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The Girls - Chelis

When the main six find themselves in our world, it is up to one high school student to protect them from forces that want to exploit them and the portal to Equestria for their own ambitions.

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Day 1

Act I: Equestrian Invasion

Day 1

Great job genius. I kept telling you a hundred times, not to stay up all night and dick around on the internet like you always do, but noooooo, you chose not to listen to me.

That message was on repeat in my head all morning, and from the looks of things, It was there to stay. It seemed like today was going to be like any other day in my junior year of high school: Take a couple of classes, and then go home asking myself why could I of just stayed home today? I decided that this first period class was not going to stop me from getting a few minutes of sleep at least. Luckily, my table had no one else sitting with me, and it was at the back of the classroom so it would be hard for the teacher to catch me sleeping. Armed with that knowledge, I pulled out my textbooks and a small pocket dictionary from my backpack to use as pillows. Usually, the teacher would be in the classroom before the first of the class arrives. Today, however, she was late.

Like every junior year class, this one was a madhouse. Some some of the boys were roughhousing and throwing random things from their seats to each other. The girls were talking about some dreamy actor from some top TV show that I don't watch. While all of this was going on, I was in the back desperately trying to get some sleep with no luck. After a few minutes, the teacher arrived in the room and right behind her a new student. She was petite, probably 5'4 or 5'5. The most distinguishing feature about her, other than being amazingly beautiful, was her long, rainbow colored hair.

"Class, I would like you all to meet our newest student, Miss" -the teacher gave the piece of paper a second look, making sure she did not see things- "Rainbow Dash? Miss Rainbow Dash, would you like to say a few words to your new classmates about yourself?" the teacher asked. The rainbow haired girl gave off the vibe of, not knowing where she was, confused about what's going on, but yet not showing a hint of fear. The teacher was hoping for at least something intelligent from her, but from the mouth of the new student came the worst case scenario.

"Uh, I don't know. I don't like talking to eggheads" Rainbow Dash said as she cracked a smile. The rest of the class laughed and all around praised the new student.

The teacher placed her hand on her forehead and muttered "great, another one. There's a free seat next to the guy in the back; you will be sitting there are from now on".

By the time Rainbow Dash sat next to me, the teacher was already writing the lecture notes on the whiteboard. The entire chain of events between the teacher arriving and Rainbow sitting next to me felt forever due to the exhaustion. After all that, I was relieved because I finally had some goddamn peace and quiet. By that time I was ready to surrender to the peacefulness of sleep, the new girl decided to try to talk to me.

"Psst hey, you're not an egg-head, right?"

I could have answered with a no, and mention the fact I'm a member of the school's varsity football team. But at this point, I wanted to say anything just to get some undisturbed sleep. I lifted my pocket dictionary to show it to her, placed it under my head again, and finally went to sleep. She decided to shrug off what happened

"whatever, egghead," was her reply as she rested her chin on the table to see what the teacher was referencing.

Just as I was to surrender to the serenity of sleep, it smacked me like a ton of bricks that, in fact, Rainbow Dash was probably sitting right next to me.


That's my fetish.

I immediately flipped my head to the other side to look at her.

Rainbow color hair: Check. Magenta Eyes: Check. And a tomboyish attitude earlier: check and muthafucka mate...holy shit no way

With my head still down, I decided to poke her cheek with my index finger. She was so bored that she was off in our little world and didn't notice me touching her cheek the first time. After the fifth and sixth time, however, she started to see. After the seventh time, she turned around to face me. "what the hell are you doing egghead!?"

"I was making sure you were real and-" I nervously replied before getting cut-off.

"Of course I'm real!" Rainbow whispered angrily.


"But what egghead?" Rainbow asked agitated. Then again, getting poked multiple times in the face can do that to people.

"I'm far from an egghead. Now, how did you end up here of all places and why?" I asked.

"Do I hear talking back there?!" the teacher screamed, she stopped writing the notes on the whiteboard and turned around to scold at us.

We both responded in a confused "uh...no?"

"Okay then. So class, like I was saying: The reason Polar Bears are going extinct is because your mommy and daddy are too greedy to learn how to ride a bike to work and hate the environment!" the teacher said, continuing with her rant. As soon as the teacher turned around and continued to write notes on the board so I can keep talking to Rainbow. She was looking forward, blushing a little bit, probably from embarrassment. A few moments later I tapped her on the shoulder, and when she turned around to face me, I was, for a second, lost in her beautiful magenta eyes. I shook it off for the sake of, not creeping her out and motioned for her to lean in closer. She did not take her eyes off mine she leaned in.

"After class come find me" I whispered.

Rainbow Dash nodded, gave me a weak smile, and continued to sit there bored out of her mind. I looked towards the teacher one last time, hoping that maybe her 'humans are destroying the planet' rant would at least be entertaining for the last time. The answer to that question ended with me closing my eyes, laying my head down and getting knocking out hard.


The ringing of the school bell felt like a cold blast of water to the back of the neck. Or, it could had been the actual cold water some girl splashed on me with her water bottle. Nevertheless, it was a bad way to wake up.


I could have said something out loud, but it would end up being unorganized rambling. Although, it did not help that it was not the hours of sleep I needed. Good news was that the rest probably would hold me over for at least a few periods. Or, if I'm lucky, the rest of the day. The first thing I did when I opened my eyes was to look at where Rainbow Dash was supposed to sitting. It was empty, minus a small piece of paper on the table with the barely legible "RD" in the front. I was a bit annoyed.

Can she just have waited?

A quick peek at the clock again gave me the answer: I was 15 minutes late to my next class,

Ok, that explains a lot.

The class was looking at me with odd looks and small laughs. Grabbing my stuff, I quickly jolted from my class and into the empty hallway.

