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The Girls - Chelis

When the main six find themselves in our world, it is up to one high school student to protect them from forces that want to exploit them and the portal to Equestria for their own ambitions.

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The Last Weekend Day 2-2 "Stuck in the Middle with You"

There are many places I would call “hellish.” The place we were in was among the stronger candidates.

It was a basement some 20 miles from my house in a well-to do -neighborhood that had a view of the downtown. His place was a mess. Between the dirty clothes and empty two-liter bottles on the floor, there was also the owner’s collection. The walls were all lined with posters, figurines filled the cabinets and desks, and the bed had two or three body pillows on it. The common theme to this man-made hell was anime, Sonic, and My Little Pony. Worse than the mess and the yellow stained socks around the computer was the strong musky smell.

Nassir nearly lost it, especially when he was hiding along the wall next to a poster of Applejack having sex with Caramel.

I'm gonna beat this guy's ass.

Yet, we were determined to find the girls. We waited for our target to come home, which he did after an hour of waiting. The sound of heavy footsteps were heard above us, and we prepared for the ambush. The wooden steps groaned as he came down, mumbling in anger about his mother not leaving him pizza money.

As soon as he turned his back, Nassir went for the kill. Armed with a soaked cloth, he wrapped his hand around and shoved the rag to the guy's face.

"Hey brotha, does this smell like chloroform to you?"

The heavyset man fought, but quickly succumbed to the chemical. Nassir held on to him as he fell into the chair I put behind the guy.


He woke up in an activity of motion, as if he was trying to get away from the get-go, but he soon realized he couldn't move because his arms and legs were duct taped to chair he fainted on. We waited for him to calm down before we revealed ourselves from the shadows. He saw my face and he began to turn pale white

"Well, now you know why we are here."

He didn't move. His eyes were bulging out, his breaths heavier.

I ripped the tape from his mouth and tore a large amount of hair off with it.

"Fuck, man! That hurts!" He cried out in pain.

"It’s gonna be a whole lot more painful if you don't tell us where the girls are!" Jenna demanded.

"Show me your tits and I might think about it."

"Wait a minute, I know that voice. Aren’t you 'xxxrainbowdashsonic69bronyxxx', the really bad pony reviewer who uses that shittily drawn Sonic OC?" Joshua asked

"Yea, so what? Either way I'm not telling you where they are!"

I walked up to him and got on one knee so that we were eye to eye. I tried one last time to get the information.

"Look, I know what those girls mean to you. I have been taking care of them for almost a year and they are more important to me than anything in the world. I just want them to be home and safe-"

"Look, buddy. I'm going to fuck all of them one day and your shitty sob story is not going to help."

"Alright, I tried. Plan B." I said as I stood

"Plan B?" The guy asked.

"Yeah!" I hollered as I shattered a glass cup with Celestia's cutie march etched against the wall.

"Hey! That was expensive!"

"Well, if you don't want us to destroy anything, tell us what we need to know!"

We fanned out and began to look for things to destroy. I began to smash figurines and toys against the floor. Armed with a screwdriver, Joshua began to screw loose the computer with a magnet next to him with the intention of nuking the hard drive. Jenna used Bob to slash the three body pillows. I would have loved to do the honor of ripping up the body pillow of my girl, but only jenna had the tool to. The other two pillows were a sonic character by the name of cream, and one that was a female version of his green and navy blue Sonic original character. Nassir went and pulled down each poster one by one, ripping them into pieces as well.

He begged for us to stop the entire time, it fell on deaf ears because it wasn't what we wanted to hear. I decided it was time to up the ante. I yanked the Xbox one from the TV stand without taking the cords out first and carried it as if I was going to throw it.

"Ten seconds, boy! Or else this is going through your expensive looking big screen!"

"You're bluffing!"


"That cost me all those good boy points!"


"Let me fuck them first!"

"Just for that: ONE!"

"Okay! fine, fine! I'll talk!"

Everyone stopped the destruction and surrounded the guy, who was close to crying.

"Who has them and why?"

"Page Pusher of Pony Free Radio. He promised me I would have my own reviewer show on his network if I took them from you! He told me he was taking them to "Las Pegasus Alicon" in Vegas!

"The scrawny little dude with the ego and the dreadlocks?"

"Yea, that guy."

We all looked at each other. We all knew what to do next.

"If you tell anyone we will be back, and with a lot more unpleasant things to do," Jenna threatened as she taped his mouth back shut with a piece of duct tape.

We went upstairs and to the van a few blocks away. it was still early evening so we had no desire to hurry: the convention was to last all weekend.

"As soon as we get home, we all have an hour to get our shit together to break the girls out," Jenna commanded.

Author's Note:

Inspired by this [graphic warning]

Seriously, This was one of the first scenes I thought up of when I started writing this story, so I've been holding on to this scene for years!

I have a Skype group for fans of my work, pre-readers, proofreaders, and editors. If you want to join this group (and Skype is free to get and register btw) add me (louisros1990 is mine skype) and tell me you want to join the group.

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