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The Girls - Chelis

When the main six find themselves in our world, it is up to one high school student to protect them from forces that want to exploit them and the portal to Equestria for their own ambitions.

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Weeks had gone by since Egghead was taken from me, but I never gave up hope that there wasn't a way.

Only losers give up, and I'm not a loser. I am awesome!

I was like Daring Do when she was trying to find an artifact. I flew from city to city, library to library, looking through their books and looking for anything that can be used to fix the portal. It was hard at first, using a magic dictionary when reading the magic books, but I caught on eventually.

Manehattan. The Crystal Empire. Fillydelphia. Applewood. Vanhoover. All of them had nothing about fixing them. There was one place that did.

I remember that the Starswirl the Bearded wing at the Royal Canterlot Library was most likely where I needed to go. Sneaking in wasn't too hard. I just had to squeeze myself through the bars. I kept searching, through scrolls, the books, everything that that Egghead knew so I could see my egghead.

For hours I looked, and when I gave up hope, a scroll had his notes on the portal. It turned out I wasn’t the first to cross, and that he would cross many times in his lifetime, under the familiar name of “Merlin” in that world. On the scroll was a letter.

I read the letter and my heart stopped.

It was to his assistant in Canterlot: a spell! A spell to repair the portal in case the portal was destroyed!

"Rainbow Dash!" Twilight shouted from behind me.

My heart was racing, and I had a stupid grin on my face.

"Yep, she’s lost it," Pinkie observed when she saw me.

"You abandon your friends, you go from town to town, your-"


Everyone gave Rarity a concerned look.

"What?! someone has to say it..."

"I think what we’re trying to say is that we know how much he meant to you, but you have to move on. This is not healthy and it will make you crazy," Twilight lecuted.

"No it won’t because I have the fix right here!" I proudly proclaimed as I held the letter on my hoof. Twilight took it with her magic and began to read it, the change in her face said it all.

"Wait, so Starswirl-"

"Went between worlds! Became a legend there. We read about Merlin in history class, Twilight!"

"Yes, but they treated him like a myth!" Twilight remembered.

"It doesn't matter, Twilight!" I exclaimed. "Is the spell doable?"

Twilight's smile became even bigger. "I’ll see what I can do."

Everyone strolled through the castle while I bolted to the mirror room like a foal on Hearth’s Warming Day. The rest of the girls took their sweet time. Before, I hadn't stomach being able to be in the mirror room, or even the hallway. But, I had a feeling it would work. I had flashbacks to that terrible day, but I knew it could be erased.

Twilight moved an empty pedestal in front of her and placed the letter in front of it.

"Okay, safe place to put the letter, check." Twilight said, going through the checklist.

"Knowing the spell to actually perform it, check," She said again. This time, her horn lit up. Twilight started sweating and grunting, using everything she had for it. The chest opened up, and the glass that was inside began to fly out, placing themselves in front of the mirror like a jigsaw puzzle. When the last one was there it became seamless, and one small poof of magic energy later, the portal was back to normal.

"One deus-ex machina? Check and mate!" Twilight said with heavy breaths.

Like the last time, I bolted to the portal, I went as fast as I could, and I damn-near made a sonic rainboom doing it, too. I didn’t want it breaking on me like the last time.

"Rainbow! We don't know if it will take you to the same place!" Twilight cried out.

I didn't care, was going to see Egghead again! In my mind, the first thing I was going to do was give him the biggest kiss that I could give him, then beat the shit out of him for doing that to me.

Author's Note:

EDIT: Click here for sequel!

Well, what a ride.

I remember reading biscuitanon's /mlp/ threads while working at Angel Stadium, taking bathroom breaks to see if the latest bit of his story was posted, that was my crack that summer.

Holy Shit, that was almost three years ago.

But here we are, the original story is over, and its sequel in the works.

Some thank you's and "go follow these people"

Dustypwny - My editor and the person who has turned my crap actually readable.

Biscuitanon - Thank you for reviving my interest to write again!

Jasse, CanadiAnon, and Dapper of the "Equestrian Invasion" threads on /mlp/ - thanks for keeping the dream alive

See you guys at "The Girls: The Children of Troy and the Sons of the Bear"

I have a skype group (was discord, but moving it back to skype) for fans, writers, and editors. If you want to join the madness here is the link https://join.skype.com/MkJbzfI1D8o2

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Epilogue is up too


Its over!

Awesome story, although the ending was a little rushed.

wait....are you making a sequel?

I guess you can say she is..."Sliding" into his world again.

Awesome ending!

Best choice for an ending song, amico mio. I look forward to more of your work.

and its sequel in the works.

YAY! :yay:

I will be waiting for the sequel

Based on the "Equestrian Invasion" threads on /mlp/

Care to tell me more?

Yes the sequel.is here!!!

Shiiiiiit, this was an emotional rollercoaster! ONTO THE SEQUEL :yay:

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