I was doing a nice mix of running and sneaking through the halls. They made it instant detention for any student caught without a hall pass during class time recently, so I had to dodge almost every adult in the building. Staying hidden from all the principals, coaches, and teachers were a walk in the park. The most dangerous, and nearly impossible, to sneak around was a janitor that everyone called "Scruffy." I could have swore he actually lives on campus. Luckily, I didn't have to deal with him. A couple of minutes into my retarded Metal Gear Solid role playing, an interesting revelation hit me: I don't even know what class I'm supposed to go! Yea that's sleep deprivation for you.

Let's see: it's Wednesday, so that means study hall in the library.

As mentioned, only Scruffy could have caught me, so I guess I was lucky today.

I strolled in the library as discreetly as possible, making sure Rainbow Dash's letter still was in my pocket every step of the way. "Late again I see?" The librarian asked, not taking her eyes off her magazine.

"Yea, well-"

"Not like it matters anyway, take a seat and do whatever you kids do," she said in her 'I wish I weren't here right now' tone. I quickly walked to one of the empty computer seats and placed my bag next to the computer monitor. Everyone else was either actually studying or on their cell phones.

I pulled the note out of my pocket and began to give it a read. Her writing was bad, but it was still somewhat legible.

"Hey, sorry I bailed out on ya like that but your lazy butt wouldnt wake up and I didnt want to be late for class I guess youll just have to make it up to me later heh. Anyways 'll talk to you later."

- RD"

That was a damn shame too, falling asleep on a cartoon character.

Oh well. I'm probably going to run into her again and-.

Suddenly, a noticeable sound of falling books came from deeper in the library. Looking at the students and the librarian, no one even noticed.

Today has been a giant pile of wut so far, so why not? more the merrier.

Before I decided to go investigate, I knew I had to be discrete for the millionth time today.

Hideo Kojima, don't fail me now I whispered as I sneaked into the semi-darkness of the inner library.

The internal parts of the library was something out of a disaster movie: there were rows where books upon books lay on the ground stacked or spilled all over the ground. I could of blew it off and blamed the damn "edgy" teenagers with bleached, spiked hair and wore Linkin Park t-shirts who would knock the books out of their shelves thinking they are "cool" or "expressive". Truthfully, knowing the librarian, she hasn't left her desk for anything other for lunch or to go home for the past few years, so it wouldn't surprising that the books been covered in dust. None the less, the continuous sounds of books dropping gave way to two voices, one seemed like a child and another a teenager. I parted some books aside from one bookshelf to see where the source of the noises. In my shock of my discovery, I immediately stepped back, and in the process my legs tangled with a pile of books and I fell back to the opposing bookshelf.




I immediately covered my mouth. My eyes were still wide-eyed on what I had just seen.

Great! The one time I can't keep my mouth shut!

"What was that?" the familiar voice asked the small dog in worry. She looked in my general direction, but due to not enough light (like there should be, but noooo, the librarian refuses to get up and do her job. But, in this case, it was helpful.), she couldn't have seen me clearly across the bookshelf. That was where a few books fell from the bookshelf in my (a bit) over dramatic fall, which gave her a chance to look on the other side, where she would have seen me.

Purple hair with streaks? check. Surrounded by books? check. Annoying talking dog-dragon assistant? check.

Of all seven to eight billion people on this green and blue earth: why me? I mean I'm not complaining, but it was just my luck that two individuals who, up until a day ago I didn't believe were real, were right here standing in front of me in the flesh.

And speaking of flesh, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight Sparkle as two sexy teenagers?! Unf!

Anyway, at this point I was expecting some goddamned villain to arrive any second now to reap the sinners with a shitty scheme and tons of monolog.

Yea, I'd put that on Youtube.

Focus, I need to introduce myself to her.

"Is anypony there?" Twilight asked while still on her knees. It looked like she was taking a small break from trying to pick up the dusty books she knocked to the ground, with Spike looking at her as if she lost her mind.

>everypony: checkm8. Looks like we have the real deal here (again)

An internal debate about how to make first contact was raging in my mind.

Should I tell her how I know her or should I keep it a secret? What if I tell her and the universe imploded or even worse everyone starts liking Nickleback? Nickleback is not worth breaking the universe! It's now or never. Time to make first contact. There'res no way I can fuck this up!.

The way I turned the corner was casual with a wry smile to my face. And to play the part, I looked a bit surprised when twilight and I locked eyes.

"Hi?" I asked.

In Twilight's best, regal, voice she addressed me "Oh hello! My name is-."

"This will sound weird, but I know who you are."


"Really?" Twilight asked curiously.

"And him too" I replied, giving a wink to the dog. "Your name is Twilight Sparkle, and his name is Spike" I boastfully revealed. That moment their eyes grew full, and their jaws dropped on the floor metaphorically, looking at each other

Well, so much for being discrete about knowing them.

"Th- that's not even possible! How do you even know-"

"That doesn't matter. The bigger question is: Why are you in my library?"

Ok, I have to stop interrupting people.

"well, you see.."

Spike immediately objected, and giving me the dirty look to boot: "Twilight, I don't think we can trust him". I quickly returned the look to Spike.

Is this mutt serious?

"Nonsense Spike, maybe he could help us," Twilight Sparkle said in her diplomatic tone.

Uh oh, this won't end well

"Help you with?" I asked in a cautious but slightly eager tone. I offered my hand to her, and she accepted, helping her get off her knees.

Face to face with thee Twilight Sparkle. The big question is: Who will drop the spaghetti first: Me or her? Ha!

Though, to be honest, it felt more surreal than anything else.

"Well, you see, my friend Rainbow Dash decided it would be a good idea to disappear without telling anypony."

Explains this morning then, this might get interesting.

"She decided to go through a mirror that crosses our world with this one specifically."

"Do these portals always have to be near a high school?" I asked with a small chuckle.

Like most people are about my jokes, she didn't get it."Wait, what?" she asked puzzledly.

