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I really enjoyed this.:pinkiehappy:

I haven't read too many clopfics (probably four or five others), but this one is really the only good one I've seen. In fact, it's absolutely fantastic!

You must have made a really good revision, because your promise about a detailed sex scene wasn't broken! It's the perfect amount of detail to give a nice visualization of everything.

But what I loved most is how you built up the atmosphere. Not just the forest, although I have to admit, you did fantastic making me feel as if I was truly calm and at peace with that. But by atmosphere, I actually mean both the relationship between AJ and the reader and all four characters in the story. The sexual emotions between "you" and AJ are built up and described perfectly, and the conversation and actions made between all four characters in the first part of the story are really realistic. It felt like I personally knew the other three ponies, and I couldn't help but feel that I wasn't just reading a 2nd person story, but really hanging out with them.

I'm definitely gonna check out your other stories, clopfics or not! :pinkiehappy:

I liked the story even if it was a little unoriginal. My only problem with it was all the spelling and grammatical errors that seemed to be speckled into every paragraph. All that aside, I found myself enjoying it. Keep up the good work.

Not bad. Not bad at all. This is worthy of the front page in fact. Vanilla, Applejack, a very polite and sweet guy, definitely my pick for clopfic of the week! ^-^ (Aside from the grammatical errors, but those are easily overlooked bc of how good this is.)

I'm sure this is as far as you intended to go with it, but I'd love more. :3

*Meanwhile in the other tent*

:raritydespair: :pinkiegasp:


I proof-read it, like, ten times. I'll make sure to fix those, sorry. :raritycry:

apples?? really? that's fucking funny!


In my experience, proof-reading your own work isn't nearly as effective as someone with a fresh set of eyes. It's really difficult to spot all of your own mistakes. :)


yeah, I know...:applejackconfused: Still working on getting someone

Very enjoyable story.
But i cant help but wonder Rarity and Pinkies reactions. Honestly for a moment i thought it was going to be all three mares.

Applejack is favourite pony :pinkiehappy:
This was really, really well done, mate :twilightsmile:

The work was hard, arduous and monotonous, but it definitely improved your physic.

I believe what you meant to say here was physique: [dictionary.com]. 'Physic' is this: [dictionary.com] :twilightsmile: I saw a few minor typos elsewhere, mainly in punctuation, but they didnt really jar for me quite like the aforementioned word, simply because of how my brain works.

Otherwise though, I enjoyed this story a great deal. Good job! :twilightsmile:

“That’s like... burning orange juice, or something.”
I commend you for adding this in.

That was really good, I enjoyed every word out of that. :pinkiehappy: :ajsmug: :raritystarry:

This was a very enjoyable read with just the right mix of laughs, romance, and sweet lovey times with good old Apps. :ajsmug: Well done sir!

That lucky bastered:flutterrage:

One two, apples for you!:rainbowlaugh:
Three four, romantic score!:ajsmug:
Five six, heartfelt mix!:heart:
Seven eight, kindred state!:scootangel:
Nine ten, do it again?:rainbowwild:

What am I, three years old?:unsuresweetie:

i see how you write and i want to ask cant you help me with my story?:pinkiesad2:

She would yell "apples" during. :facehoof:

esta demasiado bien, pero como le digo a todos, tienes que mejorar la parte descriptiva del sexo y la culminación del mismo, por lo demás es perfecto :heart: :derpytongue2:


Yeah, this was really a first attempt. Thanks for enjoying it though, and the next one should have some better definition.

It was something close to your he- look it's your dick okay?
Just priceless

...That was :rainbowderp::rainbowderp: ...Hot :moustache::moustache::moustache:

ok this was awesome! just fantastic how it all progressed! always upvote me some good AjxHuman :ajsmug:

great fic man, i love it :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Big sleeping bag. Mine can't even fit two people (or one and a pony). Let alone with room to move inside.

6237116 Im sorry, I dont speak japanese or chinese XD. But im privileged to have some forum vid chat with the author. Nice story btw :twilightsheepish:


Don't sweat it dude.

Here's the glorious American Wood Jafari


fuking hilarious mate. EEEECH! :rainbowlaugh:

pointer finger


It's not called a pointer finger, it's called an index finger

“Ya’ll thirsty?” Applejack inquires, a mug of what appears to be apple cider in her hand.

a mug of what appears to be apple cider in her hand.

cider in her hand.


Aj can magically transform her hooves into hands. Neat.


Oh yeah, it totally shows up in the expanded universe when she meets up with Dash Rendar. Not a mistake at all.


6134086 if it was one of fluttershy's large one it could have been for a bear

I'm gonna make love to ya woman! Gonna LAY YA DOWN BY THE FI-YAH!

didnt rarity or pinkie heard any of those hot steamy moans?!:trollestia:
ill bet that that they were watching those two or alteast trying to hear what those two are up to!:trollestia:
hot fudge with AJ!:rainbowkiss:
i like it!:moustache:

“Stupid sexy Rarity...”


2849826 so what? are you a smarty-corn like twily? oh dear lord do we have another egghead? not another purple smart! lol

The BEST AJ/human pairing I've read this far! Stunning. :ajsmug:

Enjoyed this story a whole lot.:twilightsmile:

“Bullshit...” You cough under you breath. Rarity swats your butts with her tail, a light glare fixed on you.

:derpyderp1: . . . I . . . I have more than one?

Loved it! Well written and nice characterization, good job :twilightsmile:

Pretty great story, I loved the characterization and build up, and it’s surprising that it’s this story if all the other ones that made me feel closer to Applejack as a character. Says a lot about the writing, so excellent job! And the romance, while short, was still great to read. 10/10!:twilightsmile:

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