• Published 11th Jul 2013
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The Girls - Chelis

When the main six find themselves in our world, it is up to one high school student to protect them from forces that want to exploit them and the portal to Equestria for their own ambitions.

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The Last Weekend Day 2-6


I rushed the stage. There was no thought to it, only the instinct of running to the girls. Running to Rainbow Dash.

Page Pusher looked helpless and agitated when I began my charge. His nerves were stressed even more so to see a whole row of people charging for his men and the con's security. His goons put up a good fight but were no match for the smaller, but more aggressive bunch. The largest guy in his posse of black button-ups stood between me and the metal steps to get to the girls. It didn't matter in my eyes. He may have been taller and bigger, but he was not intimidating by any stretch of my imagination, especially with who I was fighting for.

He charged me at the same time, hoping to use my momentum against me. I braced for the hit and prepared my shoulder to bear the brunt of that hit. My time with the football team prepared me for this, even if it wouldn’t help the fact it was going to hurt as hell.

From the corner of my eye came Nassir. He ran through the small alley space between rows of chairs with his shoulder also raised. The man was concentrated at me and did not see Nas come from his blindside. Nassir crashed into my opponent without the guy having any warning. Not only did he knock the taller, larger man off his knees from the shoulder to shoulder impact, but he used enough force to send the man flailing into the brown, padded wall. The man staggered up and began to run again, this time passing me and headed straight for the exit, crying and holding his shoulder.

"Get your girl, and get AJ for me! " Nassir said as he nursed his shoulder, satisfied about the textbook stiff block that he unleashed. The stage became closer, and the metal stairs to the stage in sight. I saw that Page Pusher moved through the tight passage, dragging himself between the girl's chairs and the whiteboard. "I'm kicking that guys ass! How dare he try to humiliate me! " Rainbow Dash was at the far end of the table and the last line of defense. As he passed her she grabbed on to his wrist, trying to buy me time.

"Let go!" He screamed.

"No!" She snapped back.

The rest of the girls held on to her, a tug of war match with Page Pusher's arm. Page Pusher unbuttoned his buttoned-up long sleeve shirt, causing the girls to collapse into each other behind the tables. He turned around and prepared for my arrival, which at that moment I hurdled over the collapsable metal chairs they lined up as sort of a 'buffer zone'

"You are not denying me of my rightful place as the face of the fandom! " He screamed as I ran up the metal steps. Our eyes locked as I stopped at the edge of the platform.

"Move," I commanded.

He charged me with his fist cocked back and ready to swing as soon as my face was in range. I charged as well, waiting for him to back down. When it seemed all but certain he wasn't backing down, I devised a plan.

He jerked his fist forward, hoping for his fist to meet my face as we were colliding. At the last second, I dove on my knees and tilted my head back, narrowing missing his hook by inches. I stopped by pressing my left hand on the carpet and had my right hand in a fist. He turned his full body around, which exposed my target area.


My fist sprang to his crotch, which crashed into it with a thunderous blow. I got on my feet as he bent forward in pain. I grabbed his belt on his backside and his white tank top.

"Git gud, skrub."

With a heave, I launched him from the top of the platform and onto the collapsible chairs below. With one leap, I was on top of the table. Outnumbered ten to one, we had beaten back the rest of the convention out of the room. I turned to the girls, who were standing in front of me, with Rainbow Dash at the front of them.

"Ladies, I came to get you the fuck out of here! " I said heroically. My heart began to flutter, the butterflies were in full force as Rainbow Dash walked to me, her head below my crotch area. She let a fist fly and it connected at my stomach. The shock of the hit felled me to my knees.

"What?!" I said in pain.

"The fuck took you so long?" She gingerly said as she leaned forward, our lips meeting for the first time.

We locked tongues a few times, and ended with our foreheads together, giggling at the pure joy of the moment.

“You know how long I had been waiting for that?” I said. as I caressed her cheek with my hands.

“Me too, Egghead. Me too.”

"Isn't that cute! But pressing shit, brother! Pressing shit! " Jenna hollered. We snapped back to reality and found ourselves trapped in the room.

"Where do we go from here? " Nassir asked seated on a chair while rotating his shoulder in pain. Applejack was next to him as they exchanged a giant hug a few seconds ago.

"Through the wall behind us is the vendor's hall. We can break out through there and meet up at the Wyatt! " Captain commanded.

"Better than this dump! Let's go! " Jenna barked.

With Captain on one end and Jenna on the other, they opened the wall-mounted doors, leading to the vendor hall on the other side. The hall was big, enough for someone to walk around freely. It was also in panic.

The vendors were grabbing their money and their most prized merchandise and were making a mad dash for the side exits. It was because between our small strike team and the safety of the Las Vegas heat was a large crowd of con goers and a scrawny man in a white tank top. We were once again outnumbered ten to one, and this time they were ready to fight

"Going somewhere? " Page Pusher asked with a cynical grin.

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