I dropped the spaghetti first, and I swear to god if I answer back with a "y-you too..."

"Nothing sorry, please continue." Laughing at my own joke. Man I got to love me when I'm nervous.

Twilight gracefully cleared her throat before continuing. "As I was saying, She was curious about the mirror, so she decided to take a look for herself while I and my friends were staying at my teacher, Princess Celestia's Castle."

Immediately, I thought of the others "Are there any more of your friends here?"

I nodded and drew a small sigh of relief when twilight said "No, it's just Rainbow Dash, Spike, and Myself."

It seemed that that they were the only ones I would have to worry about, but I had the feeling that they might come later. Even so, the more important question remained: "So, do you happen to know how to get back?"

When Twilight let off her cute nervous laughter, I had the feeling she had no clue. "Well, you see..."

"You have no idea how to get back, do you?" I asked in a monotone voice, a tone that gave a small "you've got to be kidding me!"

"Not entirely no. When I went through, I just ended up in this library randomly," Twilight replied while looking around to see the semi-darkness of the inner library. Again, if the librarian did her job, we can see each other better. Though if the situation weren't a giant chucklefuck right now I would've been enthralled. Being the only one watching the show in this school had the advantage of no one else revealing how I knew them.

"Do you have any idea how to get back?" I asked, hoping the mirror would be somewhere in this building.

"There has to be a portal somewhere, but it's not right here," Twilight answered, still looking around. At that point, Spike was beginning to take a nap on a pile of books still on the floor. The plan seemed simple in theory, but in practice it would be a giant pain in the ass:

Looks like I'll have to help Twilight find Dash, and drag her to the portal to Equestria with this lazy dog with us


"Well look, here's the situation as it stands: I've seen Rainbow Dash that I can tell you. As for where the portal is, I haven't the slightest clue. It could literally be anywhere in the world for all we know." I answered in a clear tone. Twilight began to think, and hard.

"I guess you could be right, but, it could also be right in front of us, I'm sure we'll find it. As for Rainbow Dash, we should probably go find her."

"Well, it's almost lunch time. let's head to the cafeteria." I answered back, hoping that the situation would not ruin my chance for some really, really mediocre pizza.

"Sounds like a good plan to me" She smiled.

That has to be the cutest smile I've seen all year.

It was pretty clear that her smile was infectious, making me give off a smile myself. With that, Twilight woke up Spike from his nap and we set off towards the cafeteria. My high school was not that big, only 1000 students occupied these halls which were the only one in this little patch of suburbia that was my town. The nearest one was in an another town 10 miles down the road and by the beach called Laguna.

Fuck those guys.

As we walked down the halls of the campus, I noticed something odd. It was normal, but the fact that no one was staring at the purple haired girl with streaks or the green dog accompanying us. It was either that or no one wanted to ask questions that would incur the wrath of

Her. the only reason no one pushes me around but also the main reason why no one talks to me as of late..

At that exact moment, I felt a force on my shoulders and realized I had bumped shoulders with someone. I turned around to see Joshua Torres.

Fucking Joshua Torres, what is he doing stating at-

At that moment looking back at him, I realized that he was staring at Twilight and Spike with his jaws dropped.

Does he know? Oh shit.

Shaking off that thought, we strolled to the packed cafeteria, where Twilight immediately began scanning the room for Rainbow.

It couldn't be that hard, I doubt anyone else here has rainbow colored hair, like that one cutie in the corner-

"Bingo" I said in a slick tone, pointing to Rainbow Dash, who was looking around, possibly seeking me and sitting on an empty table, probably the last empty seats in the room.

Twilight surprisingly took off with the speed of ten Kenyans towards Rainbow Dash. Spike and I had a fun, but impossible time playing catch up.

Oh boy, here comes the screaming!

I moved as quick as I could, hoping that Twilight wouldn't cause a major scene within earshot of the entire school, especially phrases that would give away they weren't from around here.

Instead of screaming bloody murder as feared, she glomped the ever loving fuck out of Dash.


I hurried with Spike towards the table, still shocked that no one had noticed there was a fucking dog in the building.

"Oh my gosh! Egghead!" Rainbow Dash screamed as she ran towards me and proceeded to give me a hug that felt like that it would of crack the ribs of lesser men.

"Nice to see you again Dashie," I said in a constricted voice and a wry smile.

"Oops, sorry," she giggled as she let go of her death grip. Though, we were still hanging off each other shoulders looking at Twilight.

"Look Twi, I'm sorry I went off into another world without telling you girls," said Rainbow in a sincere tone.

Twilight smiled. "It's okay Rainbow Dash, I'm not mad at you just a little disappointed. We were so worried about you."

Dash replied in her usual boastfulness. "Don't get all mushy on me, you know I can handle myself."

I chuckled out loud. "I certainly hope so."

Twilight and Spike stared at me while Rainbow stepped back in an annoyed look in her face. "And what do you mean by that?!"

My smile still did not fade as I turned to her: "Trust me on this one, there's a lot of dangerous things in this world. People too."

"Oh please!" replied an ever defiant Rainbow Dash. "I can take on any egghead that messes with the Dash!"

Upon hearing that, I closed my eyes and went immediately to the textbook face palm. With my hand still on my face I replied. "Dash look, please just trust me on this one. I don't want to see you or Twilight end up hurt or worse."

A disapproving grunt and crossed arms from Rainbow later, she agreed. It came time to decide another issue with Twilight: "I'm your best bet at getting home right now Twilight, but until then you'll need a place to stay."

"I really didn't think about that one," Twilight said in an immediate state of worry.

Rainbow Dash couldn't believe it either. "Wait you mean we're stuck here?!" Dash said as she nearly fell out of her seat.

