• Published 11th Jul 2013
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The Girls - Chelis

When the main six find themselves in our world, it is up to one high school student to protect them from forces that want to exploit them and the portal to Equestria for their own ambitions.

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The Last Weekend Day 2-4

We arrived in Vegas around five o'clock as the sky was starting to turn from pitch black to a lighter shade of blue. We drove past the glitz and glamor of the greater Strip area and its lure of sun, fun, sex, and secrets. We found ourselves past two abandoned hotel construction sites to a 'dive' known as the “Riviera Hotel and Casino”. It was right across the street from “Circus Circus”, another infamous dive.

The hotel was, by all intents and purposes, a dive: it smelled old and musty, which was a characteristic of a dive. The carpeting was, at best, at least a decade old, was manned by shady looking card dealers that looked like they had done time behind bars, and was virtually empty, which was pretty awful for being in a city that never closed. The hotel portion was also empty so we had little to no danger of running into someone in the mob that attacked me, or a random passerby asking why the side of my head was in a wrap.

"Do you really think we can trust these guys? 4chan isn't known for the kindness," Jenna said.

"I've known these guys for years. I can at least," Joshua added.

"You sure? They do say ‘nigger’ at least once a thread, that's so not the business," Nas scowled.

"And plus, the made me post my tits."

We all stopped to look at Jenna, who was looking at us as if we were crazy.

"Run that by us one more time?" Josh asked.

"Well, I was on the thread that bro made to recruit the guys. I told them I was his sister and confirmed his story. Everyone kept saying ‘its or GTFO.’"

Both Nassir's and Joshua's mouths were hung open.

"You mean to tell me while we were asleep and Joshua was driving, you posted a picture of your b-cup babies on the internet?" Nassir gawked.

They reached for their phones and tried to go in it, only to have their phones quickly snatched away by Jenna.

"Alright, if you guys want your phone's back you better..... Huh, it was deleted.... ‘User was banned for this post.’ Everyone is calling 'Scruffy' a ‘cock sucking cuck’ .... Alright, all's well that ends well I guess?" Jenna said as she tossed the phones back to the guys. We got on the rickety-looking elevators and went up.

"For a con billed as the best one ever, they sure chose a dump to host it at," Joshua commented. The floor tile was cracked, as well as some of the glass panels that were lined along the wall. It was a short ride from the lobby floor and we found ourselves walking down an uninspiring hallway, which was laughable because once upon a time, it used to be the best casino in the Strip; at least a few decades before we were born.

"Hey brother, how are you holding up?" Jenna asked as we walked the halls, to meet the 4chan group that used a hotel room as a 'war room'. Ironically, it was room number 34. I still had the anger, including fear, sadness, and anxiety. It was the anger that was keeping me from dropping down and drowning in a pool of my own tears.

"Ask me that after we get them home."

We found the door and Jenna gave it three small knocks. A few seconds later the door creaked open only an inch.


"I want to cum inside Rainbow Dash," Jenna answered.

The door opened and we went inside. We had little to no wiggle room as the room was filled way beyond capacity, with fifty people of all walks of life in that room. There was men, women, young, old, blacks, whites, Hispanics, and Asians among others. They all looked at me intently as if I was under a microscope. They were looking at me because they were curious about what it would be likein my shoes, to have those six amazing women taken from me, to have Rainbow Dash tell me she felt the same about me. Leaning on the TV stand was their leader. He was larger, blond, and had an aura of "outgoing" emanating about him.

"You must be them! Name's Captain, or Cap for short!" He gave everyone a handshake but gave me a hug.

"We will get your girls back ,don't worry.Those assholes will pay for what they did."

I discussed the situation, and by request I gave them the story from day one. From bringing the girls together, Nassir and Jenna's first reaction to them, and the little adventures we had along the way. There were times that I had to stop to wipe a tear. The memories I had of them were sweet but tainted with the fact they were being held against their will. Everyone gave me a group hug as I finished the events of yesterday and began to sob. I never wanted any of it to happen at all. I just wanted them back home.

"I guess the cat’s out of the bag folks," Cap said as he looked through his phone. "All the show guests left in anger last night. The con is saying they have something better. Thank god for horse drama."

The plans were created and the strategy approved. We would 'attack' during the Voice Actors panel, which we figured at that time would be Page Pusher dragging his prizes on the stage for everyone to know he was the top dog in the fandom, because he held the keys to being a "brony god."

I was given a hoodie as well from Cap. "Just in case anyone that attacked you is here."

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