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The Girls - Chelis

When the main six find themselves in our world, it is up to one high school student to protect them from forces that want to exploit them and the portal to Equestria for their own ambitions.

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The Princess is Here!

Author's Note:

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Act II: "The Life and Times of Faith, Paulina, Amelia, Roxy, Rowellina, and Trisha."

The best part of waking up on the weekends has to be the fact that It's not before dawn. In fact, It was nine in the morning. I was still on the couch with Rainbow Dash on top of me. We were both awake, but not willing to get up. Between the television on mute, the rest of the girls asleep, and the sun ray's filling the room like a flood, it felt like perfection. Like yesterday morning, the fruity smell was invading my nose.

After awhile, we heard a door open upstairs and down came Fluttershy, still in her black uniform.

"Morning," she said as she rubbed her eyes.

"Morning," we both said, without taking our eyes on the tv, watching the football game in progress.

"I hate to bother you, but I was wondering if you have any food?" Fluttershy asked.

Aww, how can I not say no to her?

Again, Rainbow Dash protested the fact her pillow was no longer there. That was until she felt the rumble in her stomach.

"Wake the rest of the girls Fluttershy, I'll start cooking," I said.

By the time all the girls were sitting on the stools, I was getting the items ready for another pancake breakfast. Unfortunately for Rainbow Dash, the girls took the time to take pop shots at her.

"Good looking, great personality, AND can cook!?" Rarity started. "You sure lucked out with you first colt friend, Rainbow Dash!"

"For the millionth-time girls!" Rainbow Dash answered in frustration. "He is not my colt friend!"

She repeated herself over and over as they continue to pester her. Their attention turned to me as I let off an involuntary sigh.

"Aww. See what you did Rainbow? You made Johnny sad," Pinkie said with a laugh.

"It's not that. We are out of pancake mix," I said.

The girls were devastated, at least not to the point of Rarity using my couch to faint on, but it was still pretty bad.

"It's ok girls, I'll just make a quick run to the store!" I said as I ran upstairs to change from my all black outfit to something less suspicious.

The girls continued to pester a frustrated Rainbow Dash as I made my way out.

Poor Dash, I guess they can get away with that being close friends.


In life, nothing is defined by "Right" and "Wrong", It is all a gray area. No matter how much evidence you have said something is correct. Once in a blue moon something comes along and destroys hundreds of years of evidence to the contrary. Sometimes that idea or item is so dangerous, entire wars and crimes against humanity are committed to keeping the secret a secret.

Sorry about that, I have to keep my mind occupied, or else I would go insane.

Anyway, the long awaited feel of nostalgia hit me as the taxi drove me into town. The town had a funny "T" shape to it. The shops occupied the main road while the houses branch out from the line striking down. So, in reality, it's a T with a lot of branches. On the way home, the taxi drove past the High School. It's a shame really: everyone thinks I run that place, even though, all I just do is beat down whoever messes with my family and friends. Anyways, I still couldn't wait to return and finish out my last year in that school.

As I arrived at the front gate of the house, I called home, for 10 years? It seemed like my parent's divorce and mom marrying Richard was a lifetime ago, If not more.

I gave the Taxi guy the last of my money and grabbed the duffle bag that had all of my items. Saturday meant Mom and Richard were out, so I went straight towards the guest house. The same guest house where my baby brother was probably inside, watching that little pony cartoon of his. I thought it was weird, but whatevs, I still love him.

I opened the door and holy shit: it was as if my entire month of anger management training melted away: The kitchen was dirty, the dishes were unclean, food was left out, bags of clothes filled the living room, blankets were on the couches. What also drove me to homicide was the six girls in all back, looking at me with scared faces.


"Girls!?" I yelled out as I made my way inside the house with just a box of pancake ready mix in my hand. The television was left on. Nothing looked out of place, well nothing out of place more than it was. The fact that the girls and especially Dash would come running to me like a bunch puppies awaiting their master's return did not happen also worried me.

Where the hell are the girls?!

They better be waiting for me naked in the bedroom or else I'm going to be pissed.

I decided to shrug it off continue to make pancakes. As I opened the box and prepared to continue where I left off, something caught my eye: A long strand of Auburn hair.


Ok. Let's not panic. lets not-.

SHE IS HERE!!!!!!!

Immediately I ducked out of sight, peeking past the kitchen counter top looking around. No sight of Jenna or the girls. I silently made my way upstairs, looking in every direction, waiting for the inevitable ambush. As I reached the upper hallway, the emptiness was worrying but assuring.

Maybe it's a false alarm. Let's just look-

I immediately felt the full force of the walk in closet door open on my face. As I stumbled around from the shock of the hit, the figure quickly jumped out of the closet and went on the offensive; throwing quick strikes at me. I was not ready, so I bore the full force of each strike. The assaulter hit me with open palms, which hurt a hell lot worse than clenched fists. After dodging one of the strikes, the rest became easier. In fact, I was able to counter with some shots to the attacker. Whoever was attack me, it was quick. As soon as the fighting moved into my room, the attacker had somehow brandished a shoelace. I laughed as I swung at the person. My attacker gave me a knee to the stomach, tied my hands together, and stopped me as it also restrained my tied hands to my bedpost. Helpless against it, I finally was face to face with my attacker. And, to be honest: I was not the least bit surprised.

"Honestly little brother, I'm saddened that no one gave me a welcome home party. Though, if those girls were supposed to be it, I would have expected nothing and still would have been disappointed," Jenna said with an evil grin.

"Where. Are. The. Girls," I asked out of breath.

Jenna preceded to open the door to my balcony. The girls were in different color sundresses drinking tea, all sitting around the small glass table that was outside.

"Hey Girls," I said with a smile.

They all had responded with their own hellos before Jenna closed the door on them.

"Look brother, I understand you like the horsey cartoon and I'm okay with it, you can't like all manly things. But, when you pay six young girls to act and dress like them... it goes from healthy to creepy."

"Open the door," I commanded Jenna.

again, the girls looked at the scene with curiosity.

"Girls, can you all explain to my sister why you all are here?" I asked.

Twilight explained about the portal, and how I helped them when they had nowhere else to go. As soon as Jenna closed the door again she went into her room.

"How long has this been going on?" Jenna asked while still in her room.

"Around three days!" I screamed. Jenna came back with her phone in her hand, going through her texts.

"Yea, everyone's been texting me about them. They seem weird, but likable. Some of the nerds even hinted they might not even from this world! Those Oddfucks. So baby bro, Assuming they actually did cross over from a portal, do they know about-"

"No," I interrupted. "And, I would like to keep it that way."

"Fair enough," Jenna answered, as she still went through her text messages. She began to giggle a couple of seconds later. "Oh Joshua, he is such a charmer."

"What are you talking about?" I said with a laugh. "He has been trying to date you since kindergarten?"

"I know! its cute if you ask me."

"That's nice and all, but can you please untie me?" I asked.

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