"According to Twilight: Yes. Don't worry, we'll figure this out," I said to assure the two ladies. We sat there in silence for a good 5 minutes, thinking. I didn't know what to think of, but just thinking. This whole time the situation hadn't sunk in and at the moment finding them a place to stay was more significant. In that moment I thought of home.



It just so happened I lived in my parents guest house, it all the basics, and they never even enter! It's perfect!

"Girls, I've got it."

They both looked at me with their beautiful, interested eyes.

"You're all more than welcome to stay at my place for as long as you need."

Both eyes bugged out and they screamed. "Really?!" Attracting some of the surrounding tables.

"Yeah. I sort of live by myself so there's plenty of room for you."

And my psycho-assed sister, but that's not a good idea to tell them now.

Suddenly, I felt the force of them trapping me in a hug sandwich. My face became bright red realizing their breasts were smothering my face, but maybe because it was a tad bit difficult to breath at the moment.

Fuck asphyxiation, just bask in the moment for a little bit longer.

"Oh thankyouthankyouthankyou!" Twilight screamed in happiness.

"You're the best!" Rainbow Dash said in utter delight.

"mhhmmm mhmh mhmmh mhhm," I replied with both of their b-cups in my face while giving a thumbs up sign to the hand that wasn't caught in the sandwich.

Both girls let go of their hug, which was relieving to breath freely but my it was bittersweet.

Goodbye my lovelies

"As I was saying, it's no problem at all. What are friends for? Right?"

The girls jumped in shock when they heard the bell. The bell, for me, was the last thing I wanted Already!?

"Well, lunch is over I guess and I have classes to get to. You girls come find me at my locker at the end of the day, Okay?" Both of them nodded in agreement, and we all went our separate ways after I told them where to meet me. "My locker number is 188, by the science wing. Remember that."

As they slowly disappeared into the river of teenage bodies they called out to me.

"Don't worry, we won't be late!" yelled Twilight with Spike at her side as they disappeared into the crowd.

"Alright. Well, I'll see you later then?" I yelled at both of them, looking as they left opposite ways.

"Sure will! See ya!" Rainbow Dash cried as she also disappeared into the crowd.

Sure hope those two can stay out of trouble.

It would not be a good idea to draw unwanted attention.

Well, lat least MORE unwanted attention

looks like I have a lot of thinking to do, as the logistics of having two girls and an extra dog staying over is not something that can be solved quickly. And I thought a good idea to think was to sleep through my classes.


According to the students of Lake Forest High School, the final bell of the day was not the air raid siren that many joked that it was. Rather, it was a chorus of angels descending from the heavens. However, it was time to go home. The halls after school was a madhouse with all kinds of students, races, and walks of life conversing in the lobby. The preps headed to their after school practice while the band geeks practiced in the halls with their mediocre skill, save Kate Lee attracting lookers with her violin rendition of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia". The rest were like me, either talking to their friends or heading home, most likely to take a beautiful hour nap. Today ruined my daily routine, but that was not the issue.

Most days, I would of pack up the second the bell rang and made a slow and solemn walk towards the exit. Today was different: I packed my things a few minutes before and made a brisk run to the door, cutting off a few of my classmates. Most did not want to say anything to me or possibly incur the wrath of her. Dodging and weaving through the students, I kept thinking of possible scenarios of what to do if they were not there.

Please please please dear jailbait Jesus let them be there!

after turning the corner of the hall and dodging a few more students, I came to my locker with two petite figures and a small dog surrounding it.

Thank you jailbait Jesus!.

Without saying a word, I opened my locker with a key I had for it, shoved my bag in, closed the locker, and turned to the three: "so, ready to go?" I asked.

"Mhm!" The three replied.

With that, all four of us ventured into the jungle of teenage hormones and angst. The second the jungle saw me and the girls walk through, they parted way, staring at me.

"Hey egghead, why are they looking at us like that?" Rainbow Dash asked, looking at everyone just staring.

"It's not you, I'll explain to both of you when we get home," I whispered. Not wanting to explain the entire situation so they wouldn't freak out and pretty much start running.

Obviously they were still new to this world. They squinted and shielded their eyes from the blinding sun when it was not exactly blasting their eyes, in fact we were still in the shadow of the school building heading into the parking lot.

None the less, we settled off from the parking lot towards the sidewalk and walked our way down the road, away from main street. Rainbow and Twilight were observing and taking in the beauty of this place while I was thinking of the logistics of housing them.

My parents are secure, it's my big sis ill have to worry about. Hopefully I can get them home before she shows up

As soon as I decided that that might not be an issue, I thought of another problem:

Joshua Torres might be a brony, judging from earlier today in the hall. He might catch on to who they might be. He is the least of my worries, he at least knows self-control. If any of "those" kind of bronies get their hands on these two, it'll end bad for the girls. Looks like ill have to play babysitter as well as try to get them home.

"Wow, whose house is that!" Twilight Sparkle asked, pointed to a familiar house.

My town was a sleepy suburb, so other than main street: the only street where the town's businesses were bunched, pretty much the rest of the town were mid-size estates. My house was no exception, save for an expertly groomed lawn in the front. The girls and Spike were looking around astonished at the architecture and the sizes of some of the houses on my street.

"Enjoying the view?" I asked them with a smile as if I just showed them the world and everything in it.

"It's... It's amazing! How do your people build such beautiful buildings?" Twilight asked curiously.

"Hundreds of years of engineering and intuition, it's kind of our pride as a species." I replied with a smile.

Wait until she sees City of the Angels.

"Your world is so incredible!" Twilight continued, still mesmerized by suburbia.

"Ehh.. it's not all that great really, but I guess you get use to it after living here all your life." I replied, still looking for the key to unlock the gate.

"So egghead, what do you do outside of school?" Rainbow asked, looking and marveling at the houses as well.


Yeah, mostly fap all day.

"I just study, eat, and then go to bed." I answered nonchalantly.

