• Published 11th Jul 2013
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The Girls - Chelis

When the main six find themselves in our world, it is up to one high school student to protect them from forces that want to exploit them and the portal to Equestria for their own ambitions.

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The Last Weekend 2-9

Our make-out session lasted for a good few hours but stopped abruptly at times because one of the girls in the back started waking up. We would stop, have a quick chit chat with said girl, and continue when they fell back asleep.

There was a collective sigh of relief when we stopped in front of our house. Tired, battered, but all together and, for the most part, our innocence still intact. Still, home beat any Vegas hotel, including ones with power hungry douchebags.

The first thing to greet us when we arrived was Spike.

"You came back!" Spike squealed as he lept right into the arms of Twilight. He became more of a dog than dragon by then, opting to lick Twilight’s face instead of wrapping his paws around her.

"Of course we did, thanks to him," Twilight said, giving me a nod with her cutest smile.

It was then I realized that we were not alone. In the living room were twenty individuals in my living room.

They all had their mouths opened.

"He can talk!?" One of them hollered. The guy was the captain of the school's baseball team.

"Yeah!" spike replied.

"Why didn't you tell us?!"

"Jenna told me that it’s better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it," Spike replied. He had a smug face when he replied, and so did Jenna.

"Well, that's embarrassing," The girls basketball player said. "The guys were talking about which of the girls they wanted to screw… And their pet knows all of it."

Spike only chuckled as Twilight sat on the large sofa that everyone gave up their seats for. The girls collapsed on the sofas while the four of us went to our secret liquor cabinet.

We took one shot of whiskey as everyone watched on.

"Right… So I guess we have to explain shit to you guys, right?" Jenna said.

"The talking dog didn't help your plan to keep information away from us," the top thespian in our school shouted out.

"Never intended to keep information from you guys, drama queen. But yeah, the why and why did an angry mob kidnapped these specific girls," Jenna continued. "Brother, the television, if you would please."


"Damn," one of the girls replied. The entire room felt like they were hit by a hard dose of reality.

"So what you are saying is that these six girls we learned to love and appreciate are really talking ponies from a fictionalland full of magic? Well now I can say I wanted to sleep with an alien chick."

Everyone looked to the captain of the soccer team and rolled their eyes at him.

"Anyway," Jenna Continued, "So, you all know what happened, the risk, and the prize. I know doing this is risking a whole lot, and I know there isn't really a reward, but-"

She was interrupted by the thespian standing up.

"Say no more, Jenna! I will help! My sweet, sweet Rarity has helped us immensely in our costume department! I would hate to see her go, but, she needs our help and it's the least we can do to help! I will get my fellow thespians to help in whatever you need!"

"Same here!" The cheer captain stood "When we needed a banner or even some extra motivation, we had Pinkie Pie to help. She didn't put on the cheer uniform or waved a pom pom, but she has helped us spread school spirit faster than a prostitute spreading herpes. Girl, we got your back!"

"The president of The Decathlon, the math club, and the chess club stood, "Twilight, we will help to get you home."

"AJ" the tall, blond hair, blued eyed hunk from the husbandry club spoke "You have a greener thumb than me, and I came from the country, I can round up the boys and see what we can do."

"So will I," Nassir snapped defensively

"Peanut butter don't count, boy." He said with a smile and a wink.

"Fuck you," Nassir said with a laugh.

How many sports teams and clubs did this school have?!

"Fluttershy, you know we can help, you are the true flower child," The hippy looking guy from the 'Future Veterinarians of America' club spoke up.

"Well, where's my support?!" Rainbow dash asked.

"I guess that's my job," I said as I wrapped my hand around hers.

"You have been in almost every sports team at this school and you have been an amazing competitor and friend. When it looked hopeless, even if it was hopeless you pushed us all to keep fighting no matter what. Hell, you were a better coach than some of the coaches at the school. You are an amazing girl, and I'm proud to call you my girlfriend."

"Thanks, egghead," She said as she went on her toes to kiss me. I guess we really didn't care who was watching though many of the sports captains either had stars in their eyes from their predictions coming true or legitimately happy for our new found l…l… Well like, let us go with that.

Kidding, it was love.

"There's still finding the portal and all that," Joshua commented.


"Leave that to me," A mousy voice yelled from the back. I saw him around during class but never really said hi. He was the nephew of the superintendent, and in his hand was a blueprint.

"You see, during the Cold War and Red Scare, they added bomb shelters to the schools… Uh survival of the future baby makers," he said as he unrolled a scroll across our coffee table.

"There’s an entire complex below the school. They hid it off because too many people were sneaking into them to fuck. Only the top school admins know of them in case of emergencies."

"So that's the plan? That's where the portal might be?" Twilight asked,

There was something in the blueprints that struck me, a pattern.

"Hey Twilight, where did you appear from again?" I asked.

"The library. I think everyone arrived around there too." Twilight answered. "why?"

"Look, below the library," I said. She looked and eyes popped.


"Yeah, there's the main room of the shelter, below the library!" I shouted. "Did they use these for storage?"


"Well, we got our lead," I said. " Now, how do we get in there?"

The planning took around an hour and decisions done by voting. Jenna lead the planning and had the ideas. Everyone else helped any way they could. The girls watched in awe as the humans all worked together to get them home, they didn't even have to, but they wanted to.

"Well, that's all we can do for now," Jenna announced "We have the plan, we have everyone and their groups' place in the plan, and we have a time. See you all at nine in the morning tomorrow."

Author's Note:

I have a Skype group for fans of my work, pre-readers, proofreaders, and editors. If you want to join this group (and Skype is free to get and register btw) add me (louisros1990 is mine skype) and tell me you want to join the group.

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