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The Girls - Chelis

When the main six find themselves in our world, it is up to one high school student to protect them from forces that want to exploit them and the portal to Equestria for their own ambitions.

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Around this time of year, the knots in my stomach intensified for a few days straight, which meant tryouts were right around the corner. Today was football tryouts, and although I would usually get them, I had double the anticipation due to Rainbow Dash. The stipulation was simple: she fails and I'm gone from the team too. I was to be a starter in the Wide Receiver position, but I was not the best player on the team so I wouldn't be much of a loss to them.

After the chaos that is getting the girls and ourselves ready for school, we headed off on foot for the new week. Along the way, we ran into both Nas and Joshua on our route, so they naturally joined us.

"Yo Rox, you ready?" Nas asked in an excitement that would have been compared to a child in a puppy store.

"Heck yea! Haven't been this nervous since trying out for the Wonderbolts!"

Shit! She is fucking up already!

"The hell is a Wonderbolt?" Joshua asked.

Rainbow looked at my deathly pale face and tried to damage control. "It's a group, back home." She stuttered.

"What's 'back home' anyway?" Nas asked.

"It's beautiful," Twilight started. "It's diverse in pon....people and animals."

"The animals there are kind and understanding, I really miss them," Fluttershy whined.

"I miss the parties, and the cakes," Pinkie Pie added.

"I can't wait to go home and design dresses again," Rarity lamented.

"I guess I miss being able to fly....on flying machines?" Rainbow Dash said.

"A' miss my family and the farm," Applejack replied.

"I miss my farm too," Nas said to make AJ feel better. "What did you call your farm?"

"Sweet Apple Acres, but we grew more than just apples," Applejack answered.

"All we grew was peanuts back home, we called it 'The Peanut Gallery'" Nas added.

Jenna was consoling the homesick girls, with a confused Joshua.

Applejack and Nas went into another deep discussion on farming and farming accessories.

As for Dash and I? well...

"I wanted to thank you for sticking your neck out for me, not many strangers do that for me," Rainbow said.

I laughed. "A stranger? Am I still a stranger to you?"

"Wait?! No! I didn't mean it like that, I mean..."

"So what am I to you then?" I joked.

Seeing Rainbow Dash scramble for words while blushing was cute as hell. "Well... you...are... um"
Next I felt Rainbow cling to my body, holding me by my waist while we walked. "Shut up. You know how much of a friend you are to me."

I held my arm over her shoulders and pulled her closer. Her eyes were closed and was still blushing. The moment would have been perfect if it weren't for everyone else with us.

We were barraged with the catcalls of 'awwwwwww', 'Dashie is in lovvvveeeee' and such, which drove her away from me in embarrassment.


As we reached the schools parking lot to start the day, Jenna stopped us and gave the girls a pep talk.

"If anyone gives you trouble, text me, my bro, Joshua or Nas and where you are at and we will help you, Call if it is an emergency. Also don't be afraid to talk to the other students. They usually are welcoming and there are clubs for all of you to join. But for now, just stick with us and we will help you all until you find your way home," Jenna informed all of them before coming out of the circle and leading all nine of us.

The second she threw open the doors the entire school stood silent: the six odd new girls were being escorted by the returning queen bee, her brother, the top running back on the football team, and the captain of the boxing club. Even for a group as formidable as the lacrosse team, they would think twice now to mess with us. But, the problem with Jenna is she tended to be very retroactive about things.

That was made apparent when Fluttershy winced at the sight of the fucker who attacked us when I first met her. Jenna happened to turn around just as Fluttershy did and put two and two together. The guy looked like he was about to shit bricks the second he saw Fluttershy was under the care of Jenna, even more so when she walked right to him with her innocent smile.

Everyone in the hallway either stopped and watched or were texting everyone that Jenna was back.

She began a quick casual conversation to the visually scared guy. It was like watching a cat playing with its live victim. She was going on about how I happened to find six girls far from home and took them in because of the kindness of his heart, and even pointed to Fluttershy.

"Now that one," she started. "Is the kindest girl I've ever met, She may look weak and helpless, but she is strong when she needs to be. So, throw her or any girl into a new place and some punk decides to fuck with her... well that's when I need to take action. As much as I do like pushing people around, pushing people who don't deserve to be pushed isn't cool. You get what I am saying?"

"Uhh yea... I think I-"

He couldn't finish that sentence. His throat was caught between the lockers behind him and Jenna's forearm. A good amount of the school was watching as the guy was gasping for breath. As a victim of that yesterday, I can say with authority those are not fun.

"Now, If any harm comes to them or my friends we are going to problems, got it?"

The guy nodded while gasping for air.

"Good," she replied as she let go of her forearm choke, causing the man to collapse to the ground while gasping for air.

"That applies to all of you!" Jenna continued to everyone in the hall.

As we walked to the cafeteria, Jenna grabbed Fluttershy and made her walk next to her.

"I know you didn't like what I did. But this world is a lot more tougher than where you came from. Being a doormat here is dangerous, you will need a thick skin to thrive in it," Jenna whispered with a warm but informative tone.

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Author's Note:

I have a Skype group for fans of my work, pre-readers, proofreaders, and editors. If you want to join this group (and Skype is free to get and register btw) add me (louisros1990 is mine skype) and tell me you want to join the group.

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