"That sounds really lame." Rainbow said unamused.

"I guess that makes me a lame person then. I'm can't make many friends at this school," I explained as I continued searching for my key chain for the one to open the gate door.

"Why's that?" Twilight asked, looking for something to hopefully send back to Celestia when they get home.

"I'll explain when we get to my room. But, I don't blame everyone at that school. They have their reason."

"Oh.." twilight responded with a frown.

"It's not all that bad, at least I can consider the three of you friends, for the most part." I answered. Basically, I've known them for a year and a half and yet they don't know it.

At least not yet, hopefully never.

"Well, I'm glad I'm your friend egghead." Rainbow replied with a smile.

"Me too." Twilight added.

"Aw well, thanks, girls, that means a lot." I turned around and smiled. We all shared that moment for a few seconds, and while fidgeting the lock with a key. We all snapped back from reality when we heard the sound from the lock.


"Welcome to my home!" I announced happily as I opened the iron gate. All three were mesmerized by the beauty of the place.

"Whoa egghead, you live here?" Rainbow asked in amazement.

"Well... yes and no. I live in the guest house in the back with my sister which is where you two will be staying," I said as I locked the gate behind them. I then walked them up the walkway and onto the grass on the way to the backyard.

"Sister?" both said surprisingly.

"Yep, my older sister. We both share the guest house". I turned back with a smile.

"Why? Why not live in the big house with your parents?" Twilight asked.

"At first, the guest house was our summer home, a nice hangout for us and our friends. After a while, we started to stay there for a night or two, and then we started living there. My parents don't mind: It keeps the main house clean." I said with a laugh.

If the front yard wasn't exciting enough, the back yard was a masterpiece.

My mom does have a sense of beauty

"This is incredible! It's much better than the gardens of Canterlot!" Spike observed, for the sake of letting you all know he was still in the story.

And that's why you don't get any speaking parts, buddy.

"Where?" I asked. I knew what he meant, but for the sake of letting them think I've haven't seen an inch of Equestria, I played dumb.

"Nothing!" Spike replied with a nervous chuckle.

We made our way on the pathway through the luscious grass, and towards the guest house which in retrospect as the size of a two bed, two bath second story house: Which it was.

I opened the door and allowed them in.

Good thing I spent all night last night cleaning this place.

It was simple but very modern. They weren't as mesmerized with the house as they were from the outside, but they loved the small, cozy feeling.

"Ill be right back, I'm going to change out of these clothes really quick. Feel free to make yourselves at home," I said as I made my way up the stairs. Entering my door, I examined every inch of my room, looked over my books, my desk, everywhere to make sure:

No merch, beautiful

I changed to some looser clothing and tossed my old clothes in a hamper.


These girls don't have any day to day essentials.

I scrambled calmly down the stairs to see them hanging out and trying to figure out the remote for the flat screen TV, and failing miserably.

"Hey girls?" I asked while getting a can of soda from the fridge.

"What's up?" both asked.

"Are those the only pair of clothes you have?" I asked, hoping that a magical closet was in Twilight's bag.

"Uh yeah, is that a problem?" Rainbow Dash asked annoyed, mostly because she had not found the purpose of the red power button on top.

"Well, sort of... you're going to need a few changes of clothes if you're staying here."

"How do we go about that?" Twilight asked.

"I'll run out and go to the nearest clothing store and pick you girls up a few things." I said with a smile.

"Okay!" Twilight happily replied.

"But Uhh... gee how do I say this." I started with a nervous tone.

"Spit it out egghead," the ever impatient Dash interrupted.

"Umm.. I'll have to kindly ask you for your current clothing so I can wash them."

Good thing my parents got that washer and dryer installed in here.

"Well, that's not a problem at all" Twilight answered with a sincere smile.




They began to undress, which turned my face cherry pie red

Girls please, you don't know what you're getting yourself into!

Or what will be getting into you. ;^)

No! No! Stop! They are too innocent!

Once they stripped themselves down to their underwear they threw literally threw their clothes at me. I remained unflinched as a barrage of clothes hit me on the face and upper body.

Damn they have good aim for being new to hands.

Now, I had two almost naked girls in my house.

Because you know, this is entirely reasonable.

"Y-you couldn't w-wait to do that in private?" I asked in studders.

"Why would we do that?" Twilight asked annoyed.

"Yeah.. they're just clothes." Rainbow seconded her friend.

Just clothes? Then again, these girls were practically naked in Equestria. They have no idea about indecent exposure in this world.

Yet i'm not complaining

I KNOW IM NOT! my primal instinct yelled from below the waist.

"I-I'll be right back.." I yelled as I scooped up their clothes and scrambled to my room. After I had thrown their clothes in a pile next to my hamper, I went face first into my closet to find something, anything to so that I wouldn't lose it and do anything I will regret later on. I found two hoodies from deep within the closet: twice their size and gray. Bingo!.

Scrambling down the stairs again, I threw them at the girls. "Put these on for now," I said still in shock to what just happened.

"I still don't see what the big deal is, but okay," Rainbow said as she put on her hoodie. Twilight shrugged and put hers on as well. They both stared at me as my redness was still in full swing. "Better?" Rainbow Dash asked impatiently.

If there was one term from my ever expansive library of vocabulary I could use at this point.

It would be:


In that moment, I caught myself looking at their luscious legs sticking out under the hoodies. It was like they were wearing nothing at all.

Nothing at all...

Nothing at all...

Stupid, sexy, Equestrians!

"Right.. I'll um.. go to get you some clothing then?" I asked in a nervous laughter.


I slam the door behind me, and got out before my netherreagion started to think for itself. I was still leaning on the door when I heard their conversation from the open window next to me.

"I wonder what's his problem?" Rainbow asked confused.

"I don't know Dash, he's a weird one I'll give you that," Twilight replied with suspicion.

