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The Girls - Chelis

When the main six find themselves in our world, it is up to one high school student to protect them from forces that want to exploit them and the portal to Equestria for their own ambitions.

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Red Alert Roxy

A cold shiver ran through our spines when Coach called for "Red Alert Roxy". Hours and endless hours of practicing and perfecting the play, knowing that we would only use it once and only once. Considering the weight of the 104 year war between Lake Forest and Laguna, this would would be a perfect time.

The plan was simple: QB to Dash, Dash would lateral it to me at the last possible second and I would take it to the end zone, the "Hook-and-Ladder" play. Something bugged me about the play and I had to speak up.

"Coach, I have a idea," I started. "Let me catch the ball, and I'll pitch it to Rodgers."

"Why would you want to do that?" Coach asked.

I pointed to the reason: across the field was Laguna's star linebacker, all 6'3 260 lbs of him. He was pacing around and looking at us, with his death stare.

"Good point," Coach replied.

We began the slow walk to the line of scrimmage. The closer we were, the louder was the linebacker's growls and grunts.

Anthrocon would love this guy.

We lined up to our positions, and waited for the QB's cadence. I looked back to Rainbow and gave her a quick "thumbs up", which caused her to return the favor. I turned back to see that the linebacker was inches from my face, breathing heavily and with a intense death stare.

"HYP!" the QB screamed as the center hiked the ball to him. As I passed the line of scrimmage, the linebacker gave me a hard shove, which almost caused me to nearly lose my balance. I recovered and continued the route. He was backpedaling faster than I was running and was locked on me through the play. The play was coming together the second I saw Rainbow Dash race from the backfield and towards me.

The pass was thrown and went straight for my chest. I put my hand out and caught it, and knew I had less than a few second to pitch the ball by the maniacal screaming from the line backer.

I lateraled the ball to Rainbow, who was right behind me and prepared for the hit.

It never came.

At least, I didn't remember it happening because the next thing I knew I was on the ground. My body was flailing around involuntarily, anything to return the air to my lungs. I didn't care about the screaming from the fans, I didn't care about the PA announcing "TOUCHDOWN SCOUTS!", what I did care about was Rainbow screaming my name and racing to me from the end zone. She arrived first before any of the trainers and kept screaming at me to breathe while holding my hand.

lets see you go through this and tell me to "just breath".

The trainers eventually sat me up and that helped alot. I began breathing again and was eventually walked to the end zone with a flurry of solemn applause.

My teammates gave me a pat on the chest pads as I made my way to the benches. I was given a water bottle, and told to stay until I felt better. Dash and Nas was sent out to emergency kick-off duty so I was all by myself, at least until I heard the sounds of something climbing over the chain link fence.

"So you took the hit in Rainbow's place, quite the gentleman," Jenna joked behind me.

"Thanks?" I replied.

"Just making sure you were ok. Mom was on the verge of breaking down."

"I'll be fine. wind knocked out." I said as I took another big gulp of water.


It was a miracle one handed catch and one foot in bounds catch on the 30 yard line with one second left for Laguna. The calculated risk for the legendary coach on the other side of the field worked to perfection and was one field goal away from surviving the game.

Coach called time out to ice the kicker and began to read off the list of people he wanted out there: Dash, Nas and I were not on that list.

Our helmets were off and on the benches as who were chosen lined up against their counterparts from Laguna. Rainbow held my hand, she was nervous. We looked into each others eyes with a excited nervousness. Sadly the feeling was broken when I felt someone grab my other hand: Nas.

"No Homo," he said as we watched on. One of the corner backs grabbed dash's arm and locked into it. and then someone else locked arms with him. Eventually everyone on the team were locked in arms. Every one of them shitting bricks.

The snap came. The team were shoving as hard as they could to try to get into the backfield but with no avail. The ball was placed, and the kicker kicked it....

Someone must of tipped the ball with their fingertips because the ball hooked left of the goal post. Our sideline exploded and we all rushed the field, screaming in joy.

we piled into a massive party of players and coaches on the 30 yard line and also were joined by our classmates in mass.

"We did it!" Nas screamed is he grabbed me!

"Hell yea!" I screamed as we embraced.

As we let go, I was embraced by Rainbow, who was being followed by my family and the girls.

"Out of the way!" people were screaming as coach made his way out of of the crowd of students and fans and twoards the coach of the other team: who had the large wagon wheel next to him. They shook hands, exchanged a few words of encouragement to each other, and parted ways, with coach carrying the trophy with him.

Coach gave it to the strongest person on the team, and he held it so that everyone in the crowd could get the chance to hold the 40 pound wheel.


We returned to the locker rooms after that, many were rushing to a last minute party. Was wanting to just relax with the girls and order a pizza, but I guess plans changed.

I told the family and girls to meet me back at the house so I could of taken my time in the whirl pool to sooth the shoulder which apparently was the part where I was hit.

It felt great to be in ice cold water after a game like that. It also gave me some time alone and to think which between protecting the girls, football, socializing made it next to impossible for time alone. Sadly the time alone was short lived.

Rainbow Dash came in only wearing her sports bra and tight shorts. She looked absolutely stunning.

"Lucky for you the other one is empty"

She ignored me and preceded to get on top of me in my whirl pool.

we were both submerged from the neck up, my arms were around my back, hoping for everything that is good that I wouldn't touch anything.... I mean I have seen every girl nude... all accidentally and embarrassingly of course, but I knew the rule that my sister made those many months back: hanky panky = death.

She continued to thank me for being the pitch man on that play. Every time I had to tell her it was fine and would of preferred to be the pitch man anyway.

It got to a point where I kissed her on the forehead and just assured her that it was my duty to protect her.

It was a good feeling, her warm body contrasting the ice cold pool. It was a nice moment to share.

Now THAT moment was interrupted by a loud and impatient Nassir.

"Ey yo motherfuckers! I wanna party and y'all two-"

Even though we clearly were not doing anything, it did not stop all three of us from blushing in embarrassment.

Nassir stuttered as he backed away. "Ya know what? I'll wait until y'all done fucki'n or somethi'n."


"Yessir! Time to get turn the fuck up!" Nas said in anticipation.

I guess the party was at my house? The plan was to change and go but the music and lights was coming from my house. The backyard was packed with players, coaches, students, and booster club members. Everyone was drinking. which was evident with the amount of alcohol on the main table, surrounding the wagon wheel which was held in place with a black and gold stand.

"You said you had to be 21 to drink?" Dash asked.

"Well, seeing how the chief of police is drunk himself I think it is okay."

We were greeted with a wave of cheers and applause at our arrival, chanting our names as well.


"I ah... er, wants to say some shit to people" Coach started to talk in a slurred tone on top of a chair as everyone looked on.

"When I was smaller and sexier, I losts my starting job to some chick. I didn't wanted to see another vag take someones job. Tonight though: Holy shit. I never thougts I would see this day," he said as he was handed a freshly worn football.

"Roxy, get your damned ball."

The party continued as Rainbow was given the hug by coach as was even told by him "Enjoy tonight Dodgers, you earned this shit."

With coach and the girls standing behind the wheel, Nassir, Rainbow and I posed for a photo in front of the wheel, and that photo framed and immortalized forever in the trophy case of the school.

Next Chapter: Fortunate stepson

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