes.

"Fluttershy. I never thought could find a girl as amazing as you. Will you marry me?"

Fluttershy was frozen when that question was asked. Unsure to act with a marriage proposal with a man two and a half times her size and smelling of body order. A PFR lackie grabbed the obese man by the collar and dragged him out, ranting about the guy “not being a real brony.” The third man mumbled incoherently and quickly walked back to his seat quickly, stifling a few awkward laughs from the audience.
There was no one else in front of me. It was my turn.

Welp, time’s up.

My mind was racing, the butterflies were flowing, and my heart was beating in a quick, unwavering rhythm. I looked at the crowd to see the rescue group ready to pounce. Joshua wrapped his hands in boxers tape and was whispering out one last prayer. Jenna and Nassir were at the edge of their seats, ready to pounce as well as the rest of the girls.

I looked at the girls. They were scared, exhausted, saddened, and with the feeling of homesickness finally kicking in written on their faces. Dash was close to breaking down and I knew why.

I felt the same.

Time to get your girl back.

"This question is to rainbow dash," I asked.

The girl’s eyes and ears perked up to me, the man covering his face with the hoodie and to each other with the look of "Could it be?", then to dash.

At that point, Rainbow Dash was willing to believe anything.

"Y-yes?" she answered.

"If you had the chance to say one last thing to the person you love, what wouldl it be?"

Rainbow Dash dropped her head for a second, the faint sound of sniffling was picked up from her microphone. "I would tell him, I love you, egghead, and I hope you come for me soon." She lifted her head back up, tears streaming down from her eyes.

"I love you too Rainbow Dash, and I'm coming for you," I said as I took my hoodie off.

the girls erupted in shock and elation while Page Pusher had no idea what was happening .

I grabbed the mic one more time and repeated the cue to attack.



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