"But I like him, he's a good weird," Dash responded cheerfully.

Twilight giggled at that remark.

Yep, I am doing this with my life

I thought as I looked at the women's section of the only department store in Laguna. I decided it was a good idea not to be seen shopping for women's clothes in my town where basically everyone knows everyone and the fallout of me buying women's clothes would turn my social life into a spaghetti wasteland. Instantly, I realized that Laguna was a bad idea as well, since I was forced to walk by with my hoodie over me to a few members of the Laguna football team hanging outside of the store at the small eatery.

Can't wait till football tryouts start.

I was already a shoe in for a starter job as a wide receiver, but I still had to try out anyway. It was a shame coach gave any girl who tried out for the team. Hell: I could talk to Dash about joining until we found the portal. Rainbow can take pretty big hits from what I've seen.

Not only are people are staring at me like I'm Trayvon, but I don't even know what size do the girls wear!

Unfortunately, looking for the tags after they threw their clothes at me revealed that there were no labels, no visible markings, or a clue to the size. Good news is that couple of seconds looking at their bodies while in their underwear gave me an idea though. Even so, trying to figure body size by just looking at their body was beyond me. I doubt my sister would have the same luck.

I decided to start grabbing everything off the racks: Dresses, Skirts, blouses, shoes, bras, underwear, jewelry. I almost had two or three shopping carts full of women's items

Pinkie, Flutters, Aj, Rarity might be here too, so I'll have to get them something too.

Pretty soon, the women's section looked pretty empty, but yet I didn't expect to make a dent on my bank account

Thank you based China I thought as I grabbed both carts and begun to make my way to the register.

On the way to the register, I spotted a small display table on the way out of the women's section that had to make me stop to look again.

Oh the irony.

On the display table were packs of thongs in 6 different colors: Purple, Pink, Yellow, Orange, White, and the Rainbow striped one. I felt the pain of the involuntary biting of my lip as my mind was racing and contemplating whether or not to buy them. I mean, they have no idea about human clothes...



Then again...


Fuck It.

I grabbed all of them: all 12 packs and shoved them with the rest of the stuff, but covering the boxes of tampons

Because heaven forbid I would walk around with tampons in my cart.

I brought the two massive piles of feminine items to the register and set to work putting them on the conveyor belt quickly. The whole time the clerk was checking the items out and gave me weird looks as I tried to keep the hoodie over me. As soon as she started the scanning the thongs the look of weirdness turned into concern so I had to speak up.


"Yo girlfriend is one lucky bitch" the larger black woman said with a smile as she kept giving scanning the items with an efficient speed.

"Me? a girlfriend? ppphhhhh"

She immediately stop scanning and gave me the dirtiest look. "Now hold up! these for you?! are you a tranny?"

Did she just say that? "Wh-are you fucking kidding me? NO! They're for some friends."

"Mmmhmm whatever you say," she said as she continued the scanning.

"Just ring me up goddammit" I growled.

After 10 more minutes of nonstop ringing, she finally finished with the clothes and finally gave me the total:

"Ok, Rue Paul; that's five hundred nineteen dollars, forty-two cents."

I grabbed the stuff and left after swiping my card. On the drive home, I picked up a veggie and a pepperoni and mushroom pizzas

And before you all ask: no I didn't ask for extra Oats

Ten bags of clothes and two medium pizzas later, I began to worry about Dash and Twilight. The noise I made bringing in the stuff didn't seem to receive a curious look from the stairs or even a call out for my name in curiosity. "Twi? Dash?" I called in worry. I slowly made my way upstairs to look for them when I noticed something wrong in the hallway: Everything was normal, the same white wall; the same paintings of landscapes that looked at a good price had been paid for them; the same door opened in my room; the same open door in Jenna's room... oh wait. It hit me like a ton of bricks as my face became a pale white in fear


Sure enough, they were looking through her closet admiring the different types of clothes she had. I stood at the door looking at them in the heavily decorated room as they went through that closet hoping for them to notice me standing. Seconds passed by with no luck as they didn't notice my presence. "It's not nice to go through others peoples things," I said with a smile. Both girls jumped pretty badly, with Dash nearly knocking over Jenna's lamp on the nightstand.

"Oh h-hey!" Twilight said in surprise; "W-we didn't see you there. Sorry, but we had to take a look. We were curious to find out why your sister isn't here and we-"

"Ill explain later, I brought dinner and-"

Both of the girl's ears sprang up "FOOD?!" both screamed in delight and desperation. They raced to the kitchen but not before shoving me aside and into the hallway in the process.

Damn that was cute I thought as I reacted to their faces when I told them, could have sworn there were some sparkles in the eyes as well. Then again, we all went today without eating which is normal in a situation like this where you are desperate trying to take in what's going on around you and everything else becomes secondary, especially food and using the restroom. Making my way down the stairs, I noticed that they were just staring at the open box of the veggie pizza without touching it. I could of bought them meat but I didn't exactly know if they can eat meat or not, worst case scenario a protein pill shopping spree would be in order... or sneaking meat in future food, but for now I'll have to go by what I know: Which isn't enough to feel comfortable.

"What is this?" Dash said curiously.


"It's called a pizza, it's pretty popular with the people at school."

"So what's in it?" Twilight asked, looking at the circle of deliciousness but too afraid to touch it.

"Let's see the one I bought you has cheese, tomato sauce, and a mother load of vegetables. Mine has the same cheese and tomato sauce, but it has chicken, beef, pork..."

The gave me the look as if I committed mass genocide, and looking at the amount of meat on my pizza I probably did.

"Y-you eat animals?" Twilight asked in a small fear in her voice.

"Well yeah, but I don't eat every animal: For example I don't eat..."

Don't say it, don't fucking say it.



"Oh, okay!" Twilight replied with a large smile before both slowly grabbing a slice; the cheese trying desperately to hold on to the part of the pizza not about to be consumed by these two hungry ladies. Pretty soon one small bite from both girls sealed the rest of the pizza's fate. Within seconds of tasting it both girls went to town. They began eating in rushed, but polite bites: no talking, keeping their concentration on the food and on how many slices were left. Within five minutes, all but one slice was left. That one slice was left by Spike's makeshift bed made of old beach towels. He took a couple of sniffs and began to woof down the slice before going back to bed again.

Twilight and Rainbow didn't move right after; The food in their bellies did not have the time to settle and they felt too groggy to move. I was about halfway through my pizza by the time Twilight asked. "So where is your sister? And why does everyone at school stay away from you?"

I set down my pizza and took a drink from my soda before starting the story....


"In Lake Forest High School we have different cliques: Jocks, Thespians, the nerds, fashionistas, band geeks, and musicians. Among them, they usually keep to their own circle save a few that are friends with two or more groups or if they work together for a project or want to increase their circle of friends. These groups know two things: My sister Jenna rules the school with a velvet glove, but with an iron fist when needed, and is not afraid to wield it. The other is that the Lacrosse team are major assholes.

Both became real a month ago. I'll admit I started the whole incident. There was this new girl at school that came to like me pretty quickly... almost too fast. I had to turn her down because she was just a freshman, a child basically, and it would be weird dating a girl three years younger than me. I did it as painlessly as possible, but she still cried to her big brother: who happen to be a member of the lacrosse team.

Heading to lunch the same day a good number of the lacrosse team ganged up on me. I can hold my own in a fight but against 10 men its impossible: for everyone but Jenna. She didn't find out until I was on the ground and overpowered. She jumped into the fray and began to do what she knows best: fight. Honestly she could have been overpowered too but her arrival scared the living shit from the team: who intended to run before she was to show up so her appearance was a surprise. She spent the entire lunch hunting and beating down the running lacrosse players until she had to be pinned by security and a principal. But not before making the team captain cry and plead for mercy in front of the entire school.

After talking to my parents, they agreed that a month in an anger management camp would be a good substitute for expulsion and that the lacrosse team forfeiting their entire season would be punishment enough. As Jenna was escorted by my mom and dad out of school and while the whole student body watch her leave: She turned around, found and pointed at me and said: "If I hear that any of you treated my baby bro terribly while I'm gone, you will end with a worse fate than the Lacrosse Captain."


Rainbow Dash plopped on my bed and began to fade in and out of sleep. The rainbow haired girl was satisfied with her hunger and now she wanted nothing else but to sleep. Twilight, tired as well, sat next to her friend. She also felt better that she had been fed "By the way girls." I decided to finally tell them. "In the kitchen there is a lot of food, you could have gone through it if you were hungry."

Rainbow rose as if she had risen from the dead. "Why didn't you tell us sooner egghead?" She didn't look happy, then again I couldn't have blamed her.

"Sorry girls, I thought you knew that a stove, sink and maybe a fridge might of told you this place might have food," I said with a grin.

Yea, they didn't think it was funny.

"Well anyways, I picked out some clothes for you girls; so anytime you wanna try them on..."

"Mmmfph. can't. Too comfortable." Rainbow said laying down, again fading in and out.



"I'll go try some on" she smiled.

Twilight got up and made her way past me from my spot leaning on the wall next to my door and towards the living room. I'll admit that I took the time to look back as she passed me to stare at her backside; still barely hidden by my school hoodie. She didn't exactly had a flat ass, it was more.... average if it's such a thing...?. I began to follow Twilight, but not before taking time to stare back at Rainbow Dash.

Ehh fuck it, let her relax.

"We'll be downstairs if you need anything dash." I softly said, not expecting anything from the unresponsive body on my bed.


Of course, she fell asleep, did I forget who I was talking to? Kinda surprised in fact she didn't fall asleep the second I left to pick up the clothes at the store. I'll admit; I was tired as well. My body still nagged at me that I didn't get much sleep last night and all the soda and coffee at my disposal would not cut it. As Twilight stood among the many shopping bags on the floor of my living room; I took the initiative to grab a soda from the fridge and made my way to the living room. Not before I turned on the sports station, had to keep up with the current events, after all. I sat on the couch looking at twilight on her knees surrounded by a bunch of plastic bags, going through them as if it was Christmas Day. Pretty soon, my eyes became heavy as if someone taped gold to my eyes.

"What are these?" Twilight asked as she awoken me as she had the pack of purple thongs in her hand. All of my senses were sharp, my skin had goosebumps and a cold sweat raced through my body.

Oh god, she found the prize in the box of cereal.

"Oh those? Uhh.. those are just um.. panties." I said in an uncomfortable state. I told myself this was going to lead to my demise, why didn't I listen to myself.

"Panties?" Twilight asked in an innocent tone. God it felt like trying to explain this to a child; which felt dirty and awkward as hell. All that was missing was Chris Hansen to show up and to ask me to take a seat or some shit.

"Uhh yeah.. you know.. what you're wearing on the lower half of your body?" I answered in a cracked voice and pointing my finger down to my lap.

"Ohh, you mean these?" ''Twilight asked as she lifted up her hoodie and presented a full view of her glorious womanhood, concealed by a thin, snug, piece of cotton.



"y-yes, those," I said in an ever failing attempt to compose myself.

"Why are you blushing?" She asked as she quirk a brow at me.

"fdgsd" Captain, spaghetti levels reaching critical!

"What?" Twilight asked even more confused to what's going on.

"You can't j-just flaunt your goodies like that, Twilight." I tried to explain in an "as a matter of fact" kind of way.

"My goodies?"

"Your body, you can't flaunt your body around like that."

They don't know about nudity, gonna have to add that for things to look out for if they will be in this world for a while...at least outdoors. I doubt Jenna would allow them to walk around naked. Even I'm uncomfortable about them semi-nude.

"Why not?" Twilight began to question my "rule."

"B-because it's.. just.. never mind." I surrendered. No use arguing with someone who practically has been naked her whole life, even if it isn't in human form.

"Ooookay then.." She shrugged that entire pasta filled conversation off: "Let me go try these on."

Twilight then proceeded to stand up and started to pull down her panties.

Message from the southern command Captain:

What made it even worse is that she was doing it as slow as possible, possibly worried about ripping the original pair she had on. She tossed them and they land right next to me, with my mouth still wide open. Twilight gingerly opened up the pack, pulled out a pair of from, and start putting them on. Ooooh and I forgot to add: She's also bending over giving me a complete view of EVERYTHING.

Another message from southern command Captain:

Fuck you, we are taking over now. Enjoy the show fuckers!.

She finished sliding them up her long, smooth, soft legs before smiling triumphantly. "So.. how do I look?"

She was showing me everything at every angle. Wiping the strand of drool from the side of my face, I managed, to sum up, the courage to speak: "L-like a goddess."

"Are you sure everything's alright?" Twilight asked. For the first time ever I was at a loss for words. Twilight took a seat on the couch next to me."I know there's something on your mind."

Yeah, me + you = sexy time.


"What's that?!" Twilight asked as she looked down on my lap.

"What's what?" I look down to see that I had pitched a tent big enough to fit 400 carnies. I quickly try to hide my southern command in shame. "Twilight.. *sigh* I'll be honest with you." She leaned in, eager to hear my answer. "What you just did, I found.. very attractive."

Twilight blushed deeply at a loss for words herself.

"Y-you have a gorgeous body." I again struggled to process what just happened

"T-thank you," Twilight said as she was playing with her hair like a typical flustered teenager.

God that's cute.

"But you should probably find some clothing to put on before I lose control of myself." I smiled is I tried to adjust my jeans, trying to put my baby maker from view.

"Who's to say I don't want that.."

I slowly turned my head up towards Twilight with an expression of pure shock on my face. "wait what?"

"Well.. while you were gone me and Rainbow Dash did some talking.."

Uh oh..

"About what?"

"You." She said as she showed me her ever so cute bedroom eyes.

"A-anything bad?" I asked as I twiddled my thumbs, unable to stop the flowing spaghetti from my pockets

"Mmm.. of course not, we were just talking about how amazing you are for letting us stay with you."

"Well, it was my pleasure, I mean I couldn't-" She placed her index and middle finger on my mouth to shush me.

"And about how cute you look when we put you under the spotlight."


"In fact."

One of her hands started moving south and it ended on my lap.

"I think it's time I thanked you for all your help."

She closed in with a sweet yet lustful kiss. Instinct took over and I pull her closer and deepen the kiss. A good minute passed in this make-out session. We were too deeply involved in certain acts and my hands in certain parts of her body to notice Dash standing in the stairway balcony.


The two of us broke off and shot looks towards Dash overlooking us.

Oh she is gonna be soooooo pissed.

"Twilight! You started without me.. you're so mean," Dash said as she motioned both of us with a finger into my bedroom. Twilight got up and started pulling on my arm, pecking my mouth with kisses on the way up the stairs and to my room. Entering the room, the small kisses turned into a long, sloppy, one by Rainbow. Twilight and Dash then throw me onto the bed before they take hold of each other, all the while not letting their eyes off me and my shocked and excited face.


"Wait Twi.. why don't we give egghead a little show first?" she grinned.

"Mmm, yeah, that sounds about right," Twilight answered with a seductive smile of her own. Twilight began to slowly slide dashes hoodie off, leaving her with nothing but pantsu and a bra on; and tossed it with, again, accurate precision on my face. As I remembered it, Rainbow Dash had the toned athletic body, a firm bottom, and small breasts. I didn't get to see if she really had those features the first time she had most of her clothes off, but now it looks like ill get to see.

Dash looked at her body and said "Now, let's get rid of the rest of these clothes..."

Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and myself proceeded to have an incredible sex marathon that was so good a portal opened up and Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Sunset Shimmer, Pinkie, Rarity, AJ, and Fluttershy walked through the portal and join in. The sexual energy we released when we all climaxed at the same time was so powerful it would've been seen from space and maybe contributed to the fall of Gallifrey.

Na, I'm just fucking with ya, it was a dream bitch!

I guess I must have passed out while Twilight was trying on clothes. I couldn't have been knocked out for more than an hour. Other than score center playing on the television, the only other thing making noise was Spike snoring on the pile of towels.

This nigga is lazy.

I got up to start to make my route to turn off the lights the girls left on starting from the ground floor. Making my way upstairs to turn off more lights I managed to quietly open the door to my room. Twilight was wearing a skirt and a blouse as her pajamas which caused me to desperately hold myself from laughing my ass off.

Yea, they are real alright.

I managed to tiptoe into my closet to pull out some shorts, a black t-shirt, and some extra blankets. The girls stole my bed and were cuddling fast asleep. A small part of me wanted to jump in but no, that wouldn't feel right. In fact, although I enjoyed the dream; I knew that it had to be fake, but it felt incredibly real because there was no way in hell they would put out that quickly that easily.

Which is a shame too...

Shut it!

The mind can do amazing things when it is interested in scoring some, and I was a witness to it. Anyways, I made my way downstairs after changing clothes with a blanket in hand. I threw my blanket on the couch as I went to the kitchen and began snacking down on a bag of chips and soda before laying down on the sofa to watch some TV to finish off this insane day.

Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle are my bunk mates.

Well, for now.

Still: pretty fucking awesome!

Looking at the television, my eyes were getting heavy again. Sadly this time no talking pony princess in a pale-skinned human form to wake me up.

Oh well,

Better luck next dream.

End of